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IL – Campus Guns – Indian Prairie joins growing number of districts opposed to arming staff members for school protection

This year school boards from rural districts are pushing three plans that call on the IASB to advocate for legislation that allows local school districts to have teachers and administrators trained to carry weapons. 

Is Big Money Holding Gun Industry Hostage For Smart Guns?

November 15, 2018
By Jeff Fletcher

In a tacit challenge to force gun makers to develop safer guns, major money managers are pressuring the firearms industry to be more aggressive in promoting safety measures via their distribution and retailer network to keep their products from being purchased by people who shouldn’t have them.

While not threatening manufacturers with withdrawal of financial backing from big pension funds and other…

CA – Courts – Court blocked law that would have made possession of magazine in Thousand Oaks illegal

Before the new law could take effect, it was blocked by a federal judge after a lawsuit by California gun owners, argued the law was unconstitutional. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the injunction pending the resolution of the lawsuit, which was joined by the California Rifle & Pistol Association, the state National Rifle Association affiliate. 

NC – Gun News – Student brings a gun to East Mecklenburg High, latest incident in CMS this year

A gun confiscated at East Mecklenburg High on Tuesday became the latest episode in a season that has alarmed Charlotte-Mecklenburg students, families and faculty, with a fatal shooting at Butler High on Oct. 29 and a Tuesday lockdown after a social media threat at Olympic High. 

Florida Students Vs. the NRA. Here’s Who Won.

November 8, 2018
By Jeff Fletcher – GUNPROPLUS.COM

For some, Tuesday’s midterm election was a godsend.  For others, voluminous air was let out of the balloon of hopeful promises.

Useful tools for more gun control to come out of the student March For Our Lives promise put the focus on recent mass shootings at a Pittsburgh synagogue, a high school in Florida, an outdoor concert in Nevada and a church service in…

CA – Courts – Kavanaugh makes no difference on attempt to upend Calif. concealed handgun law

Opponents of California’s restrictions on carrying concealed handguns in public lost a U.S. Supreme Court challenge last year but were hoping for different results with the recent arrival on the court of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whose past decisions took a broad view of the right to own firearms. But after the first go-round, the state law remains intact.

Supreme Court turns away challenge to California gun control

THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT ONLINE.COM November 5, 2018 – The Supreme Court is refusing a new invitation to rule on gun rights, leaving in place California restrictions on carrying concealed handguns in public. The justices on Monday rejected an appeal from Sacramento residents who argued that they were unfairly denied permits to be armed in public. The complaint alleged that a prior Sacramento sheriff who was in charge of handgun permits…

Nat’l – Gun News – The Woman Who Took On Building An Un-Hackable Gun

FORBES.COM October 31, 2018 – For a while this summer, Ginger Chandler ignored the emails from LodeStar. As an executive who had formerly worked on product development for Remington, she was an obvious candidate to help the startup develop a better smart gun. But she knew the history of smart gun efforts in the United States. In short, they’d failed. Smart guns are a kind of graveyard of heroes who have…

NC – School Safety – Despite Butler High tragedy, metal detectors aren’t the answer.

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER.COM October 30, 2018 – Research shows such measures can have a negative impact on student performance, especially at already struggling schools. Plus, money for metal detectors might have to come from other school resources. It won’t stop the student in a parking lot with a gun and a dispute to settle. It won’t stop someone with mental illness who might have a weapon outside a school entrance. …

OH – Unclassified – Suicide prevention: In Ohio, drawing a bull’s-eye to enlist gun owners in the cause

CINCINNATI.COM October 29, 2018 – Tonie Long spent years looking for ways to reduce the number of suicides. One day, the mental-health advocate in northwest Ohio got an answer. It came with a bull’s-eye. The paper practice target was like most others that gun stores nationwide offer free to customers. Except the one now in Long’s hands also bore the number for the local suicide hotline. “I’m not here to…

Nat’l – Unclassified – Efforts Mounting to Bar Gun Possession by Those Convicted of Animal Cruelty

THE TRACE.COM October 24, 2018 – A conviction for domestic violence in the United States strips a person of the legal right to possess a gun. It doesn’t matter if the conviction is a misdemeanor or a felony. Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that a person who abuses animals also has a higher likelihood of hurting other people. And that insight has begun fueling a push, at the state…

Judge clears way for challenges to gun law

FLORIDA POLITICS.COM October 24, 2018 – A circuit judge has given a boost to more than 30 local governments challenging a 2011 state law that threatens stiff penalties for city or county officials who approve gun restrictions. Leon County Circuit Judge Charles Dodson last week refused a request by Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office to dismiss three consolidated lawsuits that contend the 2011 law, which threatens penalties such as removal from office, is unconstitutional. 

OK – Feature – Buying My First Gun in the Dark Heart of America

LITERARY HUB.COM October 24, 2018 – At first I wondered why we needed to go to a gun show to buy a gun. After all, Charles lives about three miles from a store called Frank’s Gun & Repair. It’s at the corner of Highway 51 and 121st Street, just north of the Phillips 66 and across the street from the railroad tracks. Can’t miss it. Can’t mistake it, either,…

Nat’l – Feature – Not Jewish: Hunting

TABLETMAG.COM October 22, 2018 – I have long believed that the most non-Jewish avocation an individual can pursue in this life is hunting. My friend Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, pretty well covered the moral aspects of the issue. “All hunters are cowards,” he said, “because they shoot at things that can’t shoot back.” Unfortunately, he was still running for governor when he made this statement and…

Int’l – Gun News – ICYMI – Russia’s gun enthusiasts are getting pretty excited about new civilian rifles

RUSSIA BEYOND.COM October 18, 2018 – A series of rifles has appeared on the market designed for use with the new 9.6x53mm Lancaster cartridge, which could become the main ammunition of the Russian army. Russian engineers have created a civilian version of the military ammunition used by the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD), which remains the main sniper rifle in the Russian army. It uses the 7.62x54mmR cartridge. 

Nat’l – Gun News – 3D-Printed Guns Aren’t as Threatening as You Think

FORTUNE.COM October 17, 2018 – Earlier this year, controversy arose over whether Defense Distributed could publish blueprints for 3D-printed guns online. While the company was ultimately blocked from doing so, the controversy brought to light the difficult questions surrounding the safety of 3D printing. But are 3D-printed guns as dangerous as they sound? The answer is more complicated than it seems on its face. 

NV – Gun News – Franklin Armory Adapts Gen 3 Binary Firing System to AK Platform

PR NEWS NET – October 17, 2018 – Precision firearms manufacturer Franklin Armory has successfully adapted the patented Generation 3 Binary Firing System to the AK platform. Prototype triggers have undergone substantial field testing and the final configuration will be placed into production soon. The BSFIII for the AK platform is slated to start shipping before Christmas this year. Pre-orders for the BSFIII for AK will begin on October…

OR – Unclassified – Patriot Prayer Members Had ‘Cache’ of Guns on Rooftop Before August Protest

DAILY BEAST.COM October 16, 2018 – Members of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer were found on the roof of a downtown Portland parking structure “with a cache of firearms” before an Aug. 4 protest. In a press conference Monday, Mayor Ted Wheeler said the Portland Police Bureau discovered the group. Assistant Chief Ryan Lee added that authorities seized the weapons, but the guns were later returned to their owners….

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