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Int’l – Satire/Shooting Sports – Switzerland’s Responsible Gun Nuts (VIDEO ONLY)

Michael Kosta attends the world’s largest annual shooting festival in Switzerland to get an American’s perspective on the country’s fervent-yet-restrained gun culture. 

VA – Shooting Sports – What’s In Your Range Bag, Katie Francis?

If you’re a fan of 3-Gun, chances are good that you know of Katie Francis. Her Facebook page alone has a whopping 196,000 followers. 

MT – Shooting Sports – Horseback Riders Get Hooked On Cowboy Mounted Shooting at Equestrian Club South of Laurel

“Fire in the hole!” Riders and their horses clear the far side of the arena at the Cottonwood Equestrian Center in Silesia as a mounted shooter lopes his horse around to line up for his first balloon target. 

WY – Shooting Sports – Northern Wyoming to Host Governor’s Match Gun Shoot (VIDEO)

Nearly 300 of the country’s top sharpshooters will gather in northern Wyoming next summer for the Governor’s Match gun shoot. 

TX – Shooting Sports/Hunting – Higgins Branchini Shooting Foundation (VIDEO FEATURE)

Woody and the DFW Outdoorsman team travel in November to Forestburg, Texas, to go Chukar hunting! It’s the annual Higgins Branchini Shooting Foundation upland hunt and fundraiser to benefit collegiate shooters.  

Nat’l – Shooting Sports – How To Get Started In Any Competitive Shooting Discipline

We often get questions from readers about different topics and we publish them from time-to-time. Here’s one we received about how to find quality information about different shooting disciplines. 

VA – Shooting Sports – How To: 1000 Yards For $1,000

Over the past few years, the sport of precision rifle shooting has been growing by leaps and bounds, and it’s easy to see why. Combining physical challenges with long range shots, often from unconventional shooting positions, it’s an exciting blend of marksmanship and athleticism, with math thrown in for good measure. 

HAVA’s LTSA Division Launches New Long Range Shooting Program

Leesburg, FL, November 6, 2018 – Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) announces the launch of a new long-range shooter training program through its Learn to Shoot Again (LTSA) division. LTSA is HAVA’s newest initiative where severely injured training instructors teach advanced shooting skills to reconnect their wounded students (also typically with severe injuries) with outdoor activities that they may have enjoyed pre-injury. This new precision rifle program began in…

Long Range Shooting Champion Jon Pynch Closes out 2018 with Multiple Wins

Comer, Ga. (November 2018) –With the 2018 precision and long range shooting competitions coming to a close, MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles and Chassis Systems, are proud to announce the MPA BA Chassis system took home more top awards and provided champion shooter, Jon Pynch with the winning platform for his 2018 National Rifle League Championship and Final Winner award.

Jon is also currently the number…

Int’l – Shooting Sports – Saving the rod and gun club: The fight for the last US military facility of its kind in Europe (VIDEO)

STARS AND STRIPES.COM October 2, 2018 – KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Volunteers passionate about hunting, fishing and sport shooting are trying to save the last standalone U.S. military rod and gun club in Europe. Many are military personnel and members of the Kaiserslautern Rod & Gun Club, where they often spend their weekends in the woods near Pulaski Barracks, honing rifle and shotgun skills. When not shooting, they’re fixing equipment,…

NV – Shooting Sports – The Fastest Gun Alive world championship celebrates 11th year in Fallon

NEVADA APPEAL.COM October 1, 2018 – Cowboy Fast Draw is a western-themed shooting sport which features wax bullet ammunition allowing competitions to be held almost anywhere. Safety is always the highest concern. Six-guns and holsters are from the old west time-period and the competitors dress in period-themed clothing as well. It’s a very colorful sport with shooters adopting aliases to compete under, in the spirit of the old west. …

CO – Shooting Sports – 20 for 20: USA Shooting Partners with Gunbroker.com & Nation’s Gun Manufacturers to Support America’s Shooting Team

USA SHOOTING.ORG September 27, 2018 – In the all-out push to achieve 2020 vision, the USA Shooting Team is partnering with Gunbroker.com and the nation’s top gun manufacturers to support America’s shooting team with a 20 for ’20 gun fundraiser. The collaboration will create 20 monthly gun auctions beginning Sunday, September 30 to help push U.S. athletes to victory in the shooting sports. 

McMillan to Support NCPPRC Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge, the 12th NRL Match This Season

Phoenix, AZ – McMillan® Fiberglass Stocks, the leader in custom, precision-driven fiberglass rifle stocks, is pleased to announce their support of the upcoming Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge hosted by the NorCal Practical Precision Rifle Club. This event will be held September 28-30 at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Sacramento, CA.

Presented by American Giant, the Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge is a…

‘You need a cool head to use it’: Experienced gun owners on campus carry

GEORGIA STATE SIGNAL.COM September 21, 2018 – “I’m not a fan of campus carry,” Michael Hughes, director of Stoddard’s Range and Guns pistol match, said. “I’ve seen so many people come and go in that I’m quite confident to say there are a whole lot of people that should never touch a gun.” Hughes directs the competitive International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) matches at Stoddard’s Range and Guns and advocates…

Int’l – Shooting Sports – U.S. Women Score Historic First-Ever Skeet Sweep At Shooting Worlds; Also Earn 2 Olympic Spots

TEAM USA.ORG September 11, 2018 – U.S. shooters filled the podium at the ISSF World Championship on Tuesday, taking gold, silver and bronze in the women’s skeet competition in Changwon, South Korea, marking the first U.S. sweep ever in women’s skeet. The last time American shooters swept a world championship podium in an Open event was 1974 in men’s three-position rifle. 

FL – Shooting Sports – Young Guns shooting sports club from Okeechobee rakes in national medals (VIDEO)

TX PALM.COM September 6, 2018 – For these high school and middle school kids, practice includes the smell of gunpowder and camaraderie built on the framework of competition. About 75 travel every other weekend from as far away as Broward and Lee counties to Quail Creek Plantation in the northeastern corner of Okeechobee County to hone their skills at breaking clay targets, and more.