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MA – Industry Insider – Online Gun Bazaar Armslist Sued by Shot Boston Cop

BLOOMBERG.COM October 18, 2018 – Armslist, an online peer-to-peer firearms dealer, was sued on Thursday by a Boston police officer allegedly shot by a convicted felon with a gun purchased on the platform. The officer, Kurt Stokinger, argued in the complaint that the website acted negligently. Grant Headley, who allegedly shot him, and Sara Johnson, who sold Headley the firearm on Armslist, were also named as defendants in the lawsuit filed Oct. 18…

AR – Industry Insider – Gun-maker adding space to go leaner

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT GAZETTE October 14, 2018 –  High-end gun-maker Nighthawk Custom is expanding, adding 4,000 square feet to its work space to improve efficiency and productivity. The new building, which sits near the company’s current facility, will house about 20 Nighthawk gunsmiths and about 10 support employees. Nelson Davis, chief operating officer for Nighthawk, said the new space will streamline the process of making custom firearms and is the…

Int’l – Industry Insider – Glock Battles Sig Sauer for American Handgun Sales

BLOOMBERG.COM  October 12, 2018 – Four lawyers and three judges met Friday morning in Vienna in a small room on the 22nd floor of the Austrian capital’s justice building. On the agenda: a legal fight between two gunmakers vying for dominance of the U.S. gun market. It was the first public meeting before presiding Judge Monika Millet in a lawsuit filed in January by German gunmaker SIG Sauer GmbH….

Int’l – Industry Insider – Reproduction of Russian Kalashnikov firearms in US tantamount to ‘theft’

RT.COM October 10, 2018 – Russian state corporation Rostec says the production of Russian weapons in the US without a relevant license is illegal. The firm holds the majority stake in Kalashnikov Concern, the maker of the iconic AK-47 assault rifle. The statement comes amid media reports that the US military wants to encourage domestic gunmakers to manufacture facsimiles of Russian weapons. Sanctions against Moscow prohibit their purchase from…

Nat’l – Industry Insider – Wells Fargo Bucks Pressure, Grants New Loan to Ruger Gun Company

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON October 10, 2018 – Wells Fargo issued a new $40 million line of credit to the gun company Sturm, Ruger & Co. last week bucking the trend of big banks taking adversarial stands toward the gun industry. The new line of credit is in addition to the $431 million worth of financing the bank has given to gun companies since 2012, according to Bloomberg News. The line of…

CA – Industry Insider – Wells Fargo Ignores Liberal Mob To Help Gun Manufacturer

WESTERN JOURNAL.COM October 9, 2018 – Wells Fargo is not a perfect bank. But we have to give credit where it’s due. The beleaguered bank has ignored the crazed calls of anti-Second Amendment leftists for years, according to a Bloomberg report titled “Wells Fargo, the NRA’s Bank, Doubles Down on Gun Industry.” The report said Wells Fargo gave a $40 million line of credit just last week to gun…

WY – Industry Insider – Funds OK’d: Gunwerks granted monies needed to expand in Cody

CODY ENTERPRISE.COM October 8, 2018 – Wyoming’s top elected officials have approved a $6 million grant and loan funding package for Gunwerks to expand its manufacturing facility in Cody. The action was the final step needed for Gunwerks to increase production of its premium long-range rifle systems in Cody. Plans are to begin construction this spring so Gunwerks can move into a new, larger facility by the end of…

NY – Industry Insider – Wells Fargo, the NRA’s Bank, Doubles Down on Gun Industry (VIDEO)

BLOOMBERG.COM October 5, 2018 – Wells Fargo & Co. is doubling down on the gun industry, undaunted by criticism of its deep ties to firearm companies and the National Rifle Association. The San Francisco-based bank last week issued a $40 million line of credit to gun manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co., according to financial filings. That’s on top of the $431 million in debt that Wells Fargo has arranged for gunmakers since…

AI security camera detects guns and identifies shooters

ZD NET.COM September 27, 2018 – Athena Security, a San Francisco-based AI company that utilizes computer vision for security applications, has announced implementation of an AI camera system it says can identify guns in crowds. The system is one of a growing number of technologies aimed at preventing gun crime. In addition to detection, Athena’s cameras can also alert police to the presence of an active shooter, potentially increasing response time,…

NH – Industry Insider – Ruger Mourns Death of Former CEO William B. Ruger, Jr.

