MT – Politics – Ex-GOP official: Bring guns to Trump’s Montana rally in case of violent protesters

THE HILL.COM October 18, 2018 – A former Montana Republican Party chairman suggested this week that supporters of President Trump should bring their guns to an upcoming rally with the president in case of violent protests. Will Deschamps Sr. wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday that some Republicans at the event scheduled for Thursday in Missoula will have guns and “know how to use them.” 

AZ – Politics – Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Refuses to Answer if She Still Wants to License Gun Owners

BREITBART.COM October 18,2018 – Democrat Kyrsten Sinema’s staff refuse to tell Breitbart News if the Senate candidate still wants to license all gun owners and expand background checks for law-abiding citizens. Breitbart News spoke with staff in her DC office as well as in Arizona, and no one would answer questions on Sinema’s gun control support. Rather, they directed us to email her communications director, Nick Zeller, who never responded. 

OR – Politics – Measure 15-181: Expands definition of firearms and limits enforcement of firearms laws

KTVL.COM October 17, 2018 – Should Jackson County expand constitutional definition of firearms and prohibit enforcement of laws that regulate their manufacture, sale, and possession? Approval of this measure would: Mandate that in Jackson County, the Oregon and United States Constitutional definitions of firearms be interpreted as including firearm accessories and ammunition. Make unconstitutional in Jackson County any law or regulation that restricts a person from possessing firearms, ammunition and firearm accessories. 

MO – Politics – James O’Keefe Uncovers Claire McCaskill’s Anti-Gun Extremism (VIDEO)

BREITBART.COM October 16, 2018 – James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a video Monday exposing Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) as favoring extreme gun control measures, which she is hiding from voters. This video shows both McCaskill and her staffers admitting they favor additional gun control restrictions, including bans on bump stocks and high capacity magazines. When asked if she would support a ban on both, McCaskill says, “Of course! Of course!” 

DC – Politics – Pelosi Outlines Dems’ Priorities if They Take House: Gun Control, Immigration

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON October 16, 2018 – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said the Democrats would prioritize new gun control legislation and protecting illegal immigrants if they regain control of the House of Representatives after the midterms next month. Democrats will look to pass a gun background check bill and protect Dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children, Pelosi told Politico.  

DC – Politics – Harris urges fighting ‘NRA-backed’ Denham. But his rival isn’t stressing gun control

MCCLATCHYDC.COM October 10, 2018 – California Sen. Kamala Harris is using a gun control message to urge support for promising Democrats — even if the Democrat isn’t using curbs on guns as a big deal in his campaign. Harris Wednesday sent out a fundraising email Wednesday afternoon calling for more than $125,000 to be donated to Democrat Josh Harder’s campaign for a tossup California House seat. Harris urged backers to fight Republicans supported by the National Rifle Association, such…

CO – Politics – National gun control group wades into race for control of Colorado Senate

DENVER POST (Subscription) October 10, 2018 – A national gun control group is hoping to flip control of the Colorado Senate and other key races in the state by injecting $650,000 into campaigns and efforts to mobilize Democratic voters. “The politics on this issue have shifted dramatically in favor of gun safety — and nowhere is that more true than in Colorado,” Everytown for Gun Safety President John Feinblatt said. “We are proud to support candidates up and down…

FL – Politics – ‘Fx’: NRA’s new letter grade for politicians it opposes in ‘gunshine state’

THE GUARDIAN.COM October 10, 2018 – The new Fx rating is the brainchild of Marion Hammer, the powerful 79-year-old NRA lobbyist who has dominated Florida politics for years, according to a source familiar with the ratings. Midterm elections in Florida, nicknamed the “Gunshine State” for its loose gun laws and embrace of pro-gun politicians, have become a key battleground in the fight over gun control in America. Among the Florida recipients of the NRA’s new Fx grade are Senator Bill Nelson,…

Nat’l – Politics – Showdown at the midterm corral

WASHINGTON TIMES October 10, 2018 – A flood of money from a few wealthy individuals who would like American freedom restricted is pouring into this midterm election. As the average National Rifle Association (NRA) member gives $20 to $30 to the cause annually, press reports say Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, will spend $100 million of his $53 billion fortune on races in Congress alone in this midterm election. His goal is to elect Democrats who will push his…

