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OH – Self-Protection – Blanchester board votes to OK some staff members to carry firearms beginning next school year

The Blanchester School Board on Monday night unanimously adopted a public resolution permitting trained staff members to carry firearms on campus. 

FL – Self-Protection – Devastating Parkland shooting report fuels support for arming willing teachers

The same Florida school shooting that ignited a national gun control movement has since fueled a rallying cry for arming teachers, thanks to a devastating state report detailing the bungled response of Broward County law enforcement. 

Nat’l – Self-Protection – Picking A Gun For Aging, Weaker Or Impaired Hands

A number of people have conditions that impair hand strength or function, some folks are just old and some folks just don’t have much hand strength to begin with. 

CA – Self-Protection – Gun control is not the answer to gun violence

“To protect and serve.” Lots of anti-gun people would like you to believe that means protect you. Law enforcement officers are not your personal bodyguards. 

ND – Self-Protection – Ladies Night Out: Intro to Guns Edition

One Mandan business, is starting a new kind of girls night that gives women more information on guns. Prairie Patriot Firearms held their monthly Ladies Night Intro to Handguns meeting.

Nat’l – Self-Protection – How Gun Ownership Saves Lives

In the United States, burglars generally try to break into homes that are unoccupied. We tend to take this fact for granted, but it isn’t true everywhere. 

OH – Self-Protection – Ohio Senate passes new gun rights law minus controversial ‘stand your ground’ provision (VIDEO)

Facing threats of a veto from outgoing Gov. John Kasich, Ohio’s state Senate voted 19-10 to pass a gun rights law that omitted the most controversial portion of the legislation passed by the House: The so-called “stand your ground” provision.  

DC – Self-Protection – House Democrats look to roll back little-known rule allowing guns in the Capitol

House Democrats are looking to roll back a little-known, five-decade-old Capitol Hill regulation that allows members of Congress to keep guns in their offices and carry them around the Capitol grounds. 

MA – Self-Protection – Black Guns Matter founder plans 2nd Amendment workshops in Worcester, Boston

The founder of Black Guns Matter, an organization dedicated to teaching inner-city residents about guns laws, has scheduled four informational sessions next week in Boston and Worcester to discuss issues related to gun ownership, the police and the law. 


CO – Self-Protection – Stand Your Ground, Lose Your Seat? Gun Rights Groups Pressure Legislators To Expand Self-Defense Rule (AUDIO)

Laws that allow people to use deadly force when threatened — without requiring them to first retreat — have been sweeping across the nation for over a decade. Today, depending on your definition, “stand your ground” is law in well over half of American states. 

NY – Self-Protection – Should you need to pass a social media check to get a gun?

Should hateful tweets keep you from getting a gun? 

NY – Self-Protection – Privacy groups oppose state gun control proposal

A gun control proposal in the New York State Legislature is getting some push-back from privacy groups. 

MT – Self-Protection – Fast Strike provides an affordable non-lethal self-defense option

The mini-whip “Fast Strike” is a three-ounce steel-reinforced striking cable that allows a person to deliver multiple fast blows that are extremely painful – even with a minimal amount of force – to deter an attacker.  

FL – Self-Protection – Who’s the concealed carry champ of the nation?

Trivia question: Which state has the more open gun laws and the most concealed carry licenses? Texas ranks near the top of the list, but most folks find it improbable that one state nearly doubles the carry licenses of the Lone Star State. That’s the Sunshine State. 

VA – Self-Protection – Gun Control Twist: Saving One Life “Does Not Justify” Right to Carry

Fearful that the Right to Carry was getting too much good publicity in the wake of an Illinois concealed-carry permit holder’s heroic actions, the Sun-Times editorial board felt it necessary to lecture its readers, “One brave rescue of a Cicero cop doesn’t justify concealed guns.” 

Int’l – Self-Protection – The number of female firearms license holders is growing in Saskatchewan

From license holders to safety courses, the number of females with firearms is growing in Saskatchewan — and showing little sign of slowing. 

NH – Self-Protection – Every place ‘right-to-carry’ is the law, crime has decreased

Splashy headlines are the attention grabbers but just as important are the underreported acts of self defense and defense of others by lawful gun carriers all across the nation every day. 

IL – Self-Protection – More women are buying guns, using firing ranges than in years past

Kevin Moody has a front row seat to the changing demographics of gun ownership in the country. Moody owns KAM Shooting Sports, 901 Detroit Court, Suite C, in Morton. The store features one of the few public indoor firing ranges in the area, along with guns for sale, a classroom and gunsmith shop. 

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