PR NET September 17, 2018 – Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) mourns the loss of William B. Ruger, Jr., former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Ruger. Mr. Ruger, who was the second CEO of the Company and the son of the Company’s founder, passed away this past weekend. 


PA – Industry Insider – Trends in Gun And Accessories Market by Production Market Analysis and Regional Market Performance

DAILY JOURNAL NOW.COM September 15, 2018 – The Gun And Accessories Market Report describes detailed information about tactics and strategies used by leading key companies in the Gun And Accessories industry. It also gives an extensive study about different market segments and regions. 

NH – Industry Insider – NH gun industry comes under fire

NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW September 13, 2018 -In the back shop of Wicked Weaponry in Hooksett, owner Ben Beauchemin might be putting together the parts of an AR-15 style semi-automatic. Meanwhile, Anthony Hook at RTD Manufacturing might be designing the lower receiver to be machined in his Henniker workshop, before his employees add the parts to turn it into a firearm in Goffstown. And Erik Croto, co-owner of Kraken…

NY- Industry Insider – NRA Argues Discovery Could Show State Coerced Companies to Cut Ties

LAW.COM September 10, 2018 – Attorneys for the National Rifle Association argued in federal court on Monday that evidence sought through discovery in their lawsuit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and a state agency could show a deliberate effort to dismantle the gun lobby group through official state actions. 

The Gun Business Is Bouncing Back From a Long Trump Slump (VIDEO)

BLOOMBERG.COM September 6, 2018 – The American gun industry’s two-year “Trump slump” might finally be over. Federal background-check data released Thursday indicated stronger-than-expected retail activity in August, a positive indicator that follows closely behind Smith & Wesson’s impressive earnings last week. 

MA – Industry Insider – Smith & Wesson parent company defends directors, sways Glass Lewis

REUTERS.COM September 6, 2018 – The parent company of gunmaker Smith & Wesson on Thursday defended its directors and its contribution disclosures ahead of a proxy vote that will test how far leading fund firms will press concerns about firearms safety, and won rare new recommendations from a proxy adviser. 

Krieghoff International Announces Addition of Kenneth Pfau as New General Manager

Ottsville, PA, September 6, 2018 – Krieghoff International, Inc. the sole importer of Krieghoff firearms in North America is proud to announce the addition of Kenneth Pfau to the role of General Manger.

Pfau brings a deep understanding of the outdoor industry with his past experience as General Manager for Rio Ammunition where he was responsible for both business development and overall plant operations. Previously Ken was head of Sales and…

Nat’l – Industry Insider – A Look At Companies Embroiled In Recent Political Debates

WSB RADIO.COM September 4, 2018 – Citigroup became the first bank to announce policy changes after the Parkland massacre, announcing it would require its clients and business customers not to sell a gun to anyone who hasn’t passed a background check or anyone under the age of 21. The bank also will not allow its customers to sell what are known as bump stocks and high-capacity magazines. 

NY – Industry Insider – BlackRock and Vanguard fought for gun changes yet rubber stamped Sturm Ruger’s board

ERIE NEWS NOW.COM (Via CNN) August 31, 2018 – BlackRock and Vanguard vowed to push for gun safety and changes in the firearm industry. Yet both companies voted to reelect all the directors of gunmaker Sturm Ruger. The votes are in contrast to other actions taken by BlackRock and Vanguard. Both voted in favor of a shareholder resolution that called on Sturm Ruger to be more transparent about the…

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