OH – Politics – Bill would end requirement to tell police you’re carrying a gun

ABC6 ON YOUR SIDE.COM April 21, 2017 – A bill in the Statehouse would end the requirement for concealed carry permit holders to tell a police officer they’re carrying a gun. Ohio law says a CCW holder must “promptly notify.” “What does ‘promptly notify’ mean?” said Rep. Scott Wiggam, a Wooster Republican who sponsored House Bill 142. “We don’t know if you have to interrupt the officer and make sure they know in the line of their questioning.” [full…

MT – Politics – To deflect gun rights criticism, Montana Democrat shoots a TV (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON POST April 20, 2017 – Democrats are increasingly bullish on their chances in Montana’s May 25 special election, in which country-folk singer Rob Quist is competing for the state’s sole seat in the House of Representatives. One problem: In a January interview, Quist floated the idea of legislation to create a registry for automatic weapons. Politically, it didn’t matter that he left handguns and rifles out of the idea, or that some heavy weapons already must be registered….

DC – Politics – Ohio Congressman Who’s Tried to Undo All of DC’s Gun Laws Could Be City’s Next Boss in Congress

WASHINGTONIAN.COM April 20, 2017 – Since taking over the House Oversight Committee in 2015, Jason Chaffetz has threatened to arrest DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, impeded full marijuana legalization, and promised to block physician-assisted suicide. Advocates for self rule were thrilled to learn yesterday that the five-term Utah congressman won’t be seeking election in 2018. But there’s still no guarantee that his replacement will be better liked by Washingtonians.


CA – Politics – California: One Gun a Month Bill Passes Senate Public Safety Committee

NRA-ILA.ORG April 18, 2017 – Tuesday April 18, the Senate Public Safety Committee passed SB 497 by a party-line vote and will be assigned to the Senate Appropriations committee for further consideration. SB 497 sponsored by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-25), would expand the existing one handgun a month law to include ALL guns. Criminals who generally acquire their firearms through illicit means will continue to ignore California’s stringent laws including limitations on the number of firearms that can be acquired within a 30 day…

OR – Politics – Salem gun proposals prompt Redmond dealer reaction (VIDEO)

KTVZ.COM April 17, 2017 – REDMOND, Ore. – There was passionate testimony in Salem on Monday for and against two controversial gun bills as others watched the action, including a Redmond gun dealer.  The proposals with hearings held Monday are less wide-ranging than a 2015 expansion of gun sale background checks.  

MA – Politics – Plan to seize guns hits opposition

GLOUCESTER TIMES April 16, 2017 – BOSTON — Gun owners could have their firearms taken under a controversial plan to keep weapons out of the hands of people who are mentally ill or deemed dangerous. The legislation, if approved, would allow police, health care workers, family members and others to ask a judge to issue an “extreme risk protection order” allowing police to revoke the firearms license, for up to a year, of someone considered a danger to himself…

VA – NRA – Trump to Speak at NRA Forum, First President to Do So Since 1983

BLOOMBERG.COM April 14, 2017 – President Donald Trump will speak at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention on April 28, becoming the first U.S. president to address the gun-rights group since Ronald Reagan in 1983. The NRA endorsed Trump’s bid for president last May, after the then-candidate addressed the group’s annual forum in Louisville, Kentucky. Trump pledged at the time to “save our Second Amendment” and appoint judges which would support expansive gun rights.   

Garland’s no-gun vote

BUTLER COUNTY EAGLE.COM April 11, 2017 – The recent fight over the U.S. Supreme Court nominee has ignored relevant history that has been hidden from the American public by the media — either intentionality or through lack of knowledge. A D.C. special policeman, (Richard) Heller, applied for a permit to keep a handgun in his home and was denied by the DC courts. The U.S. Circuit Court with (Chief) Judge Merrick Garland, ruled that the 2nd amendment does not…

DC – Politics – The Death Of The Reid Rule

DAILY CALLER.COM April 7, 2017 – Yesterday, the Senate voted to end the first ever successful partisan filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee by the so-called “constitutional,” “Reid” or “nuclear” option.  In other words, democracy was restored because simple majority rule was restored.   

