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PA – GUN NEWS – Pennsylvania’s largest gun show promoter agrees to ban sale of ‘ghost gun’ kits at its shows, Attorney General Josh Shapiro says

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Note: The video is from December 2019. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Monday that Eagle Arms Productions, the largest gun show promoter in the state, has halted the sale of “ghost guns” at its shows.

Eagle Arms is the first gun show promoter in the nation to stop the sale of unserialized 80%…

NAT’L – GUN NEWS – NRA: Democrat Gun Control Likely to Get Senate Hearing Next Week

The NRA is warning that “Senate Insiders” believe a Democrat gun control bill “will likely get” a hearing in the Senate next week after it passed the House on March 12.

Breitbart News reported the House passed Rep. Mike Thompson’s (D-CA) H.R. 8 — universal background check legislation — on Thursday. This legislation criminalizes private gun sales by expanding point-of-sale retail sale background checks to private sales as well.

H.R. 8 passed on a vote…

NY – GUN NEWS – Cuomo wins dismissal of NRA claims over ‘murder insurance’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo won dismissal of some claims by the National Rifle Association that he wrongfully targeted the gun rights organization for illegally marketing an insurance product in the state.

VA – GUN NEWS – Roanoke bans guns on city property, will end gun shows at Berglund Center

Roanoke banned guns from city buildings, parks, recreation and community centers and other municipal property Monday. Gun shows eventually will be prohibited at the Berglund Center, though one or more such events already under contract can go forward.

IN – GUN RIGHTS – Indiana takes another step toward eliminating gun carry licenses

A bill that allows Indiana gun owners to lawfully carry a gun without having to get a government-issued license is working its way through the state Senate after already passing the House.

CA – GUN NEWS – Gun Owners Urged To Participate In Anonymous Gun Buyback Program Saturday

With an increase in gun violence and homicides during the COVID-19 pandemic, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Monday urged gun owners to take part in the city’s anonymous gun buyback program to help get firearms off the city’s streets.

CO – GUN CONTROL – Boulder’s gun ban ordinance struck down; state preemption, constitutional rights prevail

A Boulder District Court judge has struck down the City of Boulder’s anti-gun ordinance that made the possession, sale or transfer of semi-automatic, magazine-fed sporting rifles, pistols and ammunition magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds illegal.

MEXICO – SELF-PROTECTION – In face of continuing insecurity, more Mexicans arming themselves for protection

Gun ownership is on the rise in Mexico as more and more people buy firearms to protect themselves amid the high levels of violent crime that plague much of the country.

The number of guns purchased legally and illegally by citizens with no links to drug trafficking or organized crime rose 33% in 2018 to 352,000, according to a study by Carlos Pérez Ricart, a researcher at the Center for…

NAT’L – GUN RETAILERS – US handgun, long gun imports surge 60% in 2020: analysts (VIDEO)

U.S. imports of handguns and long guns surged by 60% in 2020 compared to the previous year and supplied more than a quarter of the nation’s demand for firearms, according to an analyst group’s Monday report.

The U.S. imported 6.4 million handguns and long-guns in 2020, compared to the 4 million in 2019, Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting announced. The plurality of these types of firearms came from Turkey – which exported 1,478,464 – as…

NAT’L – GUN CONTROL – More Gun Control, More Gun Sales

WSJ – March 15, 2021 – The Democrats running Washington seem intent on fulfilling every other progressive dream, so why not gun control? Last week the House passed two new gun measures, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promises they’ll get a vote on the Senate floor. They’d better hope this doesn’t boomerang the way rising crime has spurred…

PA – GUN CRIME – Philadelphia communities shaken by recent spate of gun violence against teens (VIDEO)

City leaders and community members called an emergency meeting at the Christy Rec Center Saturday to address the latest surge in deadly shootings against Philadelphia's youth. Cries for serious change echoed from Philadelphia Police and District Attorney Larry Krasner, to community partners and concerned neighbors. They mourned the loss of young lives and pledged "not one more."

KS – GUN NEWS – ‘This guy could actually kill me.’ How Kansas law still lets domestic abusers have guns (VIDEO)

Amy Miller’s ex-husband made it clear he wanted her dead. After he physically attacked her six years ago he consistently harassed and threatened her. He attempted to run her off the road on the way to a co-parenting meeting. And he might still have guns.

DE – GUN POLITICS – Delaware lawmakers take aim at ‘ghost guns’

Lawmakers in Delaware have reintroduced legislation to outlaw homemade "ghost guns" that can't be traced by law enforcement agents because they don't have serial numbers or are fashioned from parts created with 3D printers. The measure introduced last week is similar to a bill that failed to get a floor vote last year.

NAT’L – GUN NEWS – Americans bought guns in record numbers in 2020 during a year of unrest — and the surge is continuing

Gun sales in the United States reached a record level last year, with the biggest increases in background checks for firearms overlapping with months of social and political unrest, according to industry and government data.

INT’L – GUN CONTROL – New Zealand: Ardern flags further gun control reforms after firearms charges peak

An increase in charges over gun crime in New Zealand – despite sweeping reforms introduced after the Christchurch mosque attacks in 2019 – has shown the need for further restrictions, the government and campaigners agree.

NAT’L – FIREARM SAFETY – Sen. Pat Toomey and colleagues reintroduce firearm safety proposal

Washington, D.C. – A bipartisan group including U.S. Senator Pat Toomey has reintroduced the NICS Denial Notification Act to Congress. The proposed gun safety law would require federal authorities to quickly (within 24 hours) alert state and local law enforcement when an ineligible person tries to purchase a firearm and fails a background check. Failing a background check can sometimes be a warning sign for future criminal behavior.

“When a…

ID – HUNTING – Idaho Fish and Game may lift cougar hunt limits. Some hunters call it ‘war’ on cats (VIDEO)

Several of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s latest big game season proposals have prompted concern from hunters who say the agency has declared war on mountain lions, or cougars, and threatened their populations by expanding hunting opportunities. The Fish and Game Commission is weighing dozens of changes to big game hunting rules across the state, affecting everything from deer and elk hunts to wolf and bear hunts. A handful…

FL – HUNTING – Florida’s feral hogs: a pervasive pest – but a profitable one for some

Dimas “Pompi” Rodriguez is standing in his front yard before dawn, his neck shielded from a bitter wind by the collar of his canvas jacket. He splits a cigarillo lengthwise and empties the guts on to his filthy swamp boots. “We gonna catch some hogs today,” he says. “When it’s cold, they come out of the swamp.”

He rolls a joint with the cigarillo shell on the door of his…

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