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CT – Shooting Sports – Ruger® Donates 1982 Standard Model Pistol to benefit (SASP) Scholastic Action Shooting Program

MEDIA GROUP.COM February 28, 2018 – Ruger Firearms has generously donated a 1982 Standard Model pistol to benefit the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP). The pistol is being auctioned on Gunbroker.com now through March 14, 12:30 PM eastern time. 

Int’l – Shooting Sports – What Kind of Gun Do They Use in Biathlon? Behind the Rifle Olympians Shoot (VIDEO)

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED February 13, 2018 – Biathlon is the only Winter Olympic sport in which the competitors wield a deadly weapon—well, depending on how you feel about hockey sticks—but the gun is unlike anything most shooting enthusiasts are used to.  

CO – Shooting Sports – Robert Mitchell Rifle Championships To Kick Off 2018

PR NET February 12, 2018 – More than 60 athletes from four countries will descend on the Olympic Shooting Center to compete in the Robert Mitchell Rifle Championships starting Wednesday and concluding Sunday at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

The annual rifle-only match welcomes competitors from across the United States, Mexico, Canada and Brazil to compete in Men’s and Women’s Air and Three-Position Rifle events. This year’s Robert…

Int’l – Shooting Sports – With Few Fans And Little Funding, U.S. Biathlon Team Hopes For First Olympic Medals (AUDIO)

KPBS.ORG February 5, 2018 – Imagine running up 10 flights of stairs as hard as you can, and then immediately trying to thread a needle. A similar union of two opposite skills defines the sport of biathlon. It combines the all-out exertion of cross-country skiing — pushing the limits of human endurance — with the calm, focused precision of rifle shooting. 

The 7 Golden Rules of Long-Range Shooting

MOSSBERG.COM From the Archives – While long-range shooting can be an incredibly expensive pursuit capable of boggling your mind with the kind of physics equations that would make Sir Isaac Newton scratch his head, it doesn’t have to be that confusing—or budget busting. With the right gear and a proper understanding of the fundamental aspects of marksmanship, going long isn’t as lofty a proposition as you might think. Follow…

Long Range University; Long Range Shooting Courses

GUNWERKS.COM February 2, 2018 – We pride ourselves in being innovative leaders of the world of long-range hunting and shooting. Since our beginning, we have tirelessly worked to produce the ultimate tools in long-range shooting. This effort has created some of the most accurate rifles in the world, and one of the most sought-after long range training programs known to the hunting community. The curriculum isn’t designed around industry buzz or…

TX – Shooting Sports – West Texas marksman reportedly breaks distance record with 3-mile shot

DALLAS NEWS.COM January 29, 2018 – Bill Poor, 41, says he hit a target from 3 miles away with a .408 bullet on Jan. 14 near Midland. Hitting a target from that distance would break the record of 2.8 miles set by retired Navy SEAL Charles Melton in September. For Poor, it was a shot that was three years in the making. “It didn’t happen overnight,” he said. “It took a lot…

NV – Shooting Sports – Interior Secretary helps pick up trash during Las Vegas visit

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL January 26, 2018 – Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke took time out from a two-day visit to the world’s largest firearms industry expo in Las Vegas on Friday to help clean up public land trashed by target shooters just south of the valley. Zinke spent a little over an hour with about 50 volunteers and Bureau of Land Management staff members as they picked up debris in…

Smallbore Rifle Competition

NRA.ORG From the Archives – Many individuals become interested in smallbore rifle competition; however, unless they start off with the proper information, they find it difficult to begin. The cost of equipment is generally a stumbling block. Many feel that unless they have the best of everything they cannot compete. This is not true. Most start with a minimum investment of a .22 caliber rifle (new or used), spotting…

The Beginner’s Guide to 3-Gun Competition

FIELD & STREAM.COM  From the Archives – There’s Wednesday night bowling league, and the Father’s Day tourney at the municipal golf club. And then there’s the opportunity to become the best all-around shooter you’ve ever been—all while staying sharp for fall and having a ton of loud, fast-paced fun with your fellow shooters (not to mention preparing for the end of days, just in case). If you’re looking for…

Study: Number of Women Involved in Certain Shooting Sports Increased Nearly 200 Percent Over Last Two Years

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON January 18, 2018 – Excerpts from a new research project released on Tuesday show the number of women involved in the shooting sports has increased over the last two years with some shooting disciplines seeing as much as a 189 percent boost. Shoot Like a Girl, which offers gun-training classes geared towards women across the country, released some of the details of a survey it conducted…

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