VA – Politics – NRA Statement on U.S. Senate Confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch

NRA-ILA.ORG April 7, 2017 –  The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today applauded the U.S. Senate’s confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve as an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court. “On behalf of our five million members, the NRA congratulates Neil Gorsuch on his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director, NRA-ILA. “Gorsuch is an excellent choice to fill the vacancy left by the passing of Justice Scalia.”   

VA – Politics – Democrats Don’t Need $60 Million To Study “Gun Violence”

AMERICA’S FIRST FREEDOM.ORG (NRA) April 7, 2017 – In what has become an annual event, on Thursday, 30 Democratic and Independent members of the Senate and House proposed giving the Centers for Disease Control 60 million of our tax dollars to research “gun violence” as a “public health issue.” U.S. Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass., declared, “Gun violence is ending lives and shattering families in Massachusetts and across our country. Now more than ever we must study the causes of gun violence…

IA – Politics – Iowa Senate OKs gun bill with stand-your-ground provision

WASHINGTON TIMES April 4, 2017 – The Republican-controlled Iowa Legislature on Tuesday moved closer toward finalizing sweeping changes to the state’s gun laws, approving a bill that would allow firearms on the Capitol grounds and add a stand-your-ground provision. The stand-your-ground provision would allow people in Iowa to use deadly force anywhere if they believe such force is necessary to avoid injury or risk to one’s life or safety. It also would allow a person to use deadly force…

These Trump DOJ Appointees Could Be Instrumental in Shaping National Firearm Laws (VIDEO)

THE TRACE.COM April 4, 2017 -Jesse Panuccio, the third-highest ranking official at the Department of Justice, has argued to allow firearms sales to people under age 21 and in defense of a Florida law that prohibited doctors from asking patients if they owned guns. Noel Francisco, Donald Trump’s nominee for solicitor general, has described the Second Amendment as “a structural protection that’s intended to protect all other rights.” And Tom Wheeler, now a senior lawyer in the DOJ’s civil…

NY – Politics – NRA Cranks Up Pressure on Red State Democrats Over Gorsuch Vote

THE TRACE.COM April 1, 2017 – There’s no fight the National Rifle Association is more eager to wage than the one over who will claim Antonin Scalia’s seat on the United States Supreme Court. The NRA’s concern over the fate of the empty seat explains why the gun group endorsed Donald Trump earlier than any presidential candidate in its history.   

AZ – Politics – State senators say ‘smart’ gun technology unproven, potentially dangerous

TUCSON.COM March 30, 2017 – Saying the technology is unproven and potentially dangerous, state senators voted Thursday to block any state or local law that would restrict gun sales to “smart” firearms. The proposal, HB 2216, also would preclude any mandatory tracking technology on guns, such as GPS to locate firearms, and guns that can send out an electronic message when fired. But most of the debate Thursday was about development of guns that “know” who is supposed to…

VA – Politics – McAuliffe Attempts to Resurrect Virginia ‘One-Gun-a-Month’ Policy

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON March 30, 2017 – Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D.) wants the state’s legislature to adopt a bill forbidding citizens from purchasing more than one gun per month. McAuliffe submitted the proposal, which includes punishments of up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine, as an amendment to an unrelated, Republican-backed gun bill that would have prevented other states from obtaining information about concealed-handgun permit holders in Virginia.  

VA – Politics – TAKING GUN CONTROL TOO FAR: This Governor Just VETOED a Bill That Would Allow Domestic Violence Victims To Arm Themselves

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE GUNS.COM March 29, 2017 – A bill that would allow domestic abuse victims over 21 to arm themselves for up to 45 days without a permit after issuing a protective order against their abuser sounds like a great plan. It would be a great way to teach people about gun safety and how to use a gun. And of course, keep the victim safe! Yet, Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe doesn’t agree. Therefore, he vetoed House Bill 1852.  

NM – Politics – So What Was The Big Deal About HB50?

CIBOLA (NM) BEACON March 29, 2017 –  It was no secret during the recent legislative session that Cibola County’s sheriff Tony Mace was against House Bill 50 and Senate Bill 48, two gun-control bills proposed during the 2017 New Mexico Legislative Session that ended last Saturday, March 18. Representing himself as a private citizen from Cibola County and as representative of the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association and Western U.S. Sheriff’s Association, Mace regularly made state news during the session…