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CO – EDITORIAL OPINION – Left-wing activists don’t have special gun rights

All-American rednecks know how to use their guns. Wannabe rednecks get themselves in trouble. Just ask the founder of the Pikes Peak Region’s chapter of Redneck Revolt, an oxymoronic left-wing militia. Left-wing rioters armed with military-style rifles menaced residents of a middle-class neighborhood in Colorado Springs Aug. 3. Though the media mostly ignored the violent nature of the protest, law enforcement took it seriously. They arrested three protesters Friday in connection with the riot. It began when Black Lives Matter, Antifa and members of the Redneck Revolt marched into the Pulpit Rock neighborhood to riot in the street and outside the home of Alan Van’t Land, a Colorado Springs police officer. Van’t Land is one of two officers cleared of wrongdoing in the tragic deadly shooting of armed suspect De’Von Bailey, who ran from the officers on Aug. 3 of 2019 after they detained him on a report of armed robbery. Bailey had his hands near his gun, in the front of his athletic shorts, as he fled. Officers had a witness account of the concealed gun and feared Bailey posed an imminent threat to them and the community. They fired in a moment of potentially dangerous chaos. KRDO TV video of the Pulpit Rock riot, on the anniversary of Baily’s shooting, shows multiple armed protesters with military-grade rifles blocking neighborhood residents from returning to their homes. One protester stands in the firing position with a rifle aimed toward a pickup. Other protesters appear to threaten the driver through his side window. After a month-long investigation in coordination with the FBI, police arrested Sherrie Smith of Fountain, Lloyd Porche of Denver, and Charles Johnson of Colorado Springs. Authorities charged Smith, 36, with three felonies in connection with pointing her rifle toward an occupied vehicle and for menacing and engaging in a riot. They charged Porche, 33, with menacing while armed and engaging in a riot. They charged Johnson with attempted robbery and inciting a riot.  [full article]

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