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Nat’l – Media – Video Game Simulating School Shooting Ignites Outrage And Petition (VIDEO)

HUFFINGTON POST May 29, 2018 – A disturbing first-person video game that allows users to recreate violent school shootings for entertainment has inflamed outrage as the U.S. grapples with a series of deadly school shootings. “Active Shooter,” set to debut on the video game platform Steam next week, invites users to play as either a first responder or the shooter who stalks a school building’s halls with various weapons, including a…

Nat’l – Media – NRATV host equates gun restrictions to media censorship (VIDEO)

THE HILL.COM May 24, 2018 – In a new video released by NRATV Thursday, host Colion Noir equates demands for new gun control legislation to censoring press freedom. “It’s time to put an end to this glorification of carnage and pursuit of ratings because it is killing our kids,” Noir said in the video. “It’s time for Congress to step up and pass legislation putting commonsense limitations on our mainstream media’s…

Nat’l – Media – ‘Last Man Standing’ star Tim Allen says sitcom will tackle guns: ‘We’re going to have to deal with that somehow’ (VIDEO)

FOX NEWS May 24, 2018 – If there’s one person who was eager to bring “Last Man Standing” back on television, it was Tim Allen. And one hot topic Allen said the show will address? Guns. The 64-year-old star explained his character “owns a sporting-goods store that has firearms, so we’re going to have to deal with that somehow.”

MSNBC Reporter Fails in Apparent Attempt to Get Santa Fe Students to Push Gun Control (VIDEO)

INDEPENDENT JOURNAL REVIEW.COM May 23, 2018 – In what seemed like an obvious fishing expedition for anti-gun comments, an MSNBC reporter repeatedly tried to bait Santa Fe High School students with questions about potential reform after Friday’s shooting. The only problem was that none of the students took the bait that she seemed to dangle in front of them. 

TX – NRA – As host to NRA meeting, Dallas becomes epicenter of the nation’s gun debate

WASHINGTON POST May 4, 2018 – For Michele Rivera, attending the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting this year has additional significance: It is a way to loudly and proudly affirm that she is pro-gun at a time when she feels as though her views are under attack. “I will be here at the NRA meetings, and I will show my support in that way,” said Rivera, who traveled here…

TX – NRA – NRATV’s Colion Noir on black gun ownership, the Parkland students and why he finds the AR-15 ‘beautiful’

LOS ANGELES TIMES May 3, 2018 – With President Trump scheduled to speak at the National Rifle Assn. convention in Dallas on Friday, The Times sat down with Collins Idehen, a.k.a. Colion Noir, a 34-year-old NRATV host and lawyer whose controversial videos about guns, race and current events have earned him some 690,000 followers on YouTube. As a black NRA member, Noir takes issue with those who view him…

Vista Outdoor is keeping it big at NRA convention despite exiting gun making

CNBC.COM May 3, 2018 – Despite plans to exit gun manufacturing, Vista Outdoor will still have a large presence at the National Rifle Association convention this week in Dallas. Vista, a sports and recreation company known for its Federal Premium ammunition brand as well as Savage and Stevens firearms, is expected to showcase not only the guns but ammunition, hunting gear and accessories. A map of the show floor reveals Vista…

Inside NRA TV, where the gun group spreads alarm and keeps lawmakers in line (VIDEO)

DALLAS NEWS.COM May 3, 2018 – The National Rifle Association isn’t coming to Dallas this weekend. It’s been here a long time. For years, in a glass-walled, high-rise office just across from Klyde Warren Park in Uptown, the NRA has conducted what might be its most important experiment yet in churning members’ emotions, crafting talking points and pushing an agenda of near-absolute opposition to gun restrictions — NRA TV. …

IL – NRA – Rock River Arms Exhibits at 2018 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

MEDIA DIRECT May 1, 2018 — Rock River Arms, Inc.®, an industry leader well-known for producing a full line of high-quality AR15-style rifles, components, and accessories will feature their new 1911 models and Match Grade Rifles at the upcoming 2018 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas. Visitors are invited to booth 5415 to learn more about these custom firearms on May 4th-6th at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention…

Nat’l – Media – AP issues correction on report that NRA banned guns for Mike Pence speech

WASHINGTON TIMES April 30, 2018 – The Associated Press issued a correction on Monday after reporting that the National Rifle Association was banning guns at its annual meeting during Vice President Mike Pence’s speech. AP has deleted a tweet that incorrectly said the NRA had banned guns during Trump and Pence speeches at its annual meeting. The ban was put in place by the Secret Service. 

Nat’l – Media – What the media won’t tell you: Ingraham rating high after Hogg insanity, now he’s going after S&W

THE HAYRIDE.COM  April 18, 2018 – According to the Times, the conservative author of Shut up and Sing “lost nearly 30 advertisers since a boycott against her show launched March 29, but those who held firm are benefiting from a ratings windfall. Data compiled by the media watchdog News Busters shows a jump from 2.23 million viewers to 2.7 million since (Ingraham’s) her return from a vacation.”  [full…

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