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CO – OPINION – Colorado’s experience shows Democrats’ gun control doesn’t work

If only Colorado held its presidential primaries early, like Iowa and New Hampshire. Then we could tell the Democrat presidential candidates that gun-grabbing policies don’t work. Every Democrat competing to run against Donald Trump is promising to reduce gun violence with feel-good strategies such as mandating “universal background checks” and banning “weapons of war.” While the details vary slightly, the broad objectives are the same: every single candidate supports universal background checks, and the field is evenly split between those who want to ban “assault weapons” outright and those who support a “buyback” program. “Universal background checks” is the most insidious concept, deriving most of its support from widespread ignorance fostered by misleading rhetoric from its proponents. Comprehensive background checks on all new gun purchases have already been mandatory under federal law for over 25 years. When the Democrats use the term “universal background checks” in 2019, they’re counting on people not knowing that. In reality, they’re using the term to mean transforming firearms into a special category of property that cannot be sold, traded, or gifted — even between family members — without a trip to a gun store for a new background check. “Assault weapon” is another term that has had its meaning stretched and altered dramatically since it was coined by anti-gun groups in the 1980s. The designation has no technical definition, making it a convenient vehicle for politicians wishing to create a subset of weapons subject to special regulation, mostly based on cosmetic features.  [full article]

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