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More than 34,000 Illinoisans have lost their right to own a gun. Nearly 80% may still be armed.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE May 23, 2019 – As many as 30,000 guns may still be in the possession of Illinois residents deemed too dangerous to have them, according to a Tribune investigation.

In an analysis of data released for the first time, the Tribune found the state has repeatedly failed to ensure that people surrender their weapons and gun…

TX – CAMPUS GUNS – Texas governor expected to sign bill allowing unlimited armed marshals at schools

Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, is expected to sign a bill sent to him on Wednesday that removes a cap on armed guards at public schools. 

DC – GUN POLITICS – Dems Candidates’ Gun Control Vows May Be Unrealistic

Several Democrats running for president have promised aggressive action to stem the epidemic of gun violence if they win the White House in 2020, but executive action is unlikely to make a significant dent in the problem. Any steps the president takes unilaterally are likely to be embroiled in legal challenges. 

INT’L – HUNTING – Botswana is re-legalizing hunting elephants because it says they’re causing chaos by killing livestock and fighting with people

Elephants are “raiding crops, killing livestock, destroying water supplies, demolishing grain stores and houses, injuring, and even killing people,” the International Union for Conservation of Nature said. 

NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – NRA, gun rights groups using New York City rules to seek expansion of Second Amendment in Supreme Court

Gun rights groups are using New York City restrictions that may be repealed as a rallying cry to press the Supreme Court for a major expansion of its Second Amendment precedents. 

TN – GUN RIGHTS – We’re all seeking sanctuary

The resolution passed here makes Blount a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.” By a 15-4 vote, commissioners decreed that they will not tolerate new state or federal laws that affect gun ownership. Nearby Polk County passed a similar measure last month. 

WV – GUN RIGHTS – Defending the Second Amendment

For West Virginians, guns are part of our way of life. The Second Amendment guarantees our right as Americans to keep and bear arms. Whether for self-defense or sport, our right to own guns is protected by the U.S. Constitution. 

CO – GUN POLITICS – Presidential hopeful John Hickenlooper calls for national standard gun licenses

John Hickenlooper, Colorado’s former two-term governor turned Democratic presidential candidate, wants to create a national standard for gun licenses — one that would require individuals who want to own a gun to pass a safety test first. 

VA – OPINION – New Face of Gun Control: City Mayors

Tactics change like the weather as anti-gunners keep devising sneaky ways to curtail our right to keep and bear arms. Now, it’s not the judicial or legislative branches of government. This time, city mayors are leading the charge. 

NV – GUN CONTROL – Nevada Firearms Coalition leader talks state gun control efforts (VIDEO)

The language in the bill banning bump stocks is still too vague. Red flag laws are a violation of due process. Rural counties are right to not enforce the background check bill, because it violates the constitution. 

GUN REVIEW – These Are The Best Pistol Caliber Guns Out There

The EVO3 carbine has an overall length of thirty-four inches and features a metal receiver with a fiber-reinforced polymer exterior. It features ambidextrous controls. The barrel is 16.2 inches, cold hammer forged and is factory installed with a compensating muzzle break or faux suppressor. 

NAT’L – GUN CONTROL – Kamala Harris Seeks to Stop Import of Guns Already Blocked from Entry

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reports the import of such rifles is already blocked, based on the ATF’s interpretation on of import guidelines. Moreover, this has been the case since 1989. 

NAT’L – OPINION – Venezuela is a poster child for gun control gone wrong

In 2012, the Venezuelan National Assembly — under Hugo Chavez’s dictatorship — enacted the “Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law” in an attempt to “disarm all citizens.” The law explicitly banned the exchange of firearms and ammunition to all with the exception of government entities. 

NY – COURTS – HI-POINT: Court says Ohio gun owner cannot be subjected to litigation over New York shooting

On May 9, the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, found that state courts lacked long-arm jurisdiction to sustain a claim against Charles Brown, an Ohio firearm merchant, in New York.

LA – SELF-PROTECTION – LA House Votes To Boost Gun Possession And ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

The Louisiana House on Tuesday passed proposals that would restrict local regulation of gun control and boost existing “stand your ground” laws. 

UT – GUN CONTROL – Utah will test hidden technology that tries to find weapons among crowds at schools, stadiums and churches

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is partnering with Georgia-based Liberty Defense to test and promote a product that uses 3D imaging and artificial intelligence to detect concealed weapons on people in public spaces. 

FAST AND FURIOUS: Barr, like Holder, gets contempt citation but there are differences

JOURNAL TRIBUNE.COM MAY 22, 2019 – Attorney Generals for both Presidents Barack Obama (Eric Holder) and Donald Trump (William Barr) received congressional contempt citations, the enforcement of either required action from DoJ personnel—their boss. So, with Holder nothing happened and with Barr nothing will happen. But there are big differences.

Many recall the refusal of Eric Holder to surrender 74,000…

AL – GUN NEWS – Hank Williams Jr. will give you $6,000 to find his grandpa’s shotgun

Williams said he believes the Remington Model 11/48 16-gauge shotgun is likely somewhere in southern Alabama, an area he spent a lot of time with his “Granddad Sheppard.” 

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