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Gun initiative would needlessly overburden law-abiding citizens

PENINSULA DAILY NEWS October 5, 2018 – Initiative 1639 mandates concealed carry permits before handgun purchases. For semi-automatic rifles purchases, individuals older than 21 must acquire an “enhanced background check,” requiring applicants’ state certification of completed firearm safety training within the last five years from a government authorized agency, “nationally recognized organization” or a “nationally recognized” organization’s instructors. After a $25 fee, signing detailed identification paperwork and 10 business…

VA – Training – Back to Basics: 5 Things That Will Improve Your Handgun Marksmanship

AMERICAN RIFLEMAN.ORG (NRA) October 3, 2018 – When someone asks me what they can do to improve their pistol marksmanship, I tell them “Do not, do not, do not follow my example.” When I started learning—it is an ongoing process, I learn something every time I go out to shoot—I did everything the hard way. Whether it was shooting too much live ammo vis-à-vis dry-fire practice to attempting to…

MD – Training – Active shooter safety training comes to a local church (VIDEO)

LOCAL DVM.COM September 25, 2018 – Setting a plan, fighting, and escaping are some of the ways the Washington County Sheriff’s Department is telling church members how to handle the possibility of an active shooter. It is a situation nobody can imagine being in, but the Washington County Sheriff’s Department wants to give people the knowledge and tips on what to do during an active shooter situation. 

IN – Training – Sheriff: Gun safety and training paramount

HERALD BULLETIN.COM September 23, 2018 – More calls than usual of unwieldy gunshots in unincorporated Madison County have residents asking about gun laws. Sheriff Scott Mellinger addressed the increase in a post on the Madison County Sheriff’s Facebook page. Reports that guns have been fired too close to homes or cars in these rural areas have come in once a week or several times a week, according to the…

KY – Training – Through the eyes of police: A reporter’s experience within the a law enforcement simulator (VIDEO)

SOMERSET.KENTUCKY.COM September 16, 2018 – The woman in the parked car in front of me was slowly reaching for a gun. I drew my gun as well, but I felt helpless, confused. I tried talking to her, asking her to tell me if she had family I could call. Asking her to drop her gun while still pointing mine at her. From beside me, a voice asked, “Why didn’t…

PA – Training – Virtual gun range prepares customers for real-life dangers

CITIZEN’S VOICE.COM September 16, 2018 – Customers entering REDCON Tactical Simulation Training in Forty Fort never know what to expect when they walk through the door. They might encounter a bank robbery and hostage situation, home invasion, carjacking or argument between a man and woman that suddenly turns violent. In a split second they have to decide: Should they pull out their pistol and fire? 

NextLevel Training Offers Practice “Optic”(VIDEO)

AMERICA’S 1ST FREEDOM.ORG (NRA) September 13, 2018 – If you’ve recently added an optic on your handgun, you’ve probably realized that you have to line up your firearm a little differently to hit the target. Now, you want to get your muscle memory conditioned for that change, but you don’t want to burn through hundreds of live rounds to do it. Well, no need to worry about that now….

CA – Training – Bill That Mandates Training For Concealed Permits Throughout California Now On Governor’s Desk

KPBS.ORG (NPR) September 5, 2018 – State Assemblymember Todd Gloria wants to require all municipalities in California to require live fire training to get a concealed carry permit. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday there are 1,704 active concealed carry permits in San Diego. The Sheriff’s department here already requires people to complete live-fire training before getting a permit. 

