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Christmas Goose Hunting VIDEOS

Christmas Goose Hunt 1:08 min.

GoPro Goose hunting Christmas morning. Only had 1 good group come in before we had to stop and go see what Santa delivered! After this trip, someone should have asked for a new shotgun or a baseball bat!

Little Geese and Too Much Fun 7:40 min.

This is the first Willamette Valley goose hunt filmed by Red West Outdoors. We ended up getting our four man limit, but when the hunting had a slow section we may have had a little to much fun filming.

Let It Snow…Geese 3:15 min.

Goose crazy as far as the eye can see.

The Wait and the Chase | Goose Hunt 6:21 min.

For us, the excitement of a hunt is in “The Wait”, the anticipation and the moment we rise from our blind to finally take our shot. There is another layer for our four legged hunting partners…”The Chase.” Their adrenaline release is on the sound of their name, when it’s between them and the bird on the ground. This hunt reminds us of why we love to hunt with our labs and the extra excitement it brings.

Incredible Late Season Goose Hunt! 55 Geese!

Late season goose hunt, as seen on Michigan Out of Doors TV.

Christmas Eve Goose Hunting / Hammering Specklebellies in HD

Dropping the hammer on specks in the natural state! A white Christmas, of sorts.

Gordon Ramsay – Spiced Christmas Goose 7:29 min.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay prepares a spiced Christmas goose.

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