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MI – TRAINING – Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office offering churches free safety and security training (VIDEO)

It’s a conversation the Lapeer County Sheriff says many people don’t want to have. But, Sheriff Scott McKenna says church security has to be a priority in our world today. 

VA – TRAINING – Forget Just Going After Firearms, Anti-Gunners Don’t Even Want Ranges

The pressure against private ownership of firearms is so intense these days that shooting ranges are being squeezed to the point that some states are devising laws to protect them while other jurisdictions find themselves having to defend decisions to allow shooting ranges. 

OR – TRAINING – Hunters ed students test skills during field day

The most important points 10-year-old Alexis Anderton of Prairie City said she learned during a recent hunter education course was to “keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, and treat every gun like it’s loaded.” 

NAT’L – TRAINING – Sign of our Times: A Culture of Fear

“On Monday, the boys were forced to meet with an assistant principal and an anti-bullying specialist, who quickly decided to punish them for clearly constitutionally-protected speech.” 

CA – TRANING – #NotMeSD Launched for Women Gun Owners in California

Dozens of women have come together to create the #NotMeSD, an initiative “to provide education, firearms training and personal assistance in obtaining a California CCW (Permit to carry a firearm) if desired.”

KY – TRAINING – Gun Owners Use Virtual Reality To Prepare For Self-Defense Situations

Gun owners can prepare on a range to simulate a situation where an emergency draw is necessary, but range preparation can only do so much. 

MD – TRAINING – The GUNTRY Club of Maryland Coming to Merritt Properties Space in Owings Mills

The GUNTRY Club of Maryland, a new Merritt Properties tenant at 10705 Red Run Boulevard in Owings Mills, will be opening a 63,625-square-foot indoor shooting range and training facility this fall. 

AZ – Training – Second Knoll Target Range enters its busy season

The Second Knoll Target Range is in its third year of operation. April 1 marked the start of summer hours and good weather from now through fall will keep the range busy with activity. 

CO – TRAINING – Parker city council to decide fate of contested gun range near residences

It’s been more than a year since some Parker residents have fought to keep a proposed gun range out of their community. 

OH – TRAINING – Metroparks considered concealed carry weapons training for top staff: What you need to know

The Cleveland Metroparks considered offering top managers of the park system training that would have allowed them to carry a concealed handgun on the job. 

WV – TRAINING – What Other Editors Say: New gun owners should always seek training

We at The Daily Independent aren’t huge fans of this legislation, but we aren’t opposed to it, either. We believe a vast majority of gun owners interested in concealed carry – 90 percent or more – are responsible gun owners who frankly don’t need a permit. 

VA – TRAINING – Quiz: Do You Know Advanced-Handgun Training Terms?

How much do you know about advanced-handgun training terms? Take our 10-question quiz to find out. 


OR – TRAINING – OPTA Winter Workshop Focused on Active Threat Training for School Bus Drivers

SCENARIOS: A kindergarten student finds his mother’s gun in her nightstand and brings it on the bus, showing other students. An amped-up parent forces his way on the bus to confront a student who has been bullying his son. He displays a weapon, threatening the student. 

UT – TRAINING – American Fork woman works to train women in handling firearms

Debby Jackson sat at her kitchen table cleaning a disassembled Sig Sauer P365 handgun. Jackson removed the buildup from the barrel, which natural develops after firing the gun.

IN – TRAINING  – Community weighs in on teacher firearm training bill (VIDEO)

On Monday, the Indiana House of Representatives passed a bill which would allow funding for school corporations to train teachers who volunteer to be armed during school. 

MO – TRAINING – Missouri gun range has their aim on unique Valentine’s day experience

This Valentine’s day, some gun owners are shooting for a date night like never before. 

NJ – TRAINING – A cop gave me a gun and let me decide when to shoot. Here’s what happened

In March, Scott Mielentz, who has a history of mental health issues, was killed by officers after he raised a weapon toward them in a Princeton Panera shop. It turned out to be a BB gun. 

WA – TRAINING – Washington Lawmaker Wants To Require Firearm Training Before Passing Gun Regulations

Republican State Senator Phil Fortunato has concerns about Washington’s gun control laws. More specifically, he doubts many lawmakers’ knowledge and experience when crafting a gun law. 

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