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DC – Gun Control – What House Democrats can do about guns (VIDEO)

The results of the midterm elections suggest that the movement made headway in suburban districts across the country, but failed in more rural, conservative states. The next Congress may then pass bills regarding assault weapons and background checks in the new Democratic House only to see them stall in the even more Republican Senate. For gun control advocates, that’s progress, but not enough. 

CA – Gun Control – Thousand Oaks shooting: Why didn’t California’s strict gun laws stop it?

The Wednesday night shooting massacre at a Thousand Oaks country music bar was the kind of tragedy that would seem more likely in states such as Nevada or Florida known for permissive gun regulations that allow military-style semiautomatic rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines. But it happened in California, seen as a model for firearm regulation and the only state given an “A” rating by the Giffords Law Center to…

Nat’l – Opinion – A Blue Ripple, A Red Senate Wall And What It Means For The Firearms Industry

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is going to keep up the blistering pace of confirming judges to the bench and Trump Administration nominees won’t be automatically mired in the morass of politics. That’s especially important when it comes to the Supreme Court. 

Nat’l – Opinion – What mass shootings do to those not shot: Social consequences of mass gun violence

I am a trauma and anxiety researcher and clinician psychiatrist, and I know that the effects of such violence are far-reaching. While the immediate survivors are most affected, the rest of society suffers, too. 

OH – Gun Rights – Gun-rights group files suit against Kent State over fees for upcoming event

Kent State University paid $65,000 in September for security at a gun-rights walk organized by a graduate and others. Now a student group connected to the walk organizers is planning an indoor event titled “Let’s Talk Gun Rights” on campus Nov. 19, and says the university should again pick up the tab for security. The student group — Liberty Hangout — has asked a federal judge to stop university…

CA – Gun Control – Gavin Newsom plans to go further on gun control than Jerry Brown (VIDEO)

“There are a number of things (former governor Jerry Brown) vetoed that I would not have vetoed, and there are a number of things that I want that haven’t been done,” Newsom said in an interview with The Sacramento Bee. He declined to discuss specific policies. 

CA  – Gun Crime – Democrats renew push for gun control, assault weapons ban (VIDEO)

Just hours after the killings by a lone gunman in a California bar, Democrats began lining up to demand more gun control, an issue that fell off the map during the midterm congressional elections despite the shootings in a Pittsburgh synagogue. “We need to do something about this. And I’m glad that we have a Democratic majority in the House,” said Democratic Party Chairman Tom Perez. 

Nat’l – Opinion – Stricter gun laws did not prevent California shooting

Another mass shooting that cost the lives of a dozen people, including a heroic sheriff’s sergeant, has immediately brought demands for stricter gun control laws, but since the Thousand Oaks outrage happened in California—a state with some of the strictest laws already—just what more does anyone think should be done?  

DC – Gun Politics – Democrats promise congressional action on gun control

Newly ascendant Democrats are promising congressional action on gun control amid a rash of mass shootings, including a late-night assault at a California bar that killed 12 people. Measures including expanded background checks and a ban on assault-style weapons are likely to reach the House floor when Democrats retake control after eight years of Republican rule. 

CA – Opinion – In California, gun control fails once again (VIDEO)

Once again, we see the failure of gun control in preventing a horrible tragedy. Wednesday’s California bar shooting was in a gun-free zone, where good guys cannot legally carry firearms. Gun-free zones are magnets for killers. Consider that almost 98 percent of public mass shootings in this country occur in these mandatory victim zones. 

WA – Gun Control – Critics vow to sue after Washington State tightens gun laws (VIDEO ONLY)

Initiative 1639 , a measure on gun control, passed overwhelmingly in Washington state with 60 percent of voters saying yes. Under 1639, the legal age to buy a semi-automatic rifle is raised from 18 to 21. Buyers of those weapons will also be subjected to enhanced background checks, and will have a 10 day waiting period before they get their guns. Critics are now vowing to sue to stop…

Florida Students Vs. the NRA. Here’s Who Won.

November 8, 2018
By Jeff Fletcher – GUNPROPLUS.COM

For some, Tuesday’s midterm election was a godsend.  For others, voluminous air was let out of the balloon of hopeful promises.

Useful tools for more gun control to come out of the student March For Our Lives promise put the focus on recent mass shootings at a Pittsburgh synagogue, a high school in Florida, an outdoor concert in Nevada and a church service in…

CA – Gun Crime – Thousand Oaks shooting: At least 12 killed after gunman opens fire in California bar (VIDEO)

Twelve people have been killed and around a dozen more injured after a gunman opened fire in a packed bar hosting an event for students in southern California. The suspect entered the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles, at 11.20pm local time and started firing into a crowd of around 200 people. Several witnesses told ABC 7 the man was armed with a handgun. Others reported seeing a high-capacity…

NY – Gun Politics – Andrew Cuomo’s Unconstitutional Assault on the NRA

Andrew Cuomo’s methods may be obscure, but his assault on the First Amendment is anything but subtle. “If the @NRA goes bankrupt because of the State of New York,” the governor tweeted in August, “they’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll see you in court.” 

Int’l – Opinion – Trump, guns and Gab

When Robert Bowers entered the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and gunned down eleven Jewish victims, his purpose was clear. He told police that ‘all these Jews must die.’ His social media posts showed his disdain of Jews, immigrants and of President Trump – whom he considered to be a Jewish puppet. 

WA – Gun Control – Will Washington’s I-1639 gun control measure face a court challenge?

Now that Washington state’s sweeping gun control measure I-1639 is likely passing, it could end up facing a court challenge from gun rights activists. 

CA – Gun Politics – New California Gov. Gavin Newsom Has Been ‘Vocally Anti-Gun Every Chance He Gets’

Newsome drafted Proposition 63 which used the state’s ballot initiative process to accomplish much the same thing without the approval of the legislature or governor. In addition, Proposition 63 included a mass confiscation of standard capacity firearm magazines, including ones that had been legally owned for decades, which are able to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. 

Nat’l – Gun Safety – Many Kids Don’t Know The Difference Between Real & Toy Guns, Startling New Survey Finds

Toys guns have become a regular topic of debate as many people wonder how safe it is to normalize playing with kids. For many, toy guns pose real concerns when it comes to accidental shootings. 

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