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MT – Military – PROOF Hosts Medal of Honor Recipient

PR NET July 25, 2018 – PROOF Research recently had the great honor of hosting Master Chief Special Warfare Operator and Medal of Honor recipient Edward C. Byers, Jr. at our state-of-the-art facility in Columbia Falls, Montana. During his visit, Chief Byers received a full tour of our manufacturing facility where he was able to follow the entire manufacturing process from double stress-relieved stainless steel to aerospace-grade carbon fiber-wrapped…

Int’l – Military – Trump, Iran and the New Guns of August

BLOOMBERG.COM July 24, 2018 – In the hot summer of 1987, I was a young Navy officer sailing into the Arabian Gulf via the Strait of Hormuz onboard the Valley Forge, a brand new and heavily armed Aegis Cruiser. Our mission, code-named Ernest Will, was to escort merchant ships in and out of the Gulf, protecting them from the threat of Iranian cruise missiles and air attack.

Nat’l – LE – 15 reasons to consider a snubby revolver for your backup gun

POLICE ONE.COM July 23, 2018 – A significant chunk of PoliceOne readers consider revolvers to be quaint relics of a bygone era, and would never consider carrying one, but please hear me out. I know that lots of you grew up on semiauto pistols, and may have never fired a revolver, so you’re inclined to select a self-chucker for your BUG. It’s natural to stick with the things we…

KY – LE – It was going to arm teachers. Kentucky district drops plan after it gets ‘better’ offer. (VIDEO)

LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER KENTUCKY.COM July 23, 2018 – “Arming the teachers — some like the idea, some don’t like the idea. This way you put the guns with the professionals,” Cross said. “I think this is a better option.”

Nat’l – LE/Training – Train To Take The Gun Away

OFFICER.COM July 17, 2018 – Law enforcement professionals need to know how to take away guns and knives. Before we discuss this, I want to make some things perfectly clear. Deliberately putting oneself in a position where one has to take away a knife or a gun is just plain stupid. The best way to remove a weapon from a suspect is from behind cover, using a superior force…

Nat’l – Military/LE – The Army’s next machine gun could fire caseless ammo — and one of these companies might build it (VIDEO)

ARMY TIMES.COM July 13, 2018 – The replacement for the Army’s 5.56mm Squad Automatic Weapon could be an entirely new type of light machine gun that fires not only a different caliber round, but caseless ammunition. That’s because one of the five companies recently awarded contracts to produce a weapon prototype by this time next year has been building weapons to fire that type of ammo for the past 14 years. 

Nat’l – Military/LE – M4 Carbine: The Old Gun the Army Still Wants to Fight a War With

NATIONAL INTEREST.COM July 13, 2018 – The standard infantry weapon of the U.S. Army can trace its origins all the way back to the Vietnam War. The M4A1 carbine is a shorter, lighter, fully modernized version of the original M-16 rifle first issued in the 1960s. Although by no means perfect, the M4A1 is a compromise weapon meant for an Army that could—and often does—fight virtually anywhere on the…

Int’l – LE/Military – China’s new laser-powered rifle can literally set you on fire

CNET.COM July 1, 2018 – In China, if you upset the government, you could be burned. Literally. Researchers in the country have reportedly developed a prototype laser assault rifle of similar dimensions to an AK-47, dubbed the ZKZM-500, according to South China Morning Post. The difference is that ZKZM-500 can reportedly set a person on fire – by using lasers. 


GA – Military – Soldiers to shoot more, stay longer in infantry school

STARS AND STRIPES.COM June 26, 2018 – In July, the Army will extend its one-station unit training from 14 to 22 weeks in a pilot program, so that new recruits will get more weapons and combat training, said Col. Townley R. Hedrick, the commandant of the Army Infantry School, told the Army’s internal news service on Monday. Between July and October of 2019 the expanded course will be introduced…

Nat’l/Int’l – Military – How America’s Gun Violence Epidemic May Have Roots In Overseas War Zones

IRANIAN.COM June 26, 2018 – In recent months a string of school shootings in the United States has rekindled the debate over gun violence, its causes and what can be done to stop it. But amid endless talk of school shootings and AR-15s, a large piece of the puzzle has been left conspicuously absent from the debate. While the causes of America’s suicide-driven gun epidemic are complex and myriad,…

Nat’l – LE – Backup guns: A cop’s insurance policy

POLICE ONE.COM June 25, 2018 – As a firearms instructor who’s always looking to improve his game, I enjoy comparing notes with other instructors about what they’re seeing on the range. So when one of my friends – who is also the lead firearms instructor for his agency – gave me a call recently, I was excited to hear about the monthly shoot he had just run for his officers. That…

WA – Military – Washington Guard trains for combat with Strykers

SPOKESMAN REVIEW.COM June 23, 2018 – YAKIMA FIRING RANGE – Standing at his station behind the mount for a .50-caliber machine gun, head through a hatch of the Stryker rolling along dry hillsides, Sgt. Robert Brooks allowed that there are pluses and minuses to the Washington National Guard’s new combat vehicles. A veteran of two tours in Iraq with the Washington National Guard’s 81st Brigade Combat Team, Brooks spent…

Int’l – Military – ‘Hunting ISIS’ highlights American ‘volunteers’ who fought terror group (VIDEO)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Whether current or former military, or citizen militia, this story is a sample of the feature, Weapons of War, in the upcoming July issue of our companion publication, Firepower,  which profiles the courage of, among others, the first retaliatory force of a dozen Special Forces members that, though outnumbered, fought 50,000 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan just a month after the collapse of the World Trade Center on…

IL – LE – 1 suspect dead, another in custody after ATF agent ambushed, shot during undercover operation, officials say

ABC NEWS.COM June 8, 2018 – One suspect is dead and another is in custody after a federal agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was shot multiple times when he and other agents were ambushed during an undercover operation, officials tell ABC News. 

NYC – LE – NYPD officially phases out revolvers as 25-year vets transition to 9-mm.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS May 30, 2018 – It’s the end of an era, but a necessary one. The last crop of cops transitioning from the old-school revolver to the modern semi-automatic handguns reported to the NYPD shooting range in the Bronx for training Wednesday. 


Desert Rose Memorial Day Rendezvous

LIVE 5 NEWS.COM (SC)  May 24, 2018 –Each May, American come together to remember the fallen soldiers from throughout our country’s history.  The American Battlefield Trust – a national nonprofit organization that preserves our nation’s hallowed battlegrounds – recommends eight family-friendly events you may want to consider for Memorial Day Weekend 2018.   

MI – LE – May 16, 2018 – Melvindale police to start training officers in real-life active shooter scenarios

NEWS HERALD.COM May 16, 2018 – The Melvindale Police Department will be training officers in real-life active shooter scenarios with the help of a local college. Melvindale police Lt. Robert Kennaley said simunition equipment and scenario-based training is the most lifelike for police officers today. In an active shooter training scenario, for example, officers would have to enter a room with a barricaded gunman, civilians screaming and gunfire. 

The Gun-Law Loophole That Entices Tycoons and Criminals to Play Cop

BLOOMBERG.COM  May 15, 2018 – James “J.D.” Smith is a former Navy SEAL who worked as a CIA trainer and bodyguard for billionaire Charles Koch. But when he got pulled over in Arkansas a few years ago with what drug agents say was a vehicle full of marijuana, another credential helped him out of the jam: a police badge from the tiny town of Lake Arthur, New Mexico. Among…

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