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FL – SELF-PROTECTION – Gun Control Activists Slam Florida Senate Vote That Could See Teachers Armed (VIDEO INFOGRAPH)

The Florida Senate was split 22-17 on the bill, which will now move to the House. According to The Sun Sentinel, House lawmakers are likely to support the bill, which Governor Ron DeSantis has signaled he will sign. 

FL – SELF-PROTECTION – Sliding down a slippery slope toward making Florida schools armed camps | Editorial

First, you pass a law that allows certain school staff — but not teachers — to arm themselves on Florida school campuses. The next year, you come back with another law that lets teachers carry guns in classrooms. This is precisely what’s happening in the Florida Legislature. Right now. 

NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – Columbine Then And Now: Survivor Believes In Teachers With Guns

Evan Todd still has sharp memories of April 20, 1999. As a sophomore at Columbine High School, he was in the library with his friends on that cool, sunny morning. In an instant everything changed.  

NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – Latest News of Self-Defense With Firearms Contradicts Gun Control Rhetoric

Gun control advocates long have controlled the narrative about defensive uses of firearms, calling the “good guy with a gun” scenario a “myth meant to scare people into buying guns for self-defense.” 

IL – SELF-PROTECTION – WATCH: Security Guard Draws Gun While Under Attack, Ends Assault (VIDEO)

A security guard being viciously attacked outside a Chicago McDonald’s managed to draw his gun and completely turn the tables on the reported attackers. 

CO – SELF-PROTECTION – COLUMBINE TRAGEDY: 20 YEARS LATER. ‘It had a big impact on my life’

Colorado now allows permit holders to carry firearms on higher-education campuses. 

After High School Shooting, Texas Campuses Could Soon Have More Armed Marshals


TEXAS TRIBUNE.ORG April 9, 2019 – In the first legislative session after a deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School that left 10 dead and 13 others wounded, the Texas Senate on Monday advanced a bill that would abolish the limit on how many trained school employees — known as school marshals — can carry guns on campus.

Under the marshal program,…

Guns in Churches Bill Under Consideration Today


FLORIDA POLITICS.COM  April 8, 2019 – Should guns be in churches? How about at schools? Florida law under certain circumstances allows them in either such place. But state law won’t allow gun owners to bring weapons to religious institutions with schools on property.

A new bill by state Sen. Debbie Mayfield, however, could change that. Legislation (SB 1238) would let concealed…

FL – SELF-PROTECTION – Here’s why I … learned to use a gun and now carry one (VIDEO)

Several years ago, I made the decision to obtain my concealed carry permit in order to be able to protect myself should the need arise.

GA – SELF-PROTECTION – Locked & loaded: Inside a Georgia school district with armed teachers

The bright yellow signs posted outside school buildings in Laurens County carry an ominous message, designed to protect students. 

NAT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – In The Face Of Danger, We’re Turning To Surveillance

When School Began in Lockport, New York, this past fall, the halls were lined not just with posters and lockers, but cameras. 

PA – SELF-PROTECTION – ‘My firearm would’ve saved me’: Raped as a Temple student, she now fights for gun rights

Savannah Lindquist desperately tried to remember what she’d learned in the women’s self-defense class. She jerked her wrists, fighting to break her attacker’s grasp. She couldn’t. 

INT’L – SELF-PROTECTION – New Zealand Gun Sales Are Increasing, Yet Homicides Remain Rare

New Zealand’s gun ownership rate has risen in the past decade to become one of the highest in the world, yet its homicide rate remains well below global norms as many of those weapons belong to hunters and farmers. 

OR – Self-Protection – Taking a Life in Self-Defense

Standing in the master bathroom of his Bend, Oregon, home, Brennan Pebbles is describing the night a home intruder shot a rifle through his front window, killed his roommate, and then hunted him through his house.   

AL – SELF-PROTECTION – Alabama bill would allow churchgoers to carry guns

Some Alabama lawmakers want churchgoers to be able to defend themselves in church — so they are proposing a bill that would allow them to be armed while sitting on the pews. 

KY – SELF-PROTECTION – New concealed carry law actually makes Kentucky safer for families

With the signing of Senate Bill 150 into law by Gov. Matt Bevin, Kentucky now becomes the 16th state to allow law-abiding and responsibly armed Americans to carry concealed handguns without a permit, or what many call “Constitutional Carry.” 

UT – SELF-PROTECTION – Heroes praised, FASTER Utah offers free tragedy prevention Ed

Two heroes have been praised by FASTER Utah for their contributions to save lives at their respective schools during recent school shootings. 

PA – SELF-PROTECTION – Local women seeing value in gun knowledge

Guns aren’t just for sport. And they’re not just for men either. Local officials and gun instructors are noticing an uptick in interest among women in guns. 

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