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CO – GUN SAFETY – How Colorado lawmakers are trying to make schools safer

The four Democrats and four Republicans on the committee will meet four times and perhaps draft bills designed to make students and teachers safer. The committee is casting a wide net, taking into account school culture and climate, mental health services, and the problem of youth suicide, which claims far more lives than school shootings or other homicides. We are going beyond shootings. We are not ignoring shootings, but there is a lot that goes into violence in schools, and we would like to address the entirety of it, because I believe the root causes are the same. Gun control is not going to be the main focus of this committee. Dozens of red-shirted gun control activists from Moms Demand Action filled the hearing room, but the conversation barely touched on firearms. Occasionally one of the women would mutter “guns” when lawmakers questioned what they could do that would make a difference. But gun control is one of the most contentious and partisan issues in the Colorado legislature, and committee members want to focus on areas of potential agreement. That doesn’t necessarily mean Democrats won’t run additional gun control legislation in 2020. But it doesn’t seem likely that the school safety committee will take the lead.  [full article]

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