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VA – GUN CONTROL – What Lurks Behind “Universal” Background Checks

While the legislation is being deceptively marketed to the public as applying to gun sales and aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous and prohibited people, it is actually a broadside against gun ownership in America. 

INT’L – INDUSTRY INSIDER – Heckler & Koch Fined $4.2 Million Over Assault Rifle Sales In Mexico

A German court says gunmaker Heckler & Koch skirted the law when it exported thousands of military-grade assault rifles to Mexican states struggling to cope with violent drug cartels, hitting the large company with a fine of 3.7 million euros ($4.2 million). 

DC – GUN RIGHTS – Joe diGenova’s advice to patriots: It’s a ‘civil war’ — ‘I buy guns’

Joe diGenova, a former prosecutor who’s taken his well-spoken, blunt-talking mannerisms far on the media circuit had some interesting words of wisdom for patriotic Americans watching with alarm what he called the growing “civil war” that’s coming to the country. What were they? Buy guns. More guns. And honestly, DiGenova’s got a point. 

NM – LE – BernCo Sheriff addresses ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ questions

Now more than a dozen counties across New Mexico have taken action to express a position on proposed gun laws in the Roundhouse. 

WA – GUN CRIME – Gun Control Activist Threatened to Shoot Sheriffs, FBI Says

Jaydin Ledford, 23, is facing a federal charge after investigators said he threatened to kill law enforcement officials in Washington state. 

Oregon City knife company, police face backlash after social media post

Oregon City Police are facing scrutiny after the department shared a post on Facebook thanking Oregon City manufacturer Benchmade Knife Company for helping destroy guns.

The post shows sparks flying as heavy machinery cuts into several long guns at Benchmade Knife Company. The post read: “Thank you Benchmade Knife Company for assisting us today by cutting up guns that are ready to…

PA – CAMPUS GUNS – Uncharted territory: The legal landscape on policies arming teachers will be shaped by districts like Tamaqua

When the Tamaqua Area School District implemented the commonwealth’s first policy to arm teachers, leaders at the district knew they would be pioneers. 

MT – GUN RIGHTS – Montana House passes bills to restrict local gun laws

The Montana House on Thursday passed two bills seeking to prohibit local governments from passing strict gun ordinances. 

WA – LE – Washington State: at least 20 county sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun laws

Moves may pose a significant threat to the state’s ambitious agenda on firearms reform. 

WA – LE – When Sheriffs Won’t Enforce the Law

Democratic governor, Jay Inslee, accused the sheriffs of “a futile kind of grandstanding.” But he also tacitly acknowledged his lack of authority over them, by saying he will tell the State Patrol to enforce the law in counties where the sheriffs won’t. 

NM – GUN RIGHTS – Sandoval County joins growing list of Second Amendment sanctuary counties (VIDEO)

Sandoval County is joining others across the state as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.” This comes in response to the several proposed gun laws making their way through the Roundhouse.

NM – GUN RIGHTS – Opponents say ‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries’ are not enforceable (VIDEO)

Valencia County joined the growing list of Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Wednesday night when county commissioners approved the measure with a 3-1 vote.

ID – GUN RIGHTS – From gridiron to gunsmith

Colton ‘Cole’ Zacha following an unexpected route to his career dream.

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