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Founder of Black Guns Matter Speaks Out: ‘Gun Control Is About People Control’ (AUDIO PODCAST)


DAILY SIGNAL.COM March 21, 2019 –  Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, comes from inner-city Philadelphia, where he teaches black youth about their Second Amendment rights. Read the interview posted below, or listen to the podcast.

Daniel Davis: We’re joined now by Maj Toure. He is the founder of a group called Black Guns Matter. Maj, thanks for joining…

INT’L – GUN CONTROL – New Zealand’s Gun Owners Have So Far Voluntarily Surrendered 37 Firearms — Of an Estimated 1.2 Million — Since The Mosque Shootings.

New Zealand police did not provide a breakdown of how many people owned those guns, the types of firearms, or the districts where the guns were surrendered. 


INTL – GUN CONTROL – ‘We just want the guns back’: New Zealand announces immediate ban of assault rifles

New Zealand is banning all assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and military-style semi-automatic rifles in response to the nation’s deadliest massacre in history. 

INT’L – GUN CONTROL – New Zealand just banned military-style firearms. Here’s why the U.S. can’t.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on March 20 met with first responders who were at the scene of the Christchurch mosque shootings. 

NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – In The Face Of Danger, We’re Turning To Surveillance

When School Began in Lockport, New York, this past fall, the halls were lined not just with posters and lockers, but cameras. 

PA – SELF-PROTECTION – ‘My firearm would’ve saved me’: Raped as a Temple student, she now fights for gun rights

Savannah Lindquist desperately tried to remember what she’d learned in the women’s self-defense class. She jerked her wrists, fighting to break her attacker’s grasp. She couldn’t. 

NC – HUNTING – Has turkey hunting gear gone too far?

These turkey hunters in Jones County last season were proof that being successful doesn’t require tricks and gimmicks. 

MS – GUN CRIME – Two families have joined forces to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons

They were strangers when they met, but now two families have joined forces to shed light on something they share in common a loved one murdered by a convicted felon with a gun. 

MD – OPINION – More gun laws? No answer to ending violence

Monday, Congressman Andy Harris conducted a local Town Hall at which he discussed several important issues. In particular, he addressed the matter of Congress attempting to combat gun violence by passing stricter gun laws.  

NV – GUN CONTROL – Guns used in Las Vegas shooting caught in legal limbo

The weapons one man used to kill as many country music fans as he could are now entangled in two complex court cases, born out of the massacre he inflicted nearly 18 months ago. 

NM – GUN RIGHTS – Democrats’ gun control push fuels rise of Second Amendment sanctuary movement

Last week, the City Council of Roswell, New Mexico, passed a sanctuary resolution that had nothing to do with illegal immigration and everything to do with firearms.

INT’L – GUN RIGHTS – New Zealand Gun Owners React To Possible New Restrictions From Government

There are an estimated 1.2 million guns registered in New Zealand. That’s the equivalent of one gun for every four people. And now it looks like the government there is prepared to take swift action to restrict or possibly ban semi-automatic weapons. 

IL – GUN SAFETY – Measure to allow hunting safety courses in schools passes Illinois House committee (VIDEO)

Democrats and Republicans came together on a bill to allow hunter safety and training courses in schools. 

What Chicago’s Gun Violence Can Teach the Country


LOYOLA PHOENIX.COM March 20, 2019 – Between the Aurora shooting, New Zealand and the Chicago mayoral race, gun violence is back in the news. It often seems like this conversation — and the policy it results in — never have an impact and much of the reason for this is that we’re not talking about the right things. Each…

INT’L – GUN CONTROL – It’s a watershed moment for gun control in New Zealand, but there are no quick fixes

New Zealand faces a defining moment on the availability of guns in society, but in a country with a strong hunting tradition, where there is roughly one gun for every four people, it will be no easy path. 

PA – CAMPUS GUNS – School Safety: As Court Case On Arming Teachers Continues, Pa. Schools Use Other Ways To Stay Safe

John Lovett is a retired police officer and the school safety and security coordinator at the Saint Marys Area School District. As part of that, he carries a taser and a gun.  

INT’L – GUN CONTROL – After deadly mass shooting of Muslims, Democrats advocate for tougher gun laws … for Muslims

Only a few days following the Christchurch, New Zealand terror attack specifically targeting Muslims, 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are unveiling proposals that particularly hurt that demographic. 

CO – GUN CONTROL – Data Review Contradicts Hickenlooper Claim on Colo. Gun-Check Law

A review of Colorado data on gun background checks contradicts recent claims by former Colorado governor and Democratic presidential hopeful John Hickenlooper. 

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