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DC – Gun News – Why Are Federal Bureaucrats Buying Guns and Ammo? $158 Million Spent By Non-Military Agencies

FORBES.COM October 20, 2017 – The Small Business Administration (SBA) spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to load its gun locker with Glocks last year. The SBA wasn’t alone – the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service modified their Glocks with silencers. 


IL – Gun Crime – Why (almost) no one is charged with gun trafficking in Illinois

ABA JOURNAL, October 19, 2017 – To understand why it’s so hard to stop the flow of guns across state lines and into cities like Chicago, you have to start with a simple, well-established fact: Firearms are legal products. 

Nat’l – Self-Protection – Study: 3 million Americans carry loaded guns every day

COLUMBIAN.COM October 19, 2017 – Roughly 3 million Americans carry loaded handguns with them every day, primarily for protection, according to a new analysis of a national survey of gun owners published in the American Journal of Public Health. 

CA – Politics – California’s gun safety sham

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS October 18, 2017 – California lawmakers love gun control. Gov. Jerry Brown signed no less than six different bills designed to restrict gun and ammunition sales in the Golden State last year alone, and a number of the leading candidates to replace him as governor are running on a platform of even more regulation. 

VA – Gun Control – Why Would A Gun-Ban Group Change Its Name?

AMERICA’S FIRST FREEDOM.ORG (NRA) October 19, 2017 – What do you do when your gun-ban group becomes so persistent in pushing restrictive laws for law-abiding gun owners that more and more people begin to realize where you really stand on gun ownership? 

CA – Opinion – Just a few new gun laws this year, but one’s a puzzler

DAILY REPUBLIC.COM October 19, 2017 – Having enacted so many new gun laws last year, state legislators were hard put to find new restrictions to pass this year. Only a handful of relatively minor new gun laws were passed and signed. One of them induces head-scratching bewilderment. 


Nat’l – Gun Control – Celebs Urge: ‘Reject NRA’s Dangerous Agenda’, But Use Guns to Make Money

NEWSBUSTERS.COM October 18, 2017 – Hollywood, the same corrupt place that let sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein run amok for three decades, is here to tell you that the NRA is evil.


DC – Gun Control – Gun control is constitutional — just ask the Supreme Court

THE HILL.COM October 18, 2017 – There is no valid rationalization or excuse for not having gun control. That leaves just one reason for a congressman or senator to reject gun control — fear of the electoral power of the NRA. 


DC – Politics – Schumer steers Dems away from gun votes

THE HILL.COM – October 18, 2017 – Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) is urging his colleagues to stay away from gun control in the budget debate despite pressure from activist groups that argue the party needs to take a stand given the string of mass shootings across the country. 


Nat’l – Media – Report: Major Media Networks Favor Gun Control 5 to 1 in Vegas Shooting Coverage

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON October 18, 2017 – A media watchdog group released a report on Monday that found the three major broadcast networks presented coverage in favor of new gun-control measures nearly 5 times as often as they presented coverage in favor of gun rights during the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting. 

Int’l – Gun Rights – Gun Ownership Skyrockets In Australia

AMERICA’S 1ST FREEDOM.ORG (NRA) October 17, 2017 – Most gun owners are aware of how anti-gun activists like to tout Australia’s forced confiscation of a million privately owned firearms back in 1996 as an answer to America’s so-called “gun problem.” 


CT – Politics – Fact Checker: Murphy Gets ‘Three Pinocchios’ For Gun Control Claim

HARTFORD COURANT  October 17, 2017 – What we  know is that states that have tougher gun laws, that keep criminals from getting guns, that keep those dangerous weapons like AR-15s out of the hands of civilians, have dramatically lower rates of gun violence.”– Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Oct. 8, 2017. 

IL – Opinion – Chicago’s gang wars claim the life of a teacher

CHICAGO TRIBUNE  October 17, 2017 – Street gangs of Chicago killed a teacher the other day as she walked with her husband near their home in Rogers Park. 

Nat’l – Gun Control – Background check laws having little effect, gun violence researchers discover

FOX NEWS 17, 2017  OCTOBER 17, 2017 – Strict gun laws passed in two states to require background checks for every firearm sale had virtually no effect, a new study has found.   

Nat’l – Gun Crime – Do tougher background check laws prevent gun crime? A new study analyzes the question.

THE BLAZE.COM October 16, 2017 – A new study found that recently passed gun control laws in Washington and Colorado were futile, just as many pro-gun Americans argued they would be. What laws were passed? Several years ago, Colorado and Washington state passed laws that required a background check for every gun sale — commercial or private, handgun or long gun. A similar law was also passed in Delaware.

CT – Industry Insider – NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship Concludes, Rimfire Challenge Transition Coming … 

Sponsored – NSSF.ORG – Nearly 350 competitors converged this past weekend to take part in NSSF’s 2017 Rimfire Challenge World Championship. View the results. The NSSF Rimfire Challenge will be transitioned to a new organization — the Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association — on Jan. 1, 2018. 

Nat’l – LE – Why firearms standardization puts police officers at risk

POLICE ONE.COM October 16, 2017 – I recently spoke with a police officer from an agency transitioning from a liberal weapons policy that allowed a high degree of individual officer choice to a standard issue policy, in which all officers would be required to carry the same department-issued firearm on duty. This agency polices some particularly violent areas and has a higher than average number of officer-involved shootings each…

CA – Politics – Legislation undoes Kern High School District policy allowing concealed guns on campuses

BAKERSFIELD.COM October 16, 2017 – With the flick of a pen, Governor Jerry Brown undermined months of work Saturday that some California school districts — including Kern High School District —   Brown signed AB 424 Saturday, which eliminates an exception to the Gun Free School Zone Act that allowed local superintendents to grant permission for CCW permit holders to carry guns at school. 

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