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IL – Gun Control – Parenting in the Age of Mass Shootings

CHICAGONOW.COM October 28, 2018 – Taking our boys to Sunday school felt different this morning. It started the same as before with boys and girls, parents, and staff settling into the social hall. But the energy, along with turnout was low, side conversations tempered, and a cloud of unease and somberness hung above. The rabbi started a song about the power of each student in the room and the…

Nat’l – AT ISSUE/Gun Control – A Real Long-Term Solution to Gun Violence

WASHINGTON MONTHLY.COM October 28, 2018 – Semiautomatic assault rifles, like the AR-15 and its competitors, are at the center of the gun debate, primarily because of their role in recent mass shootings. But mass shootings make up a small fraction of gun injuries and deaths in America. Moreover, according to a 2013 government report, a handgun was involved in roughly two-thirds of mass shootings in the U.S. since the…

Nat’l – Gun Control – Law Enforcement: Synagogue Attacker ‘Legally Owned His Guns’

BREITBART.COM October 28, 2018 – A law enforcement official says Tree of Life Synagogue shooting suspect Robert Bowers “legally owned his guns.” On Saturday CNN reported that Bowers had a “license to carry a firearm.” Breitbart News reported that acquiring a carry permit requires a background check, which would mean Bowers would be able to legally purchase firearms. 

NY – Self-Protection – Brooklyn president tells off-duty cops to bring guns to church

NEW YORK POST.COM October 28, 2018 – Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said Sunday that he plans to carry his gun to church — and encouraged off-duty cops to follow suit — in the wake of Saturday’s horrific synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. “I used to carry my gun all the time when I went to church,” the retired cop-turned-pol said at a press conference Sunday, according to video posted to social…

Nat’l – Self-Protection – Security experts say houses of worship vulnerable to attacks

NBC NEWS.COM October 27, 2018 – After a massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday, President Donald Trump suggested armed guards belong at houses of worship — a safety measure the Jewish community has deployed for at least two decades, security experts said. “If they had protection inside, the results would have been far better,” Trump said after the shooting that left 11 dead and six injured, two critically. 

Nat’l – Opinion – Social media is the machine gun of modern disinformation war

THE HILL.COM October 26, 2018 – At the turn of the last century, warfare was considered orderly and honorable. The idea of hiding, or even not marching in formation, was cowardly. But by the time World War One began, the machine gun was forcing the entire method of combat to change. Camouflage, lying on the ground even digging trenches for cover, were all responses to the unprecedented danger of…

FL – Gun Rights – Man Arrested In Florida With ‘Arsenal’ Of Guns, Swastika And Bullet-Resistant Vest

NEWSWEEK.COM October 26, 2018 – A South Dakota man was arrested in Florida with an “arsenal” of guns, a bullet-resistant vest and a knife with a swastika, according to the Miami Herald. David Goldammer, 32, was charged with DUI, carrying a concealed weapon and openly carrying a concealed weapon after he was found in Miami Beach with five loaded handguns and a rifle. An arrest report said authorities located a South Dakota…

VA – Opinion – Gun Control Doesn’t Reflect What America Wants

NRA-ILA.ORG (NRA) October 26, 2018 – The danger facing gun owners is very real. Without a historic effort from pro-gun voters, gun control will be on agendas throughout the country come January. But the threat doesn’t come from a grassroots movement, it comes from a cadre of wealthy elites who are intent on eliminating your fundamental rights. 

Nat’l – Gun Politics – Midterms: Gun control groups outspend NRA and other gun rights rivals

OPEN SECRETS.ORG (CRP) October 26, 2018 – Gun rights groups flexed their influence during the 2016 election, spending nearly $55 million on media and advertisements, including nearly $20 million in opposition to Hillary Clinton and more than $11 million in support of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, gun control groups had less of an impact, shelling out less than $3 million in outside spending.

