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INT’L – WILDLIFE – Snap Cat: Former Poachers Swap Guns For Cameras To Save Russia’s Snow Leopard

Ecologists long suspected the rugged mountains of Sailyugemsky National Park — tucked into the Central Asian notch where Kazakhstan, Russia, China, and Mongolia meet — were prime habitat for the beautiful, endangered snow leopard. Now, former Poachers Swap Guns For Cameras To Save Russia’s Snow Leopard. 

LA – HUNTING – Hog Hunting in Krotz Springs: What’s Your Story (VIDEO)

Along Highway 190 in Krotz Springs, What’s Your Story met Joey Register, a farmer in Logansport Louisiana who has recently been appointed to sit on the Feral Hog Eradication Board. 

How to Hunt Spring Black Bears

OUTDOOR LIFE.COM From the Archives – Black bears are on a tight schedule during the spring. Although they remain fairly sedentary for a time after emerging from their dens, they then start covering a lot of country in short order. But their patterns are predictable, almost like clockwork. Understanding when and where bears move throughout the spring…

5 Reasons Turkey Hunters Fail On Opening Day

WIDE OPEN SPACES.COM – From the Archives – Last year, I was a bit reactive rather than proactive, yet quickly capitalized on my mistakes. There were several things that I did wrong on opening weekend of turkey hunting season that I will always be able to learn from. Each year, unfortunately, the list keeps getting longer over all. With that,…

INT’L – HUNTING – New World-Record Non-Typical Mule Deer Confirmed by Pope and Young Club

On Jan. 9, the Pope and Young Club assembled a special panel of judges in Regina, Saskatchewan, to confirm a new world record non-typical mule deer. 

VA – WILDLIFE – Staunton Police Work to Trim Down Deer Population

The Staunton Police Department culled 51 deer over a two-week period in March. 

WY – HUNTING/WILDLIFE – Conservation groups ask G&F to make hunters carry bear spray

CODY — Conservation organizations have asked Wyoming Game and Fish to require hunters carry bear spray in an attempt to reduce grizzly bear mortality. The proposals — the groups petitioned the same of Idaho — come after a number of grizzly bear mortalities due to hunter-related conflicts. There have also been an uptick in grizzly bear encounters recently. Last year Wyoming G&F captured 59 grizzlies — 29 in Park County. “Wyoming and…

WY – HUNTING – Guidefitter Launches FFL-Compliant Influencer Marketing Platform for Firearms Brands, Announces Partnership with Weatherby

Guidefitter has launched the outdoor industry’s first influencer marketing solution compatible with federal firearms license requirements, enabling firearms manufacturers to operate their pro purchase programs on Guidefitter’s “Grid” software and ecommerce platform. 

5 Turkey Hunting Mistakes Every Hunter Should Avoid (VIDEO)


WIDE OPEN SPACES.COM From the Archives- Let’s face it. Turkey hunting mistakes are easy to make. Avoid these five mistakes and you’ll kill more turkeys.

1. Calling from a bad position – When a gobbler responds to your turkey call, you’ve made contact and the bird could be coming. Have a setup spot ready before calling to avoid a…

Tips for Hunting Mountain Gobblers

AMERICAN HUNTER.ORG (NRA) From the Archives – Many hunters in the Appalachian Mountains will tell you it is the most difficult place in the country to kill a gobbler. This includes West Virginia, Pennsylvania, east Tennessee, east Kentucky, north Georgia and western Virginia.

The turkeys in this part of the world have been hunted since the days of Simon Kenton,…

NAT’L – HUNTING – Elderly Man Reflects on Centuries’ Old Family Tradition for Boys on Hunting and Gun Safety

“When my father was a boy in the late 1800s and early 1900s, he and his friends knew how to handle a gun by the time they were 11 or 12. They knew proper care for a gun, where to aim the muzzle and the tremendous responsibility that went with owning or using a gun.” 

OR – HUNTING/WILDLIFE – A Small Entrepreneur Stands Up To The Trump Administration On Lead Ammunition

The day former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke repealed the federal ban on lead ammunition on wildlife refuges, in 2017, Lynn Tompkins had a bald eagle dying of lead poisoning in her bird rehab center.

One Time in the Turkey Woods


REALTREE.COM  From the Archives –  Ever seen something funny in the turkey woods? So have we. A new turkey season is finally here. There’ll be plenty of time for calling tips, setup strategies and other serious matters. For now, we’re delving into the sport’s lighter side with these four humorous tales from the spring woods.

THE CAMO CASANOVA — Our media turkey…

(NAT’L – HUNTING)  Turkey Hunting is Stupid – The Full Story

Turkey hunting is stupid. I know, some of you have already picked up rocks to throw my way; you may have even loaded your Mossberg 500 with three-inch magnums and jumped in your truck to drive to West Virginia. But wait; let me explain.

You get up before the crow has taken his morning leak. Then, you drive for miles out into the country. Just as the sun is starting to pink-up…

INT’L – WILDLIFE – Grizzly bear that killed Canadian mother and baby was desperate for food

“This bear had started turning to uncommon food sources and was in pain from having previously consumed a porcupine to avoid starving to death. Bears do not typically eat porcupines.” 

DC – HUNTING – Alaska Moose Hunter Wins Second Ruling at Supreme Court

An Alaska moose hunter won a second improbable victory from the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled the federal government couldn’t stop him from using his hovercraft to reach hunting grounds he had visited for decades. 

TN – HUNTING – Turkey population harvest stable

The 2018 statewide turkey season is March 30 to May 12. The season bag limit is four bearded birds, with only one allowed per day. 

Bacon a Hard Way: Hog-Tying 400 Pounds of Fury


Across the country, hunters are being enlisted to control the spread of feral hogs, which are large and destructive.

MONTGOMERY, Tex. — That could not have been a wild sow that Nub was barking at down in the scrub brush. Those hogs out behind the golf course were fast, smart and wary of hunters, and Nub was just an…

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