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OR – Courts – Oregon Supreme Court Fast-Tracks Gun Control Petition

OREGON PUBLIC BROADCASTING.ORG June 18, 2018 – Backers of a gun control proposal aimed for November’s ballot got some unexpected help from the Oregon Supreme Court on Monday. The proposal, Initiative Petition 44, has less than three weeks to collect and submit more than 88,000 valid signatures. The petition had been tied up after opponents with the National Rifle Association, Oregon Firearms Federation and other groups challenged its ballot language. 

Nat’l – Gun News – Understanding Handgun Sights

SHOOTER’S LOG.COM June 12, 2018 – I have noticed that discussions on combat sights, combat shooting, and handguns are often hi-jacked by those with an embarrassing lack of experience. All they know is what they have read and much of that isn’t accurate. A shooter should study, true, but they should also gain practical experience and meet the instructor half way with this experience. 


Duels, Blood, And Politics: The Little-Known History of the Gun That Killed Alexander Hamilton

POPULAR MECHANICS.COM June 6, 2018 – On July 11, 1804, on a New Jersey cliff overlooking the Hudson River, a duel between two controversial founding fathers killed revolutionary war hero and former Treasury secretary—Alexander Hamilton. In the two centuries since, the duel has become an essential part of American lore. Accounts of what happened that day vary—witnesses say one bullet struck a tree, and the other found flesh. What we know…

NV – Courts – Judge hears arguments in Nevada gun background check lawsuit

LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL June 5, 2018 – A state judge shouldn’t have the authority to order Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval to enact a private gun sale background check approved by voters in 2016, the state solicitor general argued in court Tuesday. The case landed in Hardy’s Las Vegas courtroom in October, when — just a few days after the Las Vegas mass shooting — three Nevada residents sued Sandoval and…

FL – Schools – MSD Shooting Victims’ Parents Want Classroom Doors With Bulletproof Glass, Other Safety Upgrades

WLRN,ORG (NPR) June 4, 2018 – Enacting gun control has been the main focus for some survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting — and some parents of those who died. But Max Schachter, who lost his 14-year-old son Alex in the shooting, believes the most important thing to do now is to make schools harder to penetrate. “Until we do that, kids will continue to die…

TX – Schools – Abbott recommends measures on school security

TOWNHALL.COM (Via Reporter’s notes) May 30, 2018 – Among recommendations Abbott revealed Wednesday are that campuses by “hardened” by actions that could include creating vestibules where doors must be remotely unlocked before visitors can enter, installing metal detectors and having an alarm that would signal there’s an active shooter. 

VA – NRA – NRA Membership Soars Past The Six Million Mark

DAILY CALLER.COM May 28, 2018 – The National Rifle Association (NRA) included a key membership milestone in its Memorial Day tweet Monday honoring those who died fighting for our nation — six million members. The gun rights group, which had previously boasted 5 million members, has made adding another million members a priority since its new president, Oliver North, took his post and promised to grow the organization’s rolls…

“Hardened Schools” Is the Gun Debate Buzzword Now, With Little Agreement on How to Harden Them

SLATE.COM May 24, 2018 – While mass shootings often set off a predictable chain of events and talking points, last week’s school massacre in Texas has turned the focus to a buzzword that took a backseat during the last few gun debates, in which the conversations revolved around bump stocks or new minimum ages for gun purchases. This time “hardened schools” is the theme, but the idea is taking on new contours and finding support from unlikely advocates. …

TX – Schools – Santa Fe High School Families Call for More Armed Security in Talks With Governor

NBC FT. WORTH.COM May 24, 2018 – Several students and parents said schools need more armed security guards and armed teachers to prevent attacks. Texas law allows school districts to arm teachers who pass training courses and they must keep their guns concealed. Others debated whether schools should have metal detectors. “Arming teachers, and not knowing who is armed, that is what we need,” said Grace Johnson, a Santa…

MSNBC Reporter Fails in Apparent Attempt to Get Santa Fe Students to Push Gun Control (VIDEO)

INDEPENDENT JOURNAL REVIEW.COM May 23, 2018 – In what seemed like an obvious fishing expedition for anti-gun comments, an MSNBC reporter repeatedly tried to bait Santa Fe High School students with questions about potential reform after Friday’s shooting. The only problem was that none of the students took the bait that she seemed to dangle in front of them. 

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