Hunting Antelope On Their Turf

OUTDOOR LIFE.COM From the Archives – “The only way to hunt antelope is from a pickup truck,” the man said, banging his glass down on the bar. And with that he strode out. We had been debating the ethics of hunting antelope, and his philosophies were, well, different than mine. His final statement summed up both his position and our differences. Antelope are probably more disrespected than any other…

PA – Gun Control – Gun control, once a third rail, now a key issue as Democrats seek to control House

PILOT ONLINE.COM October 26, 2018 –  Two years ago, when Democrat Chrissy Houlahan began running for Congress, people told the military veteran and former high school teacher to stay away from one topic: Gun control. “There was a caution to me … that it wasn’t a quote-unquote winning issue,” she recalled. Supporting major gun control policies, she has been endorsed by gun safety groups and is favored to win…

NY – Hunting – Fewer Canada geese, mallard ducks: Hunting restrictions will tighten next year

SYRACUSE.COM October 26, 2018 – Upstate New York waterfowl hunters will see a decrease next year in the migratory Canada geese and mallard duck they can shoot – and in the case of Canada geese, in the number of days they can be hunted. The revised regulations – the result of an overall estimated drop in the birds’ numbers – were approved by the Atlantic Flyway Council in September….

ID – Gun Rights – As Gun-Debates Rage Nationwide, Idaho Politicians Campaign To Prove They Will Not Be Outgunned

KUNC.ORG (NPR) October 26, 2018 – There’s a lot of talk about guns in political campaigns this year, much of it focused on regulations aimed at preventing mass shootings. But in states like Idaho, where well over half the population has guns, politicians on all sides are angling to be the most firearms-friendly candidate. Paulette Jordan, a former state representative and self-described progressive running for governor, was heavily criticized by conservative groups like the…

WI – Training – Active shooter training in Iowa Co. ends early after gun scare

WKOW.COM October 26, 2018 – An active shooter training drill on Friday in Iowa County at the courthouse in Dodgeville took a bizarre turn when authorities had to put lockdown procedures in place because of a gun scare near the training. Emergency Management Director Keith Hurlbert tells 27 News that someone inside a nearby apartment at E. Merrimac St. and N. Iowa Street racked a shotgun by priming the…

Both sides in gun debate gear up for election

MPR NEWS.ORG (NPR) October 26, 2018 – Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus political director Rob Doar’s ears perked up last weekend during an attorney general debate when the moderator asked Republican candidate Doug Wardlow if he would ever favor universal background checks for gun purchases. “Yes, yes I would,” replied Wardlow. “But the fact of the matter is that again is a legislative question.” The day after the debate, Doar…

Alaska should recruit ‘distressed gun manufacturers,’ Dunleavy says

DAILY NEWS-MINER.COM October 26, 2018 – Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy says he would try to make gun manufacturing a big part of Alaska’s future. “You bring up an outfit like a Ruger, or a Springfield or Remington to the state of Alaska, you’ll have jobs for generations,” said Dunleavy, sounding like a candidate for governor of the Alaska gun club. “We’re a gun-friendly state. We have the third…

MI – Gun Rights – Gun possession case backfires

TRAVERSE CITY RECORD-EAGLE.COM October 26, 2018 – A grand jury indicted Mark Andrew McMichael on two charges after investigators found dozens of firearms and thousands of bullets in his home. Officials searched his Grand Traverse County home Dec. 1 and found approximately 76 guns, some stowed between wall studs and ceiling rafters — including “AR-15 and AK-47 type semiautomatic rifles” — and more than 17,500 rounds of ammunition, according…

PA – Hunting – New regulation expands the role of ‘public’ hunting for suburban deer

MSN.COM (Via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) October 26, 2018 – A recent clarification in Game Commission regulations might impact the role of police in managing deer in Mt. Lebanon and other Pennsylvania municipalities. In an attempt to reduce deer-vehicle collisions by 50 percent, Mt. Lebanon commissioners agreed to pair annual firearm culls with a controlled archery program. Some council members said at the time they felt more comfortable if local police…

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