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CO – GUN CONTROL – Poor time to make gun control a priority 

Facing the challenges of shepherding government services through the back end of a pandemic — on a strained budget, no less — state lawmakers might be expected to concentrate on legislative priorities with broad public support. Is there room, amid programs and policies aimed at helping Coloradans survive the economic hardship of the pandemic, to seize on an issue as divisive as gun control? Having retained their statehouse majority after the general election, Democratic state lawmakers have signaled their intent to introduce three pieces of gun control legislation this year, according to the Colorado Sun. This is the sort of thing that Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert loves to amplify her message of “freedom.” It doesn’t matter how “common sense” the bills are — or that their aim is largely to reduce accidental shootings and suicide — the takeaway for many will simply be, “there the Dems go again — undermining the rights of law-abiding citizens …” Democrats are teeing up conflict at a time when we need all the bipartisan cooperation we can muster. But with a 41-24 majority in the House, a 20-15 majority in the Senate and a governor ready to sign their bills, Democratic lawmakers see a runway cleared for takeoff. Striking while the iron is hot is how controversial bills get passed. Perhaps there shouldn’t be controversy. The bills seem reasonable from our perspective. The one likely to be most controversial would establish a waiting period between the purchase of a firearm and when the buyer can access it.  [full article]

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