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NAT’L – MEDIA – Bill Maher Reveals he Owns Guns, Urges Dem Candidates to Drop Gun-control from their Campaign Platforms

Bill Maher, host of the HBO show “Real Time,” cautioned Democrats to not use firearm restrictions as a major policy objective of their 2020 election platform. Maher explained during a panel discussion on his show June 7the issue is not a good strategy for the party. “We’ve lost elections before on this issue, which is not a winning issue for Democrats,” he said. “First of all, liberals should…

NAT’L – MEDIA – The Trace: “Independent” Journalism, Paid for by Michael Bloomberg

The Trace may call itself an “independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit newsroom,” but it has one clear agenda in mind: restrictive gun control laws, an objective shared by its left-wing funders. 

OK – NRA/MEDIA – The Future of NRATV Is in Doubt After Ad Agency Severs Ties to Gun Group

On Wednesday, ad agency Ackerman McQueen announced that it has moved to end its decades-long relationship with the National Rifle Association. It is the latest domino to fall in an ongoing legal fight, one that could ultimately mean the demise of the gun group’s affiliated, pro-Trump TV network. 

NYC – MEDIA – CNN’s Chris Cuomo Snubs Rape Survivor’s Gun Rights Pitch: ‘Only In America’ (VIDEO)

CNN’s Chris Cuomo found himself in some hot water Wednesday after seeming to casually dismiss a rape survivor’s story about why she values her Second Amendment right to carry a firearm. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – CBS Promotes Law Undermining Guns for Self Defense (VIDEO)

On Tuesday’s CBS Evening News, a report filed by Nikki Battiste promoted the alleged need for stricter safe storage laws that would threaten criminal punishment for parents who do not safely store their guns within certain guidelines. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – 6 tips for reporting on gun policy and gun violence

“This is the kind of thing that drives the gun owner group crazy, when they think that a reporter is writing about their issue with their guns and doesn’t understand the basic facts about how they work.” 

Few People Have a Better View of the NRA’s Internal Turmoil Than This Gun-Toting Free Beacon Reporter

WASHINGTONIAN.COM May 20, 2019 –  Once or twice a year, staffers at the Washington Free Beacon can take a firearms safety course that qualifies them to apply for a concealed carry permit. The class, “Basic Pistol,” is taught by Stephen Gutowski, an NRA-certified firearms instructor whose day job is covering firearms and the gun rights movement at the…

CA – MEDIA – Who Would Win In A Fight: John Wick vs. Ethan Hunt?

Who would reign supreme in the ultimate showdown: John Wick or Mission: Impossible’s Ethan Hunt? With the release of John Wick 3: Parabellum, Keanu Reeves’s status as an action star favorite has once again been secured with audiences and critics alike.  

CNN Goes Melodramatic To Push Gun Control Agenda After Colorado Shooting

ACCURACY IN MEDIA.COM  May 16, 2019 – CNN took to not only politicizing the recent school shooting in Colorado but doing so with a melodramatic new gimmick.

Brooke Baldwin simply emoted into the camera as images flashed behind her on a screen.

First, you see Baldwin at her desk at CNN. Then, you see the inside of a…

CA – MEDIA – Halle Berry Blasts Stuff With a Machine Gun in John Wick 3 BTS Video (VIDEO)

Actress Halle Berry shoots a machine gun in a behind-the-scenes John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum video. In May 2018, Berry was officially cast for the latest franchise installment, this coming after she reportedly demanded to have a role before the script was written. 

NY – MEDIA – ‘Goosebumps’; CNN’s Baldwin, Camerota Cheer Hogg Family, Push Mass Gun Confiscation

Under Jeffrey Zucker’s tenure at CNN, the once-proud network has ceased becoming a true news organization with a distinct line between anchors/hosts vs. analysts vs. commentators vs. reporters.  

NAT’L – MEDIA – PROPAGANDA: CNN Spreads Deceptive Info On School Shootings, Calls For Gun Confiscation (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO)

CNN has repeatedly spread false information in the wake of the Colorado school shooting last week in an attempt to destroy the Second Amendment which culminated with the far-left network championing national gun confiscation on Tuesday. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – Mass Shooter Media Myth

On February 2019, television personality John Stossel released a video to Facebook watch, entitled “Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study/MASS SHOOTER MEDIA MYTH.” The clip was just under five-and-a-half minutes, and in it, Stossel introduces a segment challenging a purported “media myth” involving mass shootings in the United States: 

OK – MEDIA – TAKING AIM: John Wayne’s guns

John Wayne was a stickler for reality when it came to the firearms used to portray his movies. He acted in some 160 films during his career, as characters ranging from cowboys to soldiers to police officers. Most of these involved violence and firearms. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – Like Guns, Social Media Is A Weapon That Should Be Regulated

THE DECISION BY the Sri Lankan government this week to shut down the big social networks in the aftermath of an Easter day terrorist attack on three Catholic churches and three upscale hotels feels like a turning point in our relationship with these platforms. 

NAT’L – MEDIA – Chuck Norris Teams Up With Glock

GLOCK, the gun maker that confidently explains it is driven “by a commitment to perfection, relentless innovation and disciplined precision” in making its products, needed a spokesman who was qualified.

DC – MEDIA – Was our magazine cover about guns inflammatory? We talked to a reader who hated it.

One of my anxieties about the Internet age is that it has given journalists and readers a false sense of how well we understand each other. 

INT’L – MEDIA – Watch Keanu Reeves in weapons training for new film John Wick 3 (VIDEO)

Keanu Reeves cannot be accused of not putting in the hours for the third instalment of his hyper-violent John Wick action series, as new footage shows the level of detail in his training.

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