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NY – Opinion – Cuomo’s Idea To Let Teachers Decide When To Yank Guns From People’s Homes Is Dumb

THE FEDERALIST.COM June 18, 2018 – When representatives make laws, the rational among us hope those laws do not erode fundamental rights and actually benefit the people. Often the only hammer our political representatives have is legislation. See a nail, swing the hammer. See a shooting, pass a law. Passing a law seems to be New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s current attempt to ameliorate the pain of his people…

NJ – Gun Control – Trenton shooting puts Phil Murphy’s gun law agenda in spotlight (VIDEO)

NORTH JERSEY.COM June 18, 2018 – Four days earlier, Gov. Phil Murphy was celebrating a milestone in his promised crusade on gun violence, casting himself as a man of action and promising to export the get-tough New Jersey model to the rest of the country.   

NJ – Gun Crime – NJ governor sees guns, not shooter’s early prison release, as the problem (VIDEO)

FOX NEWS June 17, 2018 – New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy responded to Sunday’s deadly shooting at a Trenton arts festival by calling for new controls on guns. But a suspect’s gang membership — and early release from prison after Murphy took office — may have been bigger factors in an incident that left one person dead and 22 wounded. 

OH – Self-Protection – False Report: College Student Was Put Through The Wringer For Allegedly Carrying On Campus

TOWNHALL.COM June 17, 2018 – Kent State University junior Leandra Westbrook claims to have been wrongfully detained by campus police after a student cadet heard her on the phone with a friend, talking about her concealed carry license (CCL), Campus Reform reported. During the conversation that took place on April 28th, Westbrook mentioned how “it is a shame that I cannot carry a gun on campus, considering I have my carry…

WA – Self-Protection – WA Walmart shooting: Citizen ‘took his gun and shot the suspect’

NEWS AND TRIBUNE.COM June 17, 2018 – One of the victims, a man, was airlifted to a hospital, according to a police spokeswoman, Laura Wohl.  “There were three civilians going after him to shoot him and two of them had their guns up and then the third guy shot him through the window of the car,” she said. 

MA – Gun Rights – Hundreds of gun owners may lose gun licenses (VIDEO)

WCVB.COM June 15, 2018 – There is a call from the Gov. Charlie Baker administration to strip hundreds of gun owners in Massachusetts of their licenses. The state is asking police chiefs to take away gun licenses from people convicted of misdemeanors, and some of them have already had their licenses revoked.  

VA – Industry Insider –  Fear & Loading: Update—Gunsite and Intuit Come to Terms

AMERICAN RIFLEMAN.ORG (NRA) June 14, 2018 – Intuit—which suddenly and unexpectedly cancelled credit card processing with Gunsite Academy last month—voluntarily contacted the famed firearm training facility and has agreed to cover the cost of manpower required to recover the rerouted funds. 

DC – Gun Control – AT ISSUE: Gunmakers have the successor to the bump stock lined up (VIDEOS)

THINK PROGRESS.ORG June 14, 2018 – Gun control advocates warn bump stocks are just one part of a much bigger problem. A flood of new gun technologies is pushing the envelope on what a civilian can legally own, skirting laws that have kept the most dangerous weapons off the street for decades. Like bump stocks, these other technologies are primarily found on gun ranges and YouTube videos. They’re designed…

DC – Gun Control – NRA Announces Support for Suit Against New Jersey Ammunition Magazine Confiscation Scheme

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON.COM June 14, 2018 – The National Rifle Association announced on Wednesday that it will be supporting a lawsuit filed by a local gun-rights organization against New Jersey’s law requiring the destruction or surrender of certain ammunition magazines. The NRA said it is backing the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs in their lawsuit against the state. The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, claims the new law…

CA – Gun Control – California: Deadline to Register or Modify “Assault Weapons” is Rapidly Approaching

NRA-ILA.ORG June 14, 2018 – The deadline for gun owners to register their firearms as “assault weapons” or modify them to be compliant with the restrictions that resulted from SB 880 and AB 1135 (2016) must be completed by 11:59:59 P.M. on June 30, 2018. NRA opposed these bills because gun registration inevitably leads to gun confiscation. 

NH – Hunting/Wildlife – Battle Brewing Over Rabbit ‘Hounding’, Using Live Animals To Train Hunting Dogs

NEW HAMPSHIRE UNION LEADER.COM June 14, 2018 – The paddle-footed snowshoe hare has become the latest icon in the ongoing battle between New Hampshire’s hunting and trapping community and animal-rights activists. First it was bear-baiting with chocolate in 2015, followed by an intense debate over the bobcat hunt in 2016. Animal rights groups won those battles and are now are pushing to end the practice of hare hounding, in…

PA – Shooting Sports – Youthful curiosity leads to trap shooting success for Hower

THE DAILY ITEM.COM June 14, 2018 –  When he was about 9 years old, Aaron Hower IV wondered what all the shooting was about. Living two minutes from the Valley Gun and Country Club, he couldn’t help but hear all the repetitive shotgun blasts coming from up on the hill west of Route 487. “I heard all the gun shots and I came here to see what was going on,”…

CT – Self-Protection – School Security Guards To Carry Guns In One Connecticut School District Beginning In The Fall

HARTFORD COURANT.COM June 13, 2018 – Regional School District 10 in Harwinton and Burlington plans to arm its school security guards beginning in the fall. The district’s board of education voted unanimously Monday to allow school security guards, all of whom are retired police officers, to carry handguns on the job. The decision was made in response to shooting incidents at schools around the nation, officials said. 

DC – Politics – Unable to Ban Guns, Lawmakers Want to Weaponize the ATF Against Gun Dealers

REASON.COM June 13, 2018 – Ostensibly, the “Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act” (a name that maintains the congressional tradition of pompous bullshit) is aimed at “gun dealers who engage in illegal sales practices,” which is to say it’s supposed to make it more illegal to do illegal stuff. This isn’t a new practice—Representatives Ted Deutch (D – Fla), Jim Langevin (D – R.I.), and Gwen Moore (D – Wis.)…

IL – Gun Control – Frustrated American Medical Association adopts sweeping policies aimed at gun violence

NBC NEWS.COM June 13,2018 – CHICAGO — With frustration mounting over lawmakers’ inaction on gun control, the American Medical Association on Tuesday pressed for a ban on assault weapons and came out against arming teachers as a way to fight what it calls a public health crisis — a problem the organization says is as menacing as a lethal infectious disease. 

NAT’L – HUNTING/WILDLIFE – Gun Control Is a Sure Way To Hurt Conservation Efforts

THE HILL.COM June 12, 2018 – Despite a unified effort by celebrities and politicians to usher in gun control legislation, the American public has responded by joining or donating to gun rights organizations in large numbers. Sportsmen comprising firearms enthusiasts and hunters believe a concerted attack on firearms is a concerted attack on their sporting lifestyle. 

IL – Gun Rights – You Can’t Take ‘Em: Judge Blocks Chicago Suburb’s Gun Ban Hours Before Going Into Effect

TOWNHALL.COM June 12, 2018 – A judge blocked a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines in the small town of Deerfield, Illinois, less than 24 hours before it was meant to go into effect. The decision, handed down Tuesday evening in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Lake County, Illinois, is a small victory for gun rights groups, who sued the Chicago suburb in April after it…

DC – Retailers – Handgun retailers lobbying Congress after credit shutdown

NEW YORK POST.COM June 12, 2018 – Small business owners and an industry group have asked the Senate Banking Committee to take a look at the actions of the credit card processors — which they claim stopped servicing perfectly legal transactions. “We are talking to members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, and they are considering asking for oversight hearings for these financial institutions to come in and…

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