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Nat’l – Unclassified – Efforts Mounting to Bar Gun Possession by Those Convicted of Animal Cruelty

THE TRACE.COM October 24, 2018 – A conviction for domestic violence in the United States strips a person of the legal right to possess a gun. It doesn’t matter if the conviction is a misdemeanor or a felony. Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that a person who abuses animals also has a higher likelihood of hurting other people. And that insight has begun fueling a push, at the state…

Man arrested after allegedly threatening a mass shooting at Penn State’s Beaver Stadium

YORK DISPATCH.COM August 24, 2018 – Penn State police arrested a 22-year-old man for allegedly making a threat aimed at Beaver Stadium during football season. According to a university press release Thursday, police arrested Charles Thomas Hitechew, of Gibsonia. University police, along with the FBI, investigated a threat shared on Twitter on Aug. 8. “I have decided that I’m going to commit the biggest mass shooting in history of the world,…

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