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NAT’L – MEDIA – Like Guns, Social Media Is A Weapon That Should Be Regulated

THE DECISION BY the Sri Lankan government this week to shut down the big social networks in the aftermath of an Easter day terrorist attack on three Catholic churches and three upscale hotels feels like a turning point in our relationship with these platforms. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – Chuck Norris Teams Up With Glock

GLOCK, the gun maker that confidently explains it is driven “by a commitment to perfection, relentless innovation and disciplined precision” in making its products, needed a spokesman who was qualified.

DC – MEDIA – Was our magazine cover about guns inflammatory? We talked to a reader who hated it.

One of my anxieties about the Internet age is that it has given journalists and readers a false sense of how well we understand each other. 

INT’L – MEDIA – Watch Keanu Reeves in weapons training for new film John Wick 3 (VIDEO)

Keanu Reeves cannot be accused of not putting in the hours for the third instalment of his hyper-violent John Wick action series, as new footage shows the level of detail in his training.

Parkland Teacher Blasts School District, Local Officials, Media for Politicizing Shooting, Not Helping


FREE BEACON.COM March 29, 2019 – A math teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., lambasted local officials and the national media Wednesday for using the 2018 shooting there to focus on gun control while skimping on mental-health resources for traumatized survivors.

“Parkland should go down in history as a case study in local incompetence aided and abetted…

CA – MEDIA – SureFire Announces 40th Anniversary Legacy Video (VIDEO)

SureFire, LLC, is continuing its milestone 40th anniversary celebration as the leading manufacturer of suppressors, high-performance flashlights, weapon-mounted lights and tactical products by releasing a new video, Legacy

NAT’L – MEDIA – Morning Shows In Awe of ‘Tough’ ‘Impactful’ NZ Gun Ban, Lament U.S. Constitution

All three networks spent Thursday morning gushing in favor of New Zealand’s new gun ban, touting that it had “widespread, bipartisan support” with “very little opposition.” ABC, NBC and CBS also spent time shaming the U.S. for not adopting a similar buyback measure. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Pushes Gun Control, Gets An Education From Gun Experts

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was on the recieving end of criticism over the weekend after he advocated on Twitter for gun control after the recent New Zealand terrorist attack. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – Triple Frontier: Why the actors Fired Real Guns, Live Ammo

The actors of Netflix’s latest heist movie fired guns and swam with mules. Why they did it. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – How Hunters are Adjusting to Social Media Bans

YouTube’s executives are still willing to, for the time being, mostly look the other way as they make money off hunters posting and watching videos on their online video-sharing platform. 


NAT’L – MEDIA – Facebook profits from ads exposing US gun-license loophole

Facebook has been criticized by a gun safety group for taking millions of dollars in advertising revenue to promote a legal “loophole.” It allows Americans to obtain “concealed carry” weapon permits without any physical training. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – Facebook defends gun-law loophole firm as “political advertisers”

A gun safety group has criticized Facebook for taking what The Telegraph reports is millions of dollars in advertising money to sell permits to carry concealed weapons to people who lack real-life training in handling firearms. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – From Columbine to Parkland: how we got the story wrong on mass shootings

After Columbine, Dave Cullen swore he would never write about a mass shooting again. But over the next 20 years, he realized that he and other journalists had a duty to destroy the deadly myths they had helped create. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – Gun Safety Devices Get Caught in Online Advertising Bans

Facebook, Google: As more Americans keep loaded guns in their homes, efforts to sell them new kinds of safety locks are getting stuck by policies intended to block ads for firearms online. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – Watch John Wick 3’s Keanu Reeves And Halle Berry’s Intense Weapon Training (1 OF 2 VIDEOS)

Daaaaaaaamn. If there’s one thing you have to know how to do in a John Wick film, it’s fire a gun. Or at least look like you know how to fire a gun. 

FL – MEDIA – News 6 hosts special day of coverage dedicated to gun-related issues

When “Generation Under Fire: Guns, Safety & Rights” airs on Feb. 11 viewers will also hear from legislators, law enforcement officials and medical professionals who are on the front line when it comes to dealing with guns. 

DC – Media – WaPo Writer Thinks He’s Dismantled the ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ Argument. Here’s What He DOESN’T Mention.

How many times does a “good guy” with a gun stop a “bad guy” with (or without) a gun? In a recent article published in The Washington Post, writer Christopher Ingraham attempts to answer that very question. 

CA – MEDIA – Gun-happy Hollywood rails against 2nd Amendment rights for fans

From behind their solid security walls and amid the protection of armed guards, Hollywood’s wealthy elites are lecturing Americans on why they should not have guns. 

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