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AR – Media – How the Red Ryder BB gun became part of ‘A Christmas Story’ (VIDEO)

FOX23.COM December 17, 2017 –  In the beloved film “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie has a big wish for Christmas: a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass and sundial. The Daisy company has been making BB guns since the 1880s. They started making the Red Ryder in the 1940s, but they weren’t made with the compass and sundial until 1983 when the movie was released. 

Huckabee Sanders vs. Reporter On Sandy Hook: Can You Tell Me One Gun Law That Would Have Prevented This? (VIDEO)

REAL CLEAR POLITICS.COM December 15, 2017 – At Thursday’s press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre and what can be done to prevent another tragedy of that magnitude from happening by CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan. The full video of Thursday’s briefing below the transcript. 

DC – Media – USA Today Misleads on FBI Gun Retrieval Requests

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON December 5, 2017 – In a story that USA Today described as an “exclusive” piece of “breaking news,” the publication misled readers about the timing of FBI gun retrieval requests. Despite the breaking news and exclusive designations, the information revealed in the report was taken from a seven-month-old public document and does not indicate any new action from the FBI. 

Nat’l – Media – Who Loves Guns More than NRA?

WALL STREET DAILY.COM November 24, 2017 – It’s a most perverse relationship. Every time a mass shooting occurs, gun stocks soar. Put frankly, as much as it pains me to report…Buying call options on gun stocks in the immediate aftermath of mass shootings is among the easiest trades on Wall Street. 

Nat’l – Media – Gun ads continue after mass shootings but with new scrutiny

HOUSTON CHRONICLE  November 20, 2017 – The ads leap out from the pages of almost any gun magazine: Soldiers wearing greasepaint and camouflage wield military-style rifles depicted as essential to the American way of life. A promotional spot by the Mossberg brand boasts of weapons “engineered to the specs of freedom and independence.” 

TX – Media – Five ideas for more respectful media coverage after mass shootings

COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW.ORG November 16, 2017 – In The Wake Of Last Weekend’s Mass Shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Dallas Morning News reporter Lauren McGaughy wrote a widely shared op-ed taking to task the news media that swarmed the town of just under 700 people. She described how the massed ranks of regional, national, and international journalists overwhelmed the traumatized local community with TV trucks, microphones, and invasive, repetitive…

TN – Media – CMA apologizes for media restrictions at awards show

CBS NEWS.COM November 6, 2017 – The Country Music Association apologized after announcing controversial media restrictions that asked journalists to avoid asking any questions about the Las Vegas shooting, gun rights or political affiliations at its upcoming awards show. CMA has rescinded the restrictions. 

Nat’l – Media – CMA Lifts Restrictions on Red Carpet Journalists Questions about ‘Gun Rights’ after Backlash

BREITBART.COM November 3, 2017 – The Country Music Association has rescinded restrictions on the types of questions that can be asked by red-carpet journalists at this year’s CMA Awards after initially announcing this week that media would be prohibited from asking country music stars questions about the Las Vegas shooting massacre, gun rights, and politics. 

CMA Awards to Press: Don’t Talk About Las Vegas, Guns, Politics

NASHVILLE SCENE.COM November 2, 2017 – Earlier today, the Country Music Association sent out its media guidelines for covering the 51st Annual CMA Awards ceremony. The awards will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 8, at Bridgestone Arena, and apparently its organizers don’t want press to focus on “the Las Vegas tragedy, gun rights, political affiliations or topics of the like” in their coverage. Doing so, say the CMA folks,…

(CA – Media)  The Scariest Part of the Winchester Mansion Has Nothing to Do with Ghosts (VIDEO)

MOTHERBOARD.VICE.COM October 31, 2017 – The labyrinthine Victorian mansion, built with money from a vast firearms fortune, is a perfect metaphor for America’s singular obsession with guns. Now, this architectural freak-show is getting its own movie: Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built, set for release in February 2018. Starring Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester, the film will be a rollercoaster of jump scares, judging from the newly released trailer. 

The media today: On Vegas, gun coverage, and media priorities

COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW October 24, 2017 – Part of the problem with media coverage, writes The Trace’s Ben Hallman in a piece for CJR, comes from journalists lack of knowledge about guns as physical objects. Citing examples from the past few weeks, Hallman says that “when journalists get the details wrong in their reporting gun owners tune out.” 

Acknowledging the media bias on guns from former CEO of National Public Radio

CRIME RESEARCH.ORG October 22, 2017 – Over the course of this past year, I have tried to consume media as they do and understand it as a partisan player. It is not so hard to do. Take guns. Gun control and gun rights is one of our most divisive issues, and there are legitimate points on both sides. But media is obsessed with the gun-control side and gives only scant,…

Nat’l – Media – Report: Major Media Networks Favor Gun Control 5 to 1 in Vegas Shooting Coverage

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON October 18, 2017 – A media watchdog group released a report on Monday that found the three major broadcast networks presented coverage in favor of new gun-control measures nearly 5 times as often as they presented coverage in favor of gun rights during the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting. 

Nat’l – Media – After Las Vegas, Gun Modification Videos Banned By YouTube

NEWSWEEK.COM October 9, 2017 – YouTube has banned and removed some video tutorials that show users how to modify guns—including ones that provide instructions for making semiautomatic rifles fire nearly as quickly as fully automatic ones, a tactic used in the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas last week. The company said it had taken down some tutorial videos that featured a bump stock, a legal attachment to semiautomatic rifles that makes them fire…

Nat’l – Media – Smoking Gun Takes From the Media (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON October 9, 2017 – Reporters and political pundits this past week continued their long tradition of making fools of themselves when talking about guns and gun rights: the talking heads have gotten simple facts wrong about guns and gun laws, mocked gun owners, and openly advocated for gun control. During a panel on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender got the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 completely…

NY – Media – Bret Stephens’ Fetishism for Gun Control

LIBERTY LAWSITE.ORG October 9, 2017 – Right after the Las Vegas massacre, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens demanded that the Second Amendment be repealed. Mr. Stephens recently left the Wall Street Journal’s conservative editorial page, where he had been a hawkish voice on foreign affairs, and this burst of constitutional punditry has led to accusations that he is pandering to his new audience. I doubt that this is fair. Certain prominent “conservative intellectuals”…

(NV – Media-) What a macho, gun-packing Instagram star did when he was caught in the Las Vegas shooting

WASHINGTON POST October 3, 2017 – Guns and women got Dan Bilzerian where he is today — the “King of Instagram,” with nearly 23 million followers, a mansion full of guns and a hot tub full of women. He lines his feed with photos of himself and women in the wilderness, playing with his arsenal of rifles, his biceps the size of their thighs. Bilzerian once trained to be a Navy SEAL, and while…

Nat’l – Media – Children Played With A Real Gun Longer, More Aggressively After Seeing Movie Showing Guns

FORBES.COM September 25, 2017 – Children played more aggressively and longer with a real gun they found and pulled the real gun’s trigger much more often after watching a film with gun violence, compared with children who watched the same film with the gun scenes edited out, a new study found. The findings resulted from a controlled experiment that two researchers at Ohio State University in Columbus conducted with 104…

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