Joe Manchin’s Yes on Kavanaugh Finds Sympathy in West Virginia

NEW YORK TIMES October 8, 2018 – When Senator Joe Manchin III became the lone Democrat to support Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court on Saturday, protesters in the Capitol screamed “shame.” But in his home state of West Virginia, voters were, if not encouraging, at least understanding: He had saved himself from political suicide. “Joe Manchin knows that the people of this state, we are God-fearing, pro-gun, pro-life,” said Kevin Dalton, an emergency dispatcher from…

FL – Politics – National anti-gun group spending $2 million to elect Florida Democrats, hoping to counter NRA

SUN SENTINAL.COM October 9, 2018 – The gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety said Monday it is putting $2 million into statewide Florida elections to help elect Democrats who favor restrictions on guns. The announcement came the day after Everytown’s founder, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, finished a three-day series of political stops in South Florida. Everytown describes itself as the nation’s largest gun violence prevention organization.  

FL – Politics – Sen. Bill Nelson: F-Rating from NRA, Wants National Firearm Database, Including Firearm Owners

BREITBART.COM October 8, 2018 – The Miami Herald reports that Nelson has an F-rating from the NRA and supports an “assault weapons” ban and barring 18-20 year olds from exercising their Second Amendment rights to purchase long guns. Nelson also opposes national reciprocity for concealed carry. This opposition means your Second Amendment rights stop at your state’s border in Nelson’s mind; that you have no right to carry a gun for self-defense in any state but your state of residence. 

McConnell leaves option open for SCOTUS nominee in 2020

CNN.COM October 8, 2018 – Speaking to both Fox News and CBS News on Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would not rule out seeking to confirm a nominee if there is a Supreme Court vacancy in the final year of President Donald Trump’s first term in 2020, assuming the GOP holds onto the Senate in this November’s midterms. McConnell instead seemed to suggest that presidents don’t get Supreme Court nominees confirmed in a presidential election year — if the…

Nat’l – Politics – ‘Sad day for America’: Anti-gun violence groups decry Kavanaugh confirmation

THINK PROGRESS.ORG October 7, 2018 – Groups dedicated to combatting gun violence groups issued statements lamenting the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, which they said will lead to the Supreme Court’s drifting further in the direction of the pro-gun lobby. The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence said Kavanaugh’s ascension to the court is “indefensible” considering what that group called his “extreme positions on the Second Amendment.” The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, meanwhile, called Saturday’s confirmation a “sad day for America.” 

DC – Politics – Brett Kavanaugh On Supreme Court: Here’s What Could Change On Abortion, Gun Control And Presidential Power

NEWSWEEK.COM October 7, 2018 – Kavanaugh could be the Justice that tips the Supreme Court against gun control. Together, Kavanaugh, Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, could create a bloc and become “the kind of gun-rights justices that you could reliably see striking down a bunch of regulations,” said Trevor Burrus, a research fellow and gun rights advocate at the libertarian Cato Institute, to NPR. Those regulations could include “10-day waiting periods, magazine restrictions, assault weapons bans, things like…

Federal Judge Restores Non-Violent Offender’s Gun Rights Following Landmark Case

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON October 5, 2018 – A federal judge restored the rights of a Pennsylvania man on Friday after determining that his misdemeanor driving under the influence convictions were not serious enough to justify a lifelong restriction on his Second Amendment rights. Chief Judge Christopher Conner of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania ruled that Raymond Holloway’s second misdemeanor DUI conviction in 2005 was not a serious enough crime to result in a…

Nat’l – Politics – The NRA issues grades for candidates – but finding them might not be easy (VIDEO)

9NEWS.COM (Denver) October 4, 2018 – Election season means also means endorsement season. Candidates are eager to gather endorsements from groups and organizations, who, in turn, are enthusiastic to show off their political relevancy. An endorsement from a prominent group could go a long way to transforming a candidate from a campaigner into an elected official. But one group, the National Rifle Association, issues endorsements for candidates up and down the ticket, in races all across the country.  

Gun Control Groups Seek Revenge Against Rick Scott

MOTHER JONES.COM October 3, 2018 – Exactly seven months after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Fred Guttenberg stood behind a lectern in the conference center at the Coral Springs Marriott, the same hotel where he had learned his daughter Jaime had been among the 17 killed and where he had gathered with hundreds of mourners days later to remember her life. But on this September afternoon, Guttenberg, whose loss has turned him into a relentless gun control activist, had returned to the…