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More than 58K attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL January 21, 2019 – Gun manufacturers will be aiming for big sales this week as they storm into Las Vegas for the industry’s biggest trade show.

The Shooting, Hunting &Outdoor Trade Show, better known as the SHOT Show, will draw more than 58,000 industry professionals to the Sands Expo and Convention Center from Tuesday through Friday.

The four-day trade…

NV – SHOT SHOW – Daniel Defense Unveils the Delta 5 Bolt Action Rifle (VIDEO)

Daniel Defense has taken the modularity of the AR platform and integrated it into a one-of-a-kind bolt action rifle. From an interchangeable cold hammer forged barrel to a user-configurable stock, the DELTA 5 features out-of-the-box customization that would normally require professional gunsmithing. 

NV – SHOT SHOW – New Browning Trail Force Ammunition, Pure Lethality on Pests

The new Browning Trail Force ammunition in .38 Special is a multiple projectile revolver cartridge that combines #9 lead shot with two copper plated lead discs for a total payload of ¼ ounce. This combination is ideal for needed penetration and close-range lethality on larger pests.

The defensive discs engage the rifling in the barrel to shoot accurately at common defense distances…

Credit Card Companies Have No Business Playing Second Amendment Censors

AMERICAN THINKER.COM January 18, 2019 – Do we want to live in an America where credit card companies watch our buying habits and then block purchases for ideological reasons? Not long ago, the left side of the American electorate would have shouted “hell no” the loudest. Not anymore. Today, many on the left are even pushing censorship in social media and…

DC – COURTS – Trump Announces First Judicial Picks of New Year

President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced six new candidates for jobs on federal courts in Texas, Louisiana, Arizona and North Dakota, his first new batch of judicial nominations since October. 

SHOT SHOW – NEW PRODUCTS – The Real Show Stopper: American Range Systems at SHOT Show (VIDEO)

ARS bullet traps safely stop bullets known for maximum stopping power; turn any suitable space into a shooting range. 

VA – COURTS – US court rejects effort to require stricter Pentagon gun checks

A federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected an effort by three major US cities to require the Pentagon to be more vigilant about reporting service members who were disqualified from owning weapons to a national background check system. 

NJ – GUN NEWS – North Jersey auction to include rare Civil War Gatling gun

History buffs and gun collectors will have a rare opportunity next week to bid on a Gatling gun, the forerunner of the modern machine gun and rotary cannon invented during the American Civil War. 

Oregon Bill Would Limit Semi-Auto Magazines To 5 Rounds Of Ammo, 1 Gun a Month, Restrict Ammo Purchases and Mandate Locked Storage

GUNPROPLUS.COM  January 15, 2019  By Ward Williams

Oregon appears primed to be seen as the gun control champion among the 50 states with its latest effort that would restrict semi-auto gun magazines to five rounds of ammo. That’s just one provision of a bill, SB 501, awaiting referral to the state legislature this week.

Most states that have passed or are awaiting passage of bills…

TN – COURTS – Lookout Valley Man With 143 Guns Gets 12-Month Federal Prison Sentence; Crane To Pay $30,000 Fine

His attorney, Stevie Phillips, noted that the felony was an aggravated assault dating back to 1994 – “almost a quarter century ago. 

DC – COURTS – Supreme Court declines to take up gun-rights case that also challenged Matthew Whitaker’s appointment as acting AG

The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it will not take up a 2nd Amendment case that could have made guns more widely available to felons.

DC – COURTS – Supreme Court agrees to hear illegal immigrant’s appeal of gun charge

The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear an appeal from an immigrant in the country illegally who was convicted of unlawfully possessing a gun. 

FL – CAMPUS GUNS – Concerns over guns on school campuses in the area

A Boynton Beach woman is behind bars for pulling out a gun at Palm Beach Atlantic High School. 

OH – CAMPUS GUNS – Police Confiscate Gun From Kindergartner

Police confiscated a handgun from an Ohio kindergarten student after someone saw the child carrying a suspicious object into school. 

TX – Gun News – Smart Gun Prototype Aimed at Stopping Mass Shootings (VIDEO)

You’ve heard of smart phones, smart cars and even smart homes. Now, a group of Collin County teens are developing a new high-tech device: A smart gun. 

CO – Campus Guns – Two Walsenburg schools cancel classes after threat and reports of stolen guns (VIDEO)

“There were some things that just did not feel right,” said Peakview School Principal, Megan Archuleta. Huerfano RE-1 canceled classes at its Walsenburg schools Thursday following a threat and recent gun thefts from staff members. 

MN – Campus Guns – North St. Paul high school locked down twice in one day — first, over report of student with gun and then threat on social media

North St. Paul’s high school was locked down twice Thursday — first over a report of a student with a handgun and later when a student posted a threat on social media, according to police. 

Get Ready for a Financial Assault on the Second Amendment

NATIONAL REVIEW, January 10, 2019 | California Democrat Maxine Waters is the new chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee. To judge from the party’s past behavior and the various proposals emanating from the left, Waters’s Democrats are going to pressure banks, credit unions, and payment companies to severely curtail and even terminate their relationships with firearm manufacturers, licensed gun retailers,…

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