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Could you tell the difference between these two guns? (VIDEO)

FOX 4 KC.COM December 8, 2017 – Newton, Kansas police recently were involved in a disturbance involving a teenager and a rifle. The department posted this video on Facebook to demonstrate that “toy” guns can look exactly like real ones. “Which is the real gun?”, asked the department. “Are you willing to bet your life on it?”  

TX – LE – Police guns are turning up in crimes, but ATF can’t talk about it

REVEAL NEWS.ORG December 4, 2017 – In the last year, residents of Fort Worth, Texas, have watched as shootings spiked across the city. Police wanted guns off the streets. Instead, they’d created a makeshift gun bazaar.

CA – LE – Can these beanbags save lives? Sacramento Police hopes so (VIDEO)

SACRAMENTO BEE November 2, 2017 – Bob wasn’t putting the knife down. The remote control robot advanced on a group of Sacramento police officers one Friday afternoon in November, a knife-shaped piece of metal attached to one of its hands. “Stop right there, don’t come any closer,” one of the patrol officers shouted. “Stop, drop the knife, and put your hands in the air.” 

OH – LE – Ambushes of Law Enforcement Officers Rare, But Still Concerning

OFFICER.COM November 30, 2017 – COLUMBUS, Ohio — Columbus officers in one of the city’s busiest precincts flooded South Linden the day before Thanksgiving looking for suspected robbers. It would be more than an hour before the sun would rise. A green Kia Soul spotted circling through the neighborhood was stopped shortly after a robbery near East 17th and Louis avenues just before 6 a.m. There were extra officers…

CA – LE – South Gate Standoff Ends in Gun Battle, Suspect Wanted to “Go Out in a Blaze of Glory” (VIDEO)

NBC LOS ANGELES.COM November 28, 2017 – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department today is investigating an officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of a 40-year-old assault suspect who allegedly fired shots at officers while holed up in a pickup truck in South Gate for more than three hours. Five South Gate police officers and one from Huntington Park returned fire on the man, and once he was shot,…

Nat’l – LE – Almost 300 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested in Nationwide Bust

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON  November 16, 2017 – Nearly 300 members and associates of the infamous transnational drug gang MS-13 have been arrested in an interdepartmental collaboration called Operation: Raging Bull, leadership of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency announced Thursday. 

HAVA/LTSA Launches Florida Training Series

November 20, 2017 – Dade City, FL – Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) announces the launch of an expanded shooter training series through its new Learn to Shoot Again (LTSA) program for the benefit of severely disabled veterans in the state of Florida. Operating in 10 states during 2017; the expanded series will tap the state’s large veteran community and offer a learning platform to evaluate innovative training and…

MD – LE – Baltimore gun arrests decline by hundreds after indictments of Gun Trace Task Force members (VIDEO)

BALTIMORE SUN  November 10, 2017 – The corruption indictments this year against Baltimore’s elite Gun Trace Task Force has produced an unintended — and undesirable — consequence: a major decline in gun arrests in the city. As Baltimore struggles under surging gun violence, gun arrests are down 25 percent from last year. 

GTX Partners with Garrison Defense to Provide Real Time GPS Weapons Tracking and Asset Accountability

4-TRADERS.COM October 26, 2017 – GTX Corp. announced today that it has partnered with Garrison Defense LLC to incorporate GTXs GPS tracking technology into Garrisons new ArmaTrak solution – an intelligent firearm tagging and tracking system that will provide law enforcement and military personnel with real-time weapons accountability through the Garrison central monitoring portal and app. 

Nat’l – LE – Why firearms standardization puts police officers at risk

POLICE ONE.COM October 16, 2017 – I recently spoke with a police officer from an agency transitioning from a liberal weapons policy that allowed a high degree of individual officer choice to a standard issue policy, in which all officers would be required to carry the same department-issued firearm on duty. This agency polices some particularly violent areas and has a higher than average number of officer-involved shootings each…

Nat’l – LE – Body cameras, now gun cameras? Some police trying them out

MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE October 14, 2017 – A small number of police departments are showing interest in a new type of video camera that can be mounted directly on officers’ guns, saying it may offer a better view of officer-involved shootings than body cameras. Among the cons, they point out, is that gun cameras start recording only after weapons are removed from holsters and won’t capture what led to officers…

WA – LE – Suppressors: Do they make guns more dangerous? (VIDEO)

KXLY TV SPOKANE October 6, 2017 – Since the shooting in Las Vegas, many have criticized Congress over a Bill to eliminate restrictions on gun suppressors. Some claim they make it more difficult for police to locate a shooter – but gun experts say that’s not the case, and not the motivation behind the bill. The sound of gunfire was the first indication that something was wrong at that…

NV – LE – Hunting for a killer, using the geometry of gunfire

DULUTH NEWS TRIBUNE (VIA WASHINGTON POST) October 3, 2017 – LAS VEGAS – The journey to the room at the end of the 32nd floor began at the switchboards of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, a tropical fantasy in the Nevada desert. As the noises began, scores of confused guests pressed zero on their room phones almost all at once. The first callers asked about what sounded like…

TX – LE – New pepper gas guns in Midland Co. have stronger effects lasting about an hour (VIDEO)

NEWS WEST 9.COM September 27, 2017 – The Midland County  (Texas) Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) has a new pepper gas gun and they’re not afraid to use it. It’s similar to pepper spray but 3 times stronger and the effects will put a person down for about an hour. Oftentimes, officers are caught up in the in the stinging aftereffects of pepper spray, but because the pepper gun doesn’t have any aerosol,…

CA – LE – Sacramento Police Release Video of Deadly Gun Battle with Double Homicide Suspect (VIDEO)

FOX40.COM September 27, 2017 – The Sacramento Police Department released more than a dozen videos Wednesday of a deadly shootout between two officers and a man wanted for a double homicide. The first video shows (the suspect’s) truck stop as officers order him to toss his keys from the window. (The suspect) emerges from the truck and immediately opens fire on the two officers. The police department blurred the part…

DC – Military – See the Army’s New M17 and M18 Handgun

SCOUT.COM September 27, 2017 – It’s the first time the U.S. military has made a major upgrade to personal weapons in over 30 years, and so far, the only way anyone’s gotten an impression of what this new gun can do is to look at press releases and a few pictures from test ranges. But as the Army is set to field upwards of 500,000 new M17 and M18 Modular…

WA – LE – Federal Court Ruling Guts Police Ability To Use Guns

DAILY CALLER.COM September 20, 2017 – A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Seattle police can only use force “proportional” to the threat they face, seriously damaging the Seattle Police Department’s ability to use firearms. The ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the use of force reforms put in place by federal mandates under the Obama administration that required police to use only “objectively reasonable force, proportional to…

AZ – LE – Special Report: the Garage Science Behind the Stun Gun That Changed Policing

U.S. NEWS (REUTERS) September 20, 2017 – When Rick Smith launched his supercharged stun gun in 1999, his startup had produced two failed products, several years of losses and a load of debt. He had thrown everything into a weapon he believed police would buy. His challenge was two-fold. He needed something strong enough to stop suspects in their tracks and the science to convince police it wouldn’t kill….

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