Nat’l – Training – NRA School Shield: Free of Politics, Free of Charge

AMERICA’S 1ST FREEDOM.ORG (NRA) August 30, 2018 – “We must do something!” After every horrific school shooting, so-called “mainstream” media, anti-gun politicians and self-righteous Hollywood celebrities raise the same cry to do something … anything, to stop the slaughter of innocents. That “something,” of course, always turns out to be gun control. Only one organization involved in the national school safety conversation funds a nationwide effort to keep our school children…

IL – Training – Police lethal force training program an ‘eye-opening experience,’ Elgin councilman says

CHICAGO TRIBUNE August 14, 2018 – Spending a Saturday morning learning about how police are trained to use lethal force, the policies that govern when to use it and putting those skills into practice was an eye-opening experience for Elgin City Councilman John Steffen. “I learned today that there is so much more that goes into policing than I ever imagined,” Steffen said. Thanks to movies and TV, people believe an…

Nat’l – Training – The Government Wants to Teach Students How to Treat Gunshot Wounds. That Could Save Lives, Experts Say (VIDEO)

TIME.COM August 14, 2018 – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is offering a new $1.8 million grant for a program teaching high school students “mass casualty survival techniques” in the event of school shootings, expanding a training that some medical experts say should be “as common as CPR.” The School-Age Trauma Training program will aim to teach high school students medical triage and bleeding control techniques to help victims who…

TX – Self-Protection – Gunshots, fake blood part of back-to-school safety training at Midway ISD

WACO TRIBUNE.COM August 14, 2018 – The classroom full of teachers at Midway Middle School knew they were part of a drill, playing a role. But in the light of recent news reports, the scene seemed all too real once the screaming started. “Guys, gun! There’s a gun! There’s a gun! Please help,” yelled Tori Wardlaw, a Midway High School freshman theater student, as she ran into the classroom….

Nat’l – Training – Shooting Left of Center: Training Tips to Get on Target

SHOOTING ILLUSTRATED.COM (NRA) August 13, 2018 – You have managed to become a pretty good pistol shooter, but your groups—whether fired fast or slow—tend to favor the left of where you are aiming as a right-handed shooter. Often, the first shots hit closer to the center of your target, but as more shots are fired the hits tend to stray to the left of where you are aiming, forming…

FL – Training – Florida schools struggle to meet security rule

JOPLIN GLOBE.COM August 7, 2018 – Florida reacted to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre by becoming the first state to require police or armed guards at all public schools. It’s a mandate many districts are struggling to meet, financially and logistically. In the first comprehensive statewide examination of the program, an Associated Press survey of Florida’s 67 countywide school districts found all campuses will be covered when…

GA – Training – Shoot or don’t shoot? Training facility lets people become first responders (VIDEO)

CBS46.COM August 7, 2018 – It’s the split-second decision outsiders often criticize but rarely understand when it comes to an officer’s use of deadly force. We investigated a brand new training facility that puts regular citizens in the shoes of first responders to see what they would do. The facility is located in an inconspicuous shopping center at ground level, yet go 25 feet underground and there it is, a bulletproof…

Nat’l – Training – 6 Skill-Building Plate-Rack Drills for Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns

SHOOTING ILLUSTRATED.COM (NRA) August 6, 2018 – The plate rack. What is more common on the shooting range than this iconic target array? Six 8-inch round steel targets set 14 inches on center. (Twenty inches, if it’s going to be used in Bianchi Cup competition.) Hit one and it falls down out of sight. This target is in almost every USPSA and 3-gun match and on most training ranges….

Interest, opposition grow for teacher gun training in Colorado

KRDO.COM July 20, 2018 – In the second year of gun training for Colorado teachers to defend against active shooters, more people are seeking the training, and more people are also expressing opposition to the concept. FASTER Colorado is conducting and providing the training. The instructors are current law enforcement officers who require trainees to meet the same standards as police officers and deputies to handle weapons and use deadly…

AR – Training – Immanuel Baptist Church and TOUCH Coalition Host Active Shooter Training (VIDEO)

MYARKLAMISS.COM July 16, 2018 – Joan Gauthreaux’s reason for taking this active shooter training is personal. Four years ago, her son – in -law lost his life to gun violence while working on a friend’s truck. “This was in Little Rock, and there were some gangs there, and he didn’t jump fast enough or move fast enough or said something,” she said. “I have no idea. What she does…

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