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Nat’l – Industry Insider – Shopify Bans Sales of Some Guns, Weapons and Ammunition (VIDEO)

CBS NEWS August 15, 2018 – Canadian online-store provider Shopify is prohibiting the sale of many types of guns and ammunition, saying that “solely deferring to the law” no longer works amid political gridlock and the internet’s rapid pace. In an update of its rules earlier this week, the Ottawa-based e-commerce giant, which services more than 600,000 small businesses, banned merchants from using its technology to sell weapons including semi-automatic firearms,…

NV – Industry Insider – Shopify Bans Firearms Industry

PR NET August 14, 2018 – Reputable firearms manufacturer and industry innovator, Franklin Armory®, received word late Monday evening that their ecommerce provider, Shopify, will soon interrupt their lawful commerce of firearms and components due to a sudden change in Shopify’s “Acceptable Use Policy (AUP.)” The new AUP was presented without warning and included a new definition of “Restricted Items” to include flash suppressors, threaded barrels, pistol grips, and…

CT – Industry Insider – Ad Council Misfires In New Campaign

NSSF.ORG August 13, 2018 –  The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence has teamed up with the Ad Council to launch “End Family Fire,” a new national multi-platform campaign they say is designed to promote safe storage of firearms in the home. The campaign introduces the phrase “family fire,” which they hope will catch on as a play on the commonly used “friendly fire” term. Read the blog post from the…

Plenty Of Canadians Own Shares In Gun Companies Without Knowing It

HUFFINGTON POST.CA August 12, 2018 – Heads up: you might be a gun stock investor. Maybe you’ve never been to a range, received an heirloom rifle as a gift or hunted for sport, but if you have investments in an index fund, mutual fund or exchange traded fund, it’s likely you own a piece of one or more gun manufacturers.You’re definitely not alone. Plenty of Canadians own this type…

CT – Industry Insider August 10, 2018 – Wyoming Hosts 2nd Annual Governor’s Matches

NSSF.ORG August 10, 2018 – Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead was on hand to celebrate the Second Annual Governor’s Match three-gun competition last week, and proclaimed August 5 as “Wyoming’s Day at the Range.” The match drew 270 competitors, including 35 of the top-ranked 50 marksmen. Gov. Mead explained he started the idea to promote the shooting sports in Wyoming as part of the state’s history, tradition and culture. 

CT – Industry Insider – NSSF Names O.F. Mossberg & Son’s Joseph Bartozzi as President

PR NET August 8, 2018 – The Board of Governors of the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association to the firearms industry, today announced that O.F. Mossberg & Son’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Joseph Bartozzi, will be the organization’s next President. Bartozzi will assume his new duties Sept. 10, 2018. Current President and CEO Steve Sanetti will stay on in his CEO capacity through his retirement at…

CT – Industry Insider – Appellate Court Upholds Calif. Handgun Roster

NSSF.ORG August 6, 2018 – A three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upheld California’s Unsafe Handgun Act in a Second Amendment-based challenge supported by NSSF and SAAMI. Judge Bybee concurring in part and dissented in part said he would reverse a lower court decision, sending it back for more proceedings due to the act’s microstamping requirement that created a roster that does not allow introduction of new handguns into California.

Nat’l – Industry Insider – How Trump’s Tariffs Are Impacting American Gun Makers

BLOOMBERG.COM August 2, 2018 – Steel tariffs have indirectly impacted Sturm, Ruger & Co., the company said during an earnings call on Thursday. The gunmaker’s experience is indicative of a larger potential issue for the industry, as American steel becomes more desirable to manufacturers. “We’ve been sourcing our steel domestically for decades,” Sturm Ruger chief executive officer Christopher J. Killoy said during the call. “The tariffs have made domestic steel more attractive, so demand has risen…

Nat’l – Industry Insider – Why the Firearms Industry Doesn’t Care About 3-D Printed Guns

BLOOMBERG.COM July 31, 2018 – As policy makers and advocates debate the future of 3-D printed firearms, gun makers are sitting out the battle. They have little to gain, or lose, by wading into this particular firestorm. Gun control advocates argue that these firearms, which don’t have to be registered with the government, pose a threat to public safety. Gun rights advocates argue that banning these designs would infringe on their rights. The debate came…

FL – Industry Insider – Jonathan Mossberg Announced as New CEO for Kalashnikov USA

PR NET – July 30, 2018 – Kalashnikov USA, designers and manufacturers of AK style shotguns, rifles and pistols paying homage to an iconic Russian design, proudly announce firearms industry veteran, Jonathan Mossberg, has assumed the position of CEO for the company.  

