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VA – SHOOTING SPORTS – Video—Shooting the MG42 Machine Gun

The MG42 is perhaps one of the most infamous arms of war ever created, mainly because the intimidating qualities of its high cyclic rate of fire. 

CO – SHOOTING SPORTS – National Shooting Sports Foundation Renews Gold-Level Sponsorship to Help Raise The Flag

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), a longtime partner of USA Shooting, has agreed to help Raise the Flag for America’s Shooting Team, by renewing its gold-level partnership agreement for 2019. This show of support also includes becoming presenting sponsor of USA Shooting’s National Sporting Clay Cup Fundraiser set for June 7-8.

USA Shooting…

AZ – SHOOTING SPORTS – Gun Club 82 in Gilbert to serve up guns, ammo and alcohol, but maybe not in that order

Entertainment options in Gilbert will expand soon with a bang. Gun Club 82, which is expected to open sometime in late 2019, will include a 24-lane shooting range and a restaurant and bar called Ti Ammo. 

TX – SHOOTING SPORTS – Sisterhood of the Gun (VIDEOS)

Sisterhood. That’s the word I kept hearing repeated as women gathered in Texas hill country last week for A Girl & A Gun‘s sold out national conference. And, after spending a few days among the ladies, it wasn’t hard to see why. 

TN – SHOOTING SPORTS – Spring Hill teen headed to National Junior Olympics after winning state competition in trap shooting

Logan Balsley, an 18-year-old home schooled senior living in Spring Hill, will be headed to the Junior National Olympics in Colorado after placing first in the 18 – 20 age division in Wobble Trap in the Tennessee Junior Olympics last Saturday. 

‘This is Disneyland with guns’: Machine gun enthusiasts descend on Kentucky for world’s biggest automatic gun show and are told to ‘destroy everything in sight’ (VIDEO)

DAILY MAIL.CO.UK – April 16, 20190 – Gun lovers descended on Kentucky for the biggest private machine gun event in the world at the weekend, with shooters given one objective – destroy everything. Around 20,000 thrill-seekers fired Tommy Guns, AK-47s and Uzis at abandoned vehicles and barrels of fuel strapped with pyrotechnic charges to create ‘fireballs from…

NY – SHOOTING SPORTS – Bill would hurt shooting events for youths

This bill will effectively outlaw all youth shooting activities, competitions and training for those individuals younger than 16 who are not hunting. The second portion of the law prohibits the owner of a firearm from knowingly allowing any person younger than 16 to have access to their firearms. 

ID – SHOOTING SPORTS – Young guns: local youths start trap shooting club

Before moving from California’s Sacramento area to Inkom in July 2018, Tanner was one of about 1,300 participants in competitive trap shooting through the California Youth Shooting Sports Association. 

Mc3 Stocks to Support NRL Silent Night Shoot

Phoenix, AZ – Mc3 Stocks, originator of the industry’s first and only solid-molded polymer precision rifle stock, is joining several top manufacturers in the precision shooting industry to support the upcoming Silent Night long-range shooting match. This event, to be held April 5-7 in Ninnekah, Oklahoma, is the fifth sanctioned event on 2019 in the National Rifle League’s 2019 match schedule.

Presented by Vortex Optics, the Silent Night match is…

NAT’L – SHOOTING SPORTS – Professional shooter uses ‘gun therapy’ to lessen symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

David Smith had long been a competitive shooter, and he wasn’t going to allow a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease to end his hobby. 

AZ – SHOOTING SPORTS – Meet America’s Biggest Machine-Gun Enthusiasts

Twice a year, hundreds of America’s most hardcore gun enthusiasts flock to the northern Arizona desert to spend a weekend firing military-grade weapons at pickup trucks, storage containers, and grounded propeller planes. 

INT’L – SHOOTING SPORTS – New Zealand Has an N.R.A., Too. It’s Thinking About Changing Its Name.

“N.R.A. N.Z. looks after long-range precision target shooting, up to 1,000 yards,” said the group’s chairman, Ross Mason. “There’s no service rifle or military rifle shooting within the discipline, as opposed to the N.R.A.” in the United States. 

OR – SHOOTING SPORTS – Shooting the Breeze: The .17 HMR

In 2002, the .17 HMR was released to the public. To say it’s been well accepted would be a huge understatement. Its design is simple, the full-length .22 WMR case necked down to .17 caliber. The performance is extraordinary, the report is mild and the accuracy truly amazing. 

NV – SHOOTING SPORTS – Residents react to changes at Carson City gun range amid safety concerns (VIDEO)

Many Reno and Carson City residents have been frustrated with recent modifications made to the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range. 

NJ – SHOOTING SPORTS – Couple engaged after clever shooting range marriage proposal in New Jersey (VIDEO)

A New Jersey shooting range proudly assisted in a surprise and clever marriage proposal that involved the use of its targets.

IA – SHOOTING SPORTS – Brownells Becomes Title Sponsor for The 2019 Tactical Games

Brownells is proud to announce its 2019 title sponsorship of The Tactical Games, a series of exciting “battles” designed to test America’s best warrior-athletes in a combination of two-gun shooting and military-style training, with elements of both Strongman and CrossFit® competitions mixed in.

The first two installments of The Tactical Games 2019 schedule are set for February…

How to Choose a Rifle Scope

DAILY CALLER.COM From the Archives – By Simon Cuthbert, Target Tamers
If you think that a scope is a scope and can be universally used on any rifle, you’d be way off target. The truth is, scopes have different applications just like guns do. In order to significantly improve your accuracy, choosing the right rifle scope for the rifle and your purposes can make all the difference.  

Best Rifle Scopes on the Market in 2019

OPTICS DEN.COM January, 2019 – Whether you are a hunter, or you just enjoy shooting for sport, you know that choosing a scope for your rifle will be one of the biggest factors in determining how accurately you’ll be able to shoot. A scope allows you to zoom in on your target, and precisely lock in exactly where you want your shot to land. There are many scopes on…

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