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CO – LAW ENFORCEMENT – Colorado law enforcement agencies see fewer applicants, increased shortages, survey finds

Fewer people are choosing careers in law enforcement and officer shortages have increased, results of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police and County Sheriffs of Colorado survey suggest. The survey also found experienced officers are leaving law enforcement entirely. After Colorado’s legislature passed SB20-217 last June, lawmakers requested information about law enforcement officer recruitment and retention, according to the survey report. The associationreceived responses from members between Jan. 28 and Feb. 11.  According to the survey report, 73% of respondents said their agencies currently have a shortage of full-time sworn personnel, and 51% of the departments with shortages said they are larger than in the same period a year earlier. Among a selection of comments from survey responses, agency chiefs frequently said they have seen decreases in applications from qualified candidates and from applicants with a history of experience in law enforcement, making their agencies on average younger and less experienced. “This is a troubling trend because a diverse workforce that represents the best and brightest in our communities is an important part of meaningful change,” the report noted. [full article]

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