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CA – HOME DEFENSE – Man breaks into home, stabs homeowner who tries to fight back. Then homeowner’s son grabs a gun — and it’s all over for intruder.

After a 38-year-old man broke into a San Diego home early Tuesday morning, the 54-year-old homeowner confronted and began fighting him, police told KFMB-TV. But the homeowner was at a disadvantage — the intruder began stabbing him, the station said. To the rescue, however, was the homeowner’s 20-year-old son who grabbed a gun and shot the intruder, KFMB said. The suspect ran out the back door and landed…

AL – HOME DEFENSE – Grandmother, 75, Holds Car Theft Suspect At Gunpoint Until Deputies Arrive (VIDEO)

A 75-year-old grandmother in Alabama helped capture a suspect wanted for car theft, holding him at gunpoint Monday until deputies arrived. “I walked out and said, ‘can I help you?’ And he said, ‘yes ma’am, I’d like to use your phone,’” Marcia Black, a grandmother of four, told WAAY. Investigators said the suspect, Cameron Powers, had been on the run for some four hours after crashing a stolen…

NAT’L – HOME DEFENSE – Amazon Selling Nightstand That Doubles Up As Weapon For Home Self-Defense

If you’ve ever been back to someone’s house and noticed they have a baseball bat next to their bed, it can look a little bit rough. I mean, it’s all good having someone who is going to protect you from intruders, but it’s a little bit… well, intense, isn’t it? Doesn’t help much if it’s a cricket bat, either. Naturally, someone out there has thought of a product that…

NY – HOME DEFENSE – ‘It’s Either Them Or Me’: Homeowner’s Attorney Speaks Out On Deerfield Fatal Shooting (VIDEO)

A very complex scenario involving two dead suspects, gun rights, and gun laws is unfolding after a Deerfield homeowner allegedly shot two intruders with an illegally-owned handgun Tuesday afternoon. 

“Knock, knock,” “Who’s there?” May Prompt Homeowners to Respond With a Phone and a Gun

Earlier this month In Detroit, a man walked up to the front door of a home after 1:30 AM and was caught on a surveillance camera holding a gun in this video shown below from WJBK. After receiving no response from anyone inside the house, the man turned and spoke to a second suspect. Both men walked away. Increasingly, home invasions or attempted home invasions are…

FL – Home Defense – Recent home invasions spurs Horizon West residents to demand solutions

After hearing news of multiple armed home invasions in their area, residents living in the Horizon West community have decided they’ve had enough. 

KY – Home Defense – Sheriff says escaped prisoner shooting is ‘shining example’ why women should be armed

Hailed as a “shining example” by a South Carolina sheriff, a woman who shot and killed an escaped jail inmate who broke into her home is giving firearm advocates fodder in their quest to boost the number of good gals with guns in the United States.

NC – Home Defense – ECU study shows 1 in 10 Americans have loaded and unlocked gun in home (VIDEO)

A new report by experts at ECU has determined that nearly one in ten Americans live in a home with a loaded and unlocked gun. 

IL – Home Defense – Police: Armed home invasion suspects wanted ‘guns and money’

Police say there were three home invasions in Decatur on the night of Nov. 20. They say the group of suspects decided to “get some guns and money” while driving around Decatur because arrest warrants were out against several of them and they wanted to get those things “before they go to jail”. 


SC – Home Defense – WATCH: Mother of 3 Shoots Would-Be Robber (VIDEO)

TOWNHALL.COM November 4, 2018 – Fox News reports a mother in South Carolina heroically sprang into action by shooting at a would-be robber after the home intruder threatened the lives of her family on Thursday night.  Ashley Jones, a mother of three in Anderson County, SC, heard a loud banging on the door of her home. She then saw a man pounding on her glass sliding door near her kitchen….

Nat’l – Home Defense – Home-Defense Shotgun Handling: Advice from the Experts

SHOOTING ILLUSTRATED.COM (NRA) November 2, 2018 – Just racking the gun in hopes the robber and all his friends flee is no plan; nor is the bad strategy of ripping a few shots off of the porch as former Vice President Joe Biden once advised. So what should you do with that shotgun to up the odds so you and your family come out on the winning end of…

OR – Home Defense – Oregon man killed after shooting neighbor with AR-15, ‘hunting’ other resident, DA says

OREGON LIVE.COM October 22, 2018 – A Bend man fired an AR-15 rifle through the front window of his neighbor’s house early Saturday, killing one resident and was later fatally shot by the other when he entered the home and “methodically hunted” the second resident, the Deschutes County District Attorney announced Monday. 

NY – Home Defense – Scared of MS-13 Gang, Hamptons’ Jet Set Dropping Thousands on Panic Rooms

REALTOR.COM October 9, 2018 – Billionaire and former New York City mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis is installing infrared sensors at his Hamptons home in East Quogue, NY, as a precaution, the Post reported. “I sleep with a gun underneath my pillow: a Walther PPK/S, the same one James Bond carried,” Catsimatidis, owner of Red Apple Group and Gristedes Foods, told the Post. “ Margo prefers a shotgun. Although, once she…

VA – Home Defense – The PSA PG-9 Shockwave: The Ideal AR Pistol for Home Defense?

AMERICAN RIFLEMAN.ORG (NRA) October 9, 2018 – To understand my recently discovered enthusiasm for Palmetto State Armory’s (PSA) PG-9 Shockwave, it’s helpful to take a look back at some previous endeavors that lead up to this point in my gun-testing process. About two years ago, in AR-15 Pistols for Home Defense? I hashed out the pluses and minuses of rifle-caliber AR-15 pistols in defensive roles. In short, pistols of this type provide most…

TN – Home Defense – Simple maneuver using household item could save your life during a home invasion (VIDEO)

WSMV.COM October 8, 2018 – Every second counts when an intruder is inside your home. A security expert says there is a simple maneuver using a household item that could help you outsmart an intruder. Bob Allen with Royal Range in Bellevue teaches people how to defend themselves using a training center that is designed to look like the inside of a home. 

Gun instructor explains self-defense after Thrasher Pike incident (VIDEO)

WRCBTV.COM October 4, 2018 – Four people wearing masks were shot at while trying to break into a Hixson home Tuesday night. It happened on Thrasher Pike. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office says the homeowner fired gunshots after catching them in the act. It’s not clear if the homeowner is licensed to carry, but you don’t have to have a carry permit to shoot an intruder who unlawfully comes…

AL – Home Defense – Mobile County homeowners defending their home, shooting suspected burglars (VIDEO)

FOX10TV.COM September 26, 2018 – It’s been a busy week for Mobile County Sheriff deputies with three separate home invasions, two of which end with shots fired by the homeowner. On Tuesday afternoon deputies confirmed shots were fired at a home on Spice Pond Road. Investigators said the burglar threw a brick through a window, trying to get in. The elderly homeowner stopping the entry, firing at least five shots with…

CA – Home Defense – Dramatic home invasion caught on camera raises concerns about home safety (VIDEO ONLY)

KGET.COM August 22, 2018 – Bakersfield Police says home invasions are rare occurrences, but they recommend you take steps to prevent being victimized. 

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