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CT – Training – NSSF’s Pull The Trigger: This month – Shooting Error with Ryan Cleckner, Competitive Pistol Shooting Tips and More (VIDEOS)

NSSF.ORG June 21, 2018 – Former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner explains how important it is to keep your rifle straight up and down when shooting at a distance. A slight cant to your rifle can cause misses when long-range shooting. Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School explains how to get a better focus on targets. By sliding your eyes to the front edge of the target it will appear…

OH – Training – Teachers and guns: Inside a firearm training where educators learn to take down shooters (VIDEO)

EDITOR’S NOTE: A version of this story ran in yesterday’s news section but without the video which wasn’t available at that time. We recommend the video.

NBC NEWS June 19, 2018 – On a recent morning in Newcomerstown, Ohio, a row of teachers stood in a line with guns drawn and moved slowly toward a row of steel plate targets. As the teachers advanced, bullets pinged off the metal with each…

OH – Training – More School Districts Offering Firearms Training To Teachers

WXXV25.COM June 19, 2018 – On a recent morning in Newcomerstown, Ohio, a row of teachers stood in a line with guns drawn and moved slowly toward a row of steel plate targets. As the teachers advanced, bullets pinged off the metal with each round they fired. The teachers had come to take part in Faster Saves Lives, a voluntary training program run by an Ohio-based nonprofit that has…

MO – Training – Simulators take officers inside St. Louis-area schools for active shooter training (VIDEO)

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH June 4, 2018 – The screens lit up and Gregory was inside the lobby of a building he had never seen. Gregory asked two teenage girls what was going on when suddenly, shots rang out. Gregory fired shots at a distant gunman, darted toward a pillar for cover, and yelled into his radio that shots had been fired and students were down. 

Me, My Liberal Wife and What Happened When We Went to a Gun Range

TIME.COM  From the Archives – There are plenty of people my lovely wife Cassandra rants against — some of whom don’t even live in our house. But the ones who get it worst are gun owners. Having grown up in a rural, gun-loving town, she finds the preppers and vigilantes to be self-heroizing macho bullies who, now that I type this sentence, I am worried she’s secretly attracted to….

WY – Training – Six Campbell Co. school staff to get firearms training

GILLETTE NEWS RECORD.COM May 24, 2018 – Campbell County School District trustees took another step in their conversation about school safety Tuesday when two of Gillette’s top law enforcement officers spoke about arming staff. Six Campbell County employees will undergo 40 hours of training in June as part of the conversation about what the training requirements would look like, said Kirby Eisenhauer, associate superintendent for instructional support. The Sheriff’s…

Shooting guns with FBI agents – behind the scenes with the Citizens Academy (VIDEO)

ASBURY PARK PRESS.COM May 15, 2018 – The 12-gauge Remington 870 blasting slugs downrange could be felt almost as much as heard – a horse kick to the shoulder of its handler and a shockwave that clapped deep in the chest of anyone standing nearby. One-ounce rifled lumps of lead were launched by folks like an IT director, the president of the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce, and even a…

NJ – Training – Lacey Super ‘Thankful’ For Group’s Free Gun Training For Students

PATCH.COM May 8, 2018 – Lacey Schools Superintendent Craig Wigley, who remained largely silent on the controversial gun issue at recent school board meetings, says he is grateful for the New Jersey Second Amendment Society’s offer of free firearms training for Lacey students. “Although we cannot specifically sanction out of school-sponsored activities by all organizations, we are thankful for the opportunity offered to our students by NJ2AS,” Wigley said…

TX – Opinion – Teachers With Guns: What should be done about school shootings?

REASON.COM  April 25, 2018 – After the horrible shooting in Parkland, Florida, President Trump suggested that some teachers carry guns. “We need to let people know, you come in to our schools—you’re gonna be dead.” Anti-gun activists were horrified. But they probably didn’t know that many teachers have brought guns to work with them for years. Some teachers at the Keene Independent School District in Texas carry concealed weapons…

IL – Training – New Bill Aims to Mandate More Training For School Cops  (VIDEO)

NBC CHICAGO.COM  April 9, 2018 – In the wake of mass school shootings across the nation, more schools are considering adding armed officers, even armed teachers. Tragedies like the Valentine’s Day deadly shooting that rocked the Parkland, Florida community have sparked national debates on gun control and school safety. And in Illinois, they frame the conversation for new legislation. 

CA – Training – New Bill Aims To Create State Mandate For CCW Permit Training (VIDEO ONLY)

SACRAMENTO.CBS-LOCAL.COM  April 9, 2018 – CBS13’s Angela Musallam has more on the California state assembly bill that aims at requiring live-fire training for Concealed Weapons Permit applicants. 

SD – Training – Defending the NRA: Local members say organization fights for their gun rights

INFORUM.COM March 27, 2018 – When he’s teaching a beginner how to shoot a pistol, Darrell Kersting doesn’t look at the target to see where the bullets are going but at the shooter’s hands and eyes. “If you maybe see a lot of what’s called ‘muzzle flip,’ they maybe are not holding the gun up as high so it balances and receives that energy correctly,” he said Friday night,…

MO – Training – A Missouri law allows armed teachers. Schools are using something else

ST. LOUIS PUBLIC RADIO (NPR) March 27, 2018 – Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Monday shrugged off barbs from gun control advocates disappointed with the Florida Republican for not doing more to crack down on access to firearms. “I’m a U.S. senator; I can defend myself. But a lot of people can’t, and the message to them is: If you don’t agree, you need to be quiet or go away…

PA – Training – School Personnel in These Gun-Control States Are Trained in Firearms Use

DAILY SIGNAL.COM March 25, 2018 – Allowing teachers to have access to firearms at school became a national issue after President Donald Trump advocated it in response to the Feb. 14 massacre of 17 at a Parkland, Florida, high school. Pennsylvania is one of a few traditionally pro-gun control states where school personnel have been trained by the Ohio-based FASTER Saves Lives program. The name is an acronym for…

AZ – Training – Gun range offers ‘pistol camp’ to teach kids how to handle firearms

AZ FAMILY.COM March 16, 2018 – A gun range in Texas is aiming to teach children how to handle a firearm. Matt Fleming, owner of Best Shot Range, said he created a pistol camp for children so they could learn about guns in a safe environment. Some of the youngest participants are just 8 years old. 


FL – Training – Gun shop owner says since Parkland, he’s seeing surge in concealed carry classes

CBS 12.COM February 28, 2018 – Gun dealers are reporting an uptick in South Floridians applying for concealed carry permits. A gun store owner near downtown West Palm Beach offers concealed carry classes every weekend, and he says recently business has doubled because of the Parkland shooting spree. 

CO – Training – Preparing for active shooters in southern Colorado (VIDEO)

KRDO NEWS CHANNEL 13 ABC February 14, 2018 – Southern Colorado has not had a school shooting with a death toll comparable to Columbine, Sandy Hook or Wednesday’s tragedy in Florida but that hasn’t stopped locals from preparing for such a scenario. In the past few years, authorities have worked with schools in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Pueblo and Woodland Park in training exercises.  

Nat’l – Training – Breaking the glass ceiling, more women across the country are becoming firearm instructors

NEWS 5 CLEVELAND.COM February 7, 2018 – Nearly 13 million Americans have permits to carry concealed handguns, which is triple the number from just nine years ago, and a good portion of them are women. 

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