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YOUR TURN – September 20, 2017 – Is 3D Printing Airsoft Guns a Reality?

Editor’s Note: Your Turn is a feature wherein we provide space for readers to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions which are their own and not necessarily those of GunProPlus.

By Michael Kellar — As an airsoft passionate and a 3D printing aficionado, I can’t complain with regards to the wonderful technological times we’re living. I am at the perfect crossroad between technology and airsoft popularity! With the technological development that happened…

The GRIM Future of Retail Firearm Sales in the U.S.A.

By Jim Shults — When reading through a recent copy of Forbes, I keyed in on an article about major brick and mortar retailers having problems (to say the least) with losses to internet sales. You see, my wife and I had just been in a Dillard’s store in Scottsdale’s Fashion Mall. This huge (I would guess 200,000 square feet per floor), multi-level store was packed with costly inventory, cost a…

YOUR TURN: 17 Reasons To Own a Gun and Holster in 2017

By David King

COPS PLUS.COM May 18, 2017 – Today, the controversy of gun ownership is a heated issue in the United States. While some believe there should be strict gun control laws, Americans are eagerly working to arm themselves for the sake of protection. As fear rises across the nation, properly trained individuals who legally have the right to carry a firearm have formed clubs to help others learn…

Your Turn: If the NRA Ran the DOT

This is a typical cartoon from that lame-stream liberal media icon, The New Yorker. If guns were unregulated, there would be mayhem. What a simplistic metaphor. In Switzerland, where all military men are required to keep an assault rifle and ample ammunition in their homes, traffic engineers have studied the inefficiency of over regulation. It turns out those intersections without stop lights, or even stop signs, are actually safer…

YOUR TURN: William Gregg: Impossible To Control Guns In America

COURIER-JOURNAL (KY) July 29, 2016 – Whenever a mass shooting occurs, the progressive-left automatically demands more gun control laws. That’s a pretext. Their real goal is the complete removal of all guns from the hands of private American citizens. In the early 20th century, America decided to institute a complete ban on alcohol. It was called Prohibition. How did that work? The only thing Prohibition did was create a monolithic…

YOUR TURN: Rich Loudenback: GUNS: Carrying Freedom Forward

CDAPRESS.COM (ID) July 29, 2016 – Is there a better example of how open carry law serves as a detriment to would be shooters than the recent success of the GOP Convention in Cleveland? I’d say not. Present were a lot of radicals up to causing trouble for the proceedings including an in your face “armed to the teeth” vigilante New Black Panther Group. So concerned about possibilities becoming…

Ledet v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (1:16-cv-00865), District Of Columbia District Court

Ledet v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (1:16-cv-00865), District Of Columbia District Court

Larry Pratt – Executive Director, Gun Owners of America
Alan Gottlieb – Vice President, Second Amendment Foundation
Wayne LaPierre – Executive Vice President, National Rifle Association
Chris Cox – Executive Director, NRA-ILA
Dean Rieck – Executive Director, Buckeye Firearms Association


I’m writing you today because I am either a lifetime member of your organizations or you are my state firearm rights group. Back…

Your Turn: Karen Butler, Conservative Woman Voter

Enough is Enough.  I have a feeling that the terrorists are not surprised by our elected leaders’ responses to the terrorist attack on American citizens in Orlando, Florida in the early morning hours of June 12th, 2016 – but we should be. …

The Time Has Come For Counterpunching Against the Left

Bob Cherry | June 16, 2016 — These anti-gunners have taken the gloves off and are getting serious. It time that those of us who value the Constitution and the Second Amendment become more active in countering their aggressiveness. Articles are now popping up in the liberal press advocating a special court to eliminate the 2nd Amendment all together ( and

It is blatantly clear…

Take a New Shooter Out — Get Free Ammo

Thursday, June 16, 2016 — With Father’s Day coming up Sunday, odds seem good that a lot of us will be spending time with family. We have a program that will send free 9mm ammo to families who introduce their kids or any new shooter to gun safety and the shooting sports. I thought with the holiday and talk about firearms these days, it might be something you’d be…

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