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Int’l – Military – Russia Rages At Pentagon Plans To Build U.S. Made Derivatives of Soviet-Era Small Arms (ARCHIVED VIDEO)

THE DRIVE.COM October 17, 2018 – The U.S. military has supplied hundreds of thousands of Soviet-style assault rifles and machine guns to allies and partners over the years and acquired some of its own for special operations and other training purposes, but it has had to largely source those weapons from friendly third-party countries that still make them. U.S. Special Operations Command has hired contractors to build derivatives of certain guns in the…

Police Department Confirms What Gun Owners Already Know: Suppressors Limit Hearing Damage

TOWNHALL.COM October 14, 2018 – Police in Spokane, located in eastern Washington state, will soon have all 181 rifles equipped with suppressors, something the department says will protect officers and civilians from hearing damage. The move is said to protect the department from workers compensation claims and civilian lawsuits. “It’s nothing more than like the muffler you put on your car,” (said) Lt. Rob Boothe, the range master and…

OR – LE – Defendant Lunges for Oregon Officer’s Gun in Court (VIDEO)

OFFICER.COM October 15, 2018 – A man tried to grab a police officer’s gun in a Lincoln County courtroom this week and the Sheriff’s Office said Thursday that a 1-year-old federal appeals decision contributed to the near-disaster. A judge had denied a request by deputies to restrain defendant Scott Patrick Lemmon, 27, according to the Sheriff’s Office. In a scuffle caught on courtroom video Wednesday, Lemmon suddenly stands up…

NY – LE – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Cop? Web weapon designed to subdue mentally ill troublemakers (VIDEOS)

RT.COM (Via Reuters) October 13, 2018 – New York police are testing a new weapon that wraps the target in Kevlar cord. The device consists of a hand-held remote that shoots barbed Kevlar cords at suspects at a speed of 640 feet per second, wrapping tightly around their body almost too quickly to see. 

Nat’l – Military – This smart tech can tell instantly whether or not a US Army soldier is ready for war

MY SAN ANTONIO.COM October 12, 2018 – The Army is changing the way it prepares for war, and one of the ways the service is doing this is by turning to augmented reality and artificial intelligence for advanced training, putting combat readiness not only in the hands of experienced officers but also smart machines.

California man pleads guilty to shooting at US Navy SEALs in training with a BB gun

BUSINESS INSIDER.COM October 12, 2018 – A California man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to firing “multiple shots” at a group of Navy SEALs in training on July 23 with his BB gun. Scott Weaver was arrested for firing on a “flotilla” of Navy instructors and SEAL trainees from a bridge while they were on a night-time exercise on water around Liberty Station, near San Diego Thursday. After the Navy called…

Army Eyes New ‘Ribbon-Gun’ Rifle That Fires Four Rounds at a Time

MOTHERBOARD.COM October 11, 2018 – An independent gunsmith working out of a garage in Colorado has invented a potentially revolutionary new rifle, and it’s got the US Army’s attention. Martin Grier’s L4 “ribbon gun” combines four bores in one barrel. In other words, its business end has four holes instead of one, and can simultaneously fire up to four bullets. That’s not the L4’s only possible advantage over existing…

The US Army’s top general says the next squad weapon will fire faster, farther than previous infantry rifles and penetrate any body armor

BUSINESS INSIDER.COM October 9, 2018 – The U.S. Army’s chief of staff said Monday that its 6.8mm, next-generation weapons, slated to replace the M249 squad automatic weapon and the M4A1 carbine, will be able to penetrate any body armor on the battlefield. “It will fire at speeds that far exceed the velocity of bullets today, and it will penetrate any existing or known … body armor that’s out there,” Gen. Mark Milley…

Army Moves $25B To Big Six, From New Tanks To 6.8mm Rifle (VIDEOS)

BREAKING DEFENSE.COM October 9, 2018 – The Army plans to move at least $25 billion over the next five years from low-priority programs to preparing for major war. That includes developing a wide variety of new weapons, from high-speed aircraft, to partially-robotic armored vehicles, to a long-ranged 6.8 millimeter rifle to replace the venerable M16/M4 family and its controversial 5.56 mm round. 


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