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CA – Gun Crime – Thousand Oaks shooting: At least 12 killed after gunman opens fire in California bar (VIDEO)

Twelve people have been killed and around a dozen more injured after a gunman opened fire in a packed bar hosting an event for students in southern California. The suspect entered the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles, at 11.20pm local time and started firing into a crowd of around 200 people. Several witnesses told ABC 7 the man was armed with a handgun. Others reported seeing a high-capacity…

NY – Gun Politics – Andrew Cuomo’s Unconstitutional Assault on the NRA

Andrew Cuomo’s methods may be obscure, but his assault on the First Amendment is anything but subtle. “If the @NRA goes bankrupt because of the State of New York,” the governor tweeted in August, “they’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll see you in court.” 

Int’l – Opinion – Trump, guns and Gab

When Robert Bowers entered the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and gunned down eleven Jewish victims, his purpose was clear. He told police that ‘all these Jews must die.’ His social media posts showed his disdain of Jews, immigrants and of President Trump – whom he considered to be a Jewish puppet. 

WA – Gun Control – Will Washington’s I-1639 gun control measure face a court challenge?

Now that Washington state’s sweeping gun control measure I-1639 is likely passing, it could end up facing a court challenge from gun rights activists. 

CA – Gun Politics – New California Gov. Gavin Newsom Has Been ‘Vocally Anti-Gun Every Chance He Gets’

Newsome drafted Proposition 63 which used the state’s ballot initiative process to accomplish much the same thing without the approval of the legislature or governor. In addition, Proposition 63 included a mass confiscation of standard capacity firearm magazines, including ones that had been legally owned for decades, which are able to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. 

Nat’l – Gun Safety – Many Kids Don’t Know The Difference Between Real & Toy Guns, Startling New Survey Finds

Toys guns have become a regular topic of debate as many people wonder how safe it is to normalize playing with kids. For many, toy guns pose real concerns when it comes to accidental shootings. 

MS – Hunting – A freak accident could have killed this Mississippi hunter. Now he’s recovering with purpose.

Seals spent months in bed and so far has undergone five procedures including muscle and bone reconstruction, a marrow transplant and skin grafting. Miraculously, the doctors were able to save his leg and he is walking, albeit unsteadily, today. 

Nat’l – Gun Politics – Republicans Make Senate Gains as America Rejects Gun Control Again

Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) campaigned for new regulations on gun shows and expanding background checks to prohibit gun purchases by those accused of terrorist ties, rather than those convicted. ABC News reports that Donnelly’s pro-gun challenger, NRA endorsed Mike Braun (R), won the race 53 percent to 43 percent. 

Nat’l – Industry Insider – Gun stocks slightly down after midterms

Democrats have said they would pursue tighter gun restrictions if they took the majority in the House they have now achieved. However, Senate Republicans could make passing gun legislation difficult. 

OR – New Products – Crimson Trace Extends BOGO Light Offer

PR NET – Crimson Trace® today announced that it has extended its Buy One/Get One offer for its popular Crimson Tactical Light. Under this program, customers who purchase any new Crimson Trace laser sight between September 1, 2018 and November 26, 2018 will be eligible to receive a free Rail Master® CMR-208 tactical light. This program is a great value — with a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $99.99…

Long Range Shooting Champion Jon Pynch Closes out 2018 with Multiple Wins

Comer, Ga. (November 2018) –With the 2018 precision and long range shooting competitions coming to a close, MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles and Chassis Systems, are proud to announce the MPA BA Chassis system took home more top awards and provided champion shooter, Jon Pynch with the winning platform for his 2018 National Rifle League Championship and Final Winner award.

Jon is also currently the number…

SIG SAUER Academy Adds Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor to 2019 Course Line-Up

Newington, N.H. (November 7, 2018) – SIG SAUER Academy, the leading provider of the highest quality firearms instruction and tactical training in the world, is pleased to announce a new course offering for 2019 with the addition of Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor to the SIG SAUER Academy course line-up. The first offering of this class is January 31, 2019 at the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, New Hampshire.

FL – Gun Control – Pain for Parkland students after pro-gun candidates win: ‘I’m shaking with anger’

CA – Courts – Kavanaugh makes no difference on attempt to upend Calif. concealed handgun law

Opponents of California’s restrictions on carrying concealed handguns in public lost a U.S. Supreme Court challenge last year but were hoping for different results with the recent arrival on the court of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whose past decisions took a broad view of the right to own firearms. But after the first go-round, the state law remains intact.

Nat’l – Gun Control – Gun control, tariffs and the issues that have literally fallen off the map in the midterms

In the headlong plunge toward the midterms, what aren’t folks paying attention to? The universe of potential answers is infinite, from “gun control” to “the endoplasmic reticulum,” but data from Google can help narrow it down. 

WA – Gun Rights – Failed Senate Candidate Kicked Out of Taco Bar After Gun Rights Rally at UW (VIDEO)

Patriot Prayer took a field trip to Seattle this weekend. The group, led byfailed-Senate hopeful Joey Gibson, claim to be a conservative free speech group, but that free speech tends to incite violence wherever Patriot Prayer goes. Usually, that’s in Portland, or Vancouver, Washington, Gibson’s home turf.  

Nat’l – Gun Control – Censorship, Gun Control Can’t Guarantee Safety

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh is being used to justify new infringements on liberty. Of course, opponents of gun rights are claiming this shooting proves America needs more gun control.

PA – Gun Politics – Man charged in threat to PA poll workers

A man is accused of threatening to shoot workers at a western Pennsylvania polling place after they told him he wasn’t registered to vote.  

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