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YOUR TURN – September 20, 2017 – Is 3D Printing Airsoft Guns a Reality?

Editor’s Note: Your Turn is a feature wherein we provide space for readers to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions which are their own and not necessarily those of GunProPlus.

By Michael Kellar — As an airsoft passionate and a 3D printing aficionado, I can’t complain with regards to the wonderful technological times we’re living. I am at the perfect crossroad between technology and airsoft popularity! With the technological development that happened…

The GRIM Future of Retail Firearm Sales in the U.S.A.

By Jim Shults — When reading through a recent copy of Forbes, I keyed in on an article about major brick and mortar retailers having problems (to say the least) with losses to internet sales. You see, my wife and I had just been in a Dillard’s store in Scottsdale’s Fashion Mall. This huge (I would guess 200,000 square feet per floor), multi-level store was packed with costly inventory, cost a…

YOUR TURN: 17 Reasons To Own a Gun and Holster in 2017

By David King

COPS PLUS.COM May 18, 2017 – Today, the controversy of gun ownership is a heated issue in the United States. While some believe there should be strict gun control laws, Americans are eagerly working to arm themselves for the sake of protection. As fear rises across the nation, properly trained individuals who legally have the right to carry a firearm have formed clubs to help others learn…

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