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KS – LE – Suspect dead after taking officer’s gun and shooting police officer, officials say (VIDEO)

Kansas City, Kansas, police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred Sunday evening. When officers arrived, the male suspect took an officer’s weapon and shot an officer, who is in stable condition. The officer returned fire, killing the man. 

DC – Military – FN America to Manufacture M240 Machine Guns in $13 Million Army Contract

The U.S. Army announced recently that FN America has re-upped and will continue manufacturing the M240 series machine gun. The contract extension is to last for one year and is valued at $13.27 million. 

DC – Military – US Army eyes new automatic rifle that fires with pressure equivalent to tank: report (VIDEO)

NOTE: The image seen here below may be a facsimile of the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle (NGSAR) which is still in the final planning stage.

The new 6.8mm rifles, which are expected to be in use by 2022, will offer major improvements in capabilities over the decades-old M16 and M4 weapons, the Army claims. 

MD – LE – Baltimore County spending $1.4M to replace police department guns that could accidentally misfire or fail

Baltimore County is spending more than $1.4 million to replace pistols used by county police that may have a tendency to accidentally misfire — or not fire at all. 

PA – LE – Berks unveils new ballistics system to investigate gun violence (VIDEO)

Berks County is now loaded with new crime-fighting technology to bring criminals to justice faster. 

NV – LE – Las Vegas police, parents promote gun safety at home (VIDEO)

The officer held up the .22-caliber casing between his thumb and index finger. The bullet it held had been lodged in his abdomen more than four decades prior. 

AL – LE – Alabama Police Shot Legal Gun Carrying Citizen Three Times in The Back During Mall Shooting Flub, According To Autopsy

Examination of 21-year-old Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr.’s body shows that he was shot in the back of his head, neck and back. 

SC – LE – Deer Crashes Through Patrol Car Window In Bizarre South Carolina Accident

A South Carolina cop escaped injury Monday night when a deer, struck by another motorist, went airborne and crashed through a patrol car window, landing in the cruiser’s front seat. 


CO – LE – Undercover ATF agents bust alleged ‘ghost gun’ ring dealing in AK-47s, homemade silencers

Two people are facing federal charges after federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents went undercover and purchased numerous guns without serial numbers as well as machines guns and silencers that were not properly registered under federal law. 

PA – LE – Game officer assaulted by two men during hunting violation investigation

A Pennsylvania Game Commission officer was taken to an area hospital by ambulance after he was assaulted by two men during a hunting violation investigation, according to state police. 

TX – LE – Kahr Firearms Group Sponsors NRA Tactical Police Competitions Dec 7-8

(Greeley, PA) – Kahr Firearms Group, a leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the NRA Tactical Police Competitions on December 7-8 in Waxahachie, TX.

The Tactical Police Competition (TPC) is a program designed to challenge officers through courses of competition that focus on skills with duty firearms and gear. The TPC is only open to law enforcement and military and utilizes only patrol duty firearms…

Nat’l – Military – The Air Force Will Test Laser Weapons by 2021

The U.S. Air Force is on track to test its first airborne laser weapons by 2021. Lasers attached to fighter jets, drones, or even cargo planes will attack targets on the ground and in the air at the speed of light, making the assaults nearly impossible for enemy forces to dodge. 

Int’l – Military – Russia Might Have a New Way to Kill the Army’s ‘Big Guns’

Weapons manufacturer Rostec featured the latest iteration of their advanced artillery reconnaissance solution at Russia’s “Army 2018” expo. Rostec is confident that this system, called “Penicillin,” will revolutionize artillery reconnaissance just as its namesake revolutionized the field of medicine. 

Nat’l – Military – Destroyer Zumwalt’s big guns don’t have any ammo; Navy may ditch them entirely

The US Navy’s most expensive destroyer, the Zumwalt-class destroyer, could be losing its revolutionary 155mm deck guns, as the Navy has yet to find suitable ammunition. 

WV – LE – “I Don’t Want To Shoot You, Brother.”

The dispatcher for the Weirton Police Department took the 911 call at 2:51 a.m. on May 6, 2016. “Please send somebody to 119 Marie Ave., Weirton, West Virginia, right now,” a woman said. She sounded young and scared. “Please right now. Please right now.” 

TX – LE – Radical Firearms Blue Line rifles

The company story is great, but I wanted to see exactly what Radical Firearms is doing for cops around the nation with its Blue Line offering. 

TX/CA – LE – Border agents face split-second decisions on use of force

U.S. Border Patrol agents near Tijuana, Mexico, faced a choice as they looked out over the chaos at a crowd of migrants that included rock-throwing men as well as barefoot children: Do they respond with force — and, if so, what kind? 

CA – LE – Countless Americans carry guns. Police are killing too many of them

Certainly, if a man holds a gun at the scene of a shooting, police are more likely to zero in on him than on others. Officers arrive in the midst of extremely tense, life-threatening and fast-moving situations and must think quickly. 

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