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FL – LE – Florida Supreme Court Upholds DeSantis’s Suspension of Broward County Sheriff

The Florida Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R.) had the authority to suspend Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for the failures of his department surrounding the Parkland high school shooting last year. 

NAT’L – MILITARY – In the Company of Soldiers: The U.S. M17 & M18 Modular Handgun Systems

Soldiers, including Army 1st Lt. Spencer Ellis of the 10th Mountain Division, are being issued M17s. This early-production U.S. M17—denoted by its flat dark earth controls—is fitted with a 21-round-capacity magazine (l.). The Army has since agreed to black controls to speed delivery of the guns. 

CA – LE – BAPTISM BY FIRE: Program gives public quasi-realistic taste of police work

The suspect has been engaged by my partner and me. In the white sedan stopped in front of us is a male who matches the description of someone who, we were informed, just robbed a bank with a loaded gun, from which he fired several rounds into the bank’s ceiling. 

NC – LE – What’s a cop supposed to do?

It looks to many Americans these days that white police officers are gunning down black people cavalierly if not callously, without legal justification.

CA – LE – Drones Are Responding To 911 Calls In This California City (VIDEO)

A woman in a car was ramming a man on a motorcycle, chasing him down the streets of Chula Vista, California. A police drone flew after them, broadcasting a live video feed to officers’ smartphones. 

INT’L – MILITARY – A Dutch F-16 Flew Into Its Own Gunfire

Talk about a self-inflicted wound. A Dutch F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet was reportedly damaged by its own gunfire back in January. The jet suffered “considerable damage” but the pilot escaped injury and landed the plane safely. 

INT’L – MILITARY – Air Weapons: Afghan Pilots Strike At Night

The A-29s use a 250 pound (113 kg) bomb with an added Paveway laser guidance kit. This enables the Afghan pilots to attack Taliban forces safely when they are close to friendly forces or civilians. 

NAT’L – MILITARY – The Army picked this sub gun for security details to use while protecting top commanders and leaders

The Army has selected the sub compact weapon it will arm its security soldiers with and it wasn’t one of the big companies that have grabbed other recent weapons contracts. 

MT – LE – 66 Session in 60 Seconds – Establishing Montana school marshal program

House Bill 567 would establish a school marshal program in Montana, which would allow teachers to become a school resource officer. 

DC – Military – This Gun Paired With New 6.8mm Ammunition Could Be The Army’s Next Standard Issue Rifle

Defense contractor Textron says its design could also pave the way for the service to adopt improved ammunition types in the future. 


Russia invents terrifying ‘flying AK-47’ by strapping machine guns to drones for ‘aerial drive-bys’


THE SUN.CO.UK March 25, 2019 –  The unmanned flying machine is essentially a fully functioning AK47 housed inside a set of wings, with the gun’s barrel jutting menacingly from the front. It was devised by experts at Russian arms maker Almaz-Antey, which filed a patent for the ridiculous contraption in February, 2018. With no obvious way of propelling itself,…

OH – LE – PTSD and first responders

With all the news lately, we read that the nation’s first responders are under attack. It seems that every day we read about a policeman, fireman, medic, etc., being attacked, killed, or run over by a vehicle. 

TN – MILITARY – US Special Operations Command awards big contract to Barrett for sniper rifles

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc., Christiana, Tennessee, was awarded an estimated $49,936,300, five-year, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, firm-fixed-price contract for the purchase of advanced sniper rifles in support of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). 

The Next Generation of Gun Technology Inventors is Betting on Police (VIDEO)


KCUR.ORG (NPR) March 8, 2019 –  Say you keep a firearm for home defense. Picture your small daughter finding your gun. If it’s loaded, that could be the last thing she ever does. It’s not exactly a rare scenario. Firearm injuries were the second-leading cause of death among children in 2016, according to a study published in the New England…

CA – LE – 1872 law gives police a license to kill

Penal Code Section 196, enacted in 1872 when California was the nation’s sparsely populated westernmost frontier, declares that a police officer may lawfully kill someone while “arresting persons charged with felony, and who are fleeing from justice or resisting such arrest.” 

MO – LE – Local gunmaker offers rifles to Neosho Police Department at discount

Black Rain Ordnance Inc., a local firearm manufacturing company, has offered to supply the Neosho Police Department with 27 FalloutCQB 9mm standard issue rifles at a discounted price. 

NAT’L – LE – Why you should keep your double column magazine pistol

A larger capacity pistol that is still concealable has advantages for today’s threats. 

NAT’L – MILITARY – Meet Russia’s Deadly AK-203 Rifle: One Nation Just Bought 750,000

After decades of impasse, it appears that the Kremlin has found a solution in the form of Kalashnikov’s new AK-203 rifle. 

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