Hunting/Wildlife Archive

A Christmas Memory: Grandpa’s Hunting Hatchet

SPORTSMAN’S CHANNEL From the Archives – It was Christmas and the old farmhouse rang with laughter. Gathered around the dining room table our family spent the evening sharing memories and spinning yarns. As always, this included the telling of hunting stories. Seated at the far end of the table, my 93-year-old grandfather kept us in stitches. Blessed with good health and a sharp mind, he still remembers more than…

A Christmas Waterfowl Hunting Story

MONTANA OUTDOOR.COM From the Archives – I woke on Christmas morning and enjoyed opening presents and had nice breakfast with my wife. It had been cold and freezing rain for a few days, but the weather was warming and it was overcast and still. Around noon, with my wife’s blessing, I loaded up the boat with my gear and headed to the river with my dog Hailey for our…

NY – Hunting – ‘Hummer’ cartridge works well for squirrels

STAR NEWS ONLINE.COM December 7, 2017 – Shooters who develop their own cartridges outside of the confines of the commercial firearms industry are called “wildcatters.” Creating new cartridges by changing the shape of cases or increasing or decreasing the diameter of bullets has been a hobby as long as metallic cartridges have been around. Many wildcat cartridges are eventually standardized by the firearms industry. The most difficult caliber to…

TX – Hunting – Hunter forced to defend her lifestyle after receiving death threats

FOX NEWS December 5, 2017 – A woman in Texas has built a following on social media for her hunting prowess — but it hasn’t always been positive. Nikki Tate, a lawyer in Dallas, has amassed over 11,000 followers on her Instagram with pictures of herself and her hunting dogs posing with carcasses of deer, hogs and waterfowl. 

IA – Hunting – For Rural America, Hunting Is more than Just the thrill of the Chase (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON EXAMINER December 2, 2017 – I was standing next to Mike Gooder in the basement of his rustic home in rural northeast Iowa. It was the night before Mike’s annual kick-off weekend coinciding with the start of Iowa’s pheasant hunting season, and friends and family from all over Iowa and beyond had gathered to hunt, eat, and enjoy the merriment. 

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