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Nat’l – Gun Safety – Keeping Your Kids Safe: How to Tackle Gun Safety

YOUR TURN | By Tom Ginevra – July 24, 2018 – Safety is one of the main considerations when you have guns around the house. It’s even more important if you also happen to have kids in the home too! A gun will always be attractive to the enquiring minds of children, so you need to be certain they can’t get their hands on your weapons, or indeed your…

Your Turn: Chiappa’s Little Badger – The Little Survival Rifle That Could

By Jeff Oxford — Guns for prepping. That is a topic we can talk about for article after article. There are considerations for both hunting and self-protection. Today we are going to look at the small-game-hunting role and why I think a reliable and lightweight .22 can be a valuable asset.

A lot of people praise the .22 as the ultimate survival rifle. I don’t believe this is true, but…

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