CT – Industry Insider – NSSF Voting Member Scholarship Winners Announced

NSSF.ORG July 30, 2018 –  NSSF has announced the winners of its 2018 Voting Member Scholarship Essay Contest, open to the employees and qualifying family members of NSSF’s Voting Member companies. The annual contest awards $60,000 divided between 25 winners, including one grand prize winner who receives $8,000 to apply toward their college costs. 

Buck Knives Announces Appointment of International Sales Manager

Post Falls, ID — Monday, July 30, 2018– Buck Knives, leader in sports cutlery, is pleased to announce that Lindsey Phelps has joined the company as International Sales Manager.

“We are extremely excited to have Lindsey come on board with Buck Knives,” said Mike Silverberg, Vice President of Sales.  “She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to international sales, marketing, and distribution.  Her ability to forge strong relationships will serve…

Nat’l – Industry Insider – Firearms companies fret as background checks level off, anti-gun activists push

WASHINGTON TIMES July29, 2018 – Federal gun-purchase background checks leveled off a bit in June after three consecutive record-setting months, and firearms companies are starting to fret about what the newfound Parkland-driven activism is doing to their bottom lines. Adjusted numbers from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a leading trade group, show a 12 percent decline last month compared to June 2017. 

CT – Industry Insider – Indiana Lawmakers Ask to be Heard in Gary Suit 

NSSF.ORG July 27, 2018 – Six Indiana state legislators — Sens. Jim Tomes and Mark Messmer, joined by Reps. Dennis Kruse, Ben Smaltz, Jerry Torr and Greg Steuerwal — are seeking to file a friend-of-the-court (amicus) brief in the Indiana Court of Appeals in support of the firearms industry in the nearly 20-year-old inactive but still pending lawsuit brought by the City of Gary against firearms manufacturers.  [full…

CT – Industry Insider – What’s In It For Your Business? Lots!

NSSF.ORG July 24, 2018 – The National Shooting Sports Foundation developed National Shooting Sports Month to benefit all stakeholders within the hunting and shooting sports industry. The month provides a great opportunity to hitch your August events, classes or sales promotions to the campaign, which is designed to ignite interest in target shooting and firearms ownership, particularly among newcomers. Last year, our efforts reached more than 8 million people through…

CT – Industry Insider – List Your Events For National Shooting Sports Month

NSSF.ORG July 23, 2018 –  Shooting ranges, firearms retailers, manufacturers and shooting organizations have stepped up to list nearly 300 events so far for the second National Shooting Sports Month, designed to encourage participation in target shooting throughout August. There’s still time for businesses to get involved before this celebration of recreational shooting begins. 

IN – Industry Insider – Indiana Legislators File Amicus Brief Supporting Gun Manufacturers Against Suit by the City of Gary

WBIW.COM July 22, 2018 – Six Indiana Legislators filed a friend of the court brief today supporting gun manufacturers in their defense of a suit brought by the City of Gary to make gun manufacturers liable for illegal gun use in Gary. These legislators played instrumental roles in the passage of Indiana state laws that prevents lawsuits seeking to impose liability on firearms manufacturers, distributors, and dealers for illegal…

CT– Industry Insider – U.S. House Passes Interior Spending Bill; Ensures Hunting Access, Forestalls Banking Discrimination

NSSF.ORG July 20, 2018 – The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Department of Interior Appropriations bill, H.R. 6147, with NSSF-backed language that ensures none of the tax dollars spent can be used to block hunting and recreational shooting on federal lands if not previously prohibited in 2013. Additional language limits authority to temporarily close lands for more than 30 days and delists gray wolves rangewide as well as…

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