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CO – OPINION – It’s just like the sanctuary city movement, only with live ammunition

Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it. Good and hard. Remember the sanctuary city movement, the strategy the Resistance (or the Democratic Party as we used to call it) deployed against Trump’s campaign against illegal immigration? The idea was, and is, to get local governments to declare that they won’t cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) efforts to arrest and deport people who were in the country illegally. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Hundreds of cities, towns, counties, school districts and even a couple of states signed on (including Boulder, natch), making it that much harder for the feds to detain illegal aliens. The idea of “sanctuary cities” and “cities of refuge” is centuries old and comes with a lot of historical and religious trappings which lend it legitimacy. A lot of progressives will tell you that Jesus would have approved. Him and Sol Alinsky. And John C. Calhoun.

Especially John C. Calhoun, the slave-owning dead white guy from South Carolina whose political pedigree included vice president to two presidents (John Qunicy Adams and Andrew Jackson), U.S. senator from South Carolina, congressman, secretary of state and secretary of war. Calhoun is the guy who really would have grokked the sanctuary city movement. That’s because his most important contribution to American political thought was the doctrine of “nullification,” which held that states could refuse to enforce federal laws they didn’t approve of within their borders. Which is essentially what self-declared sanctuary cities are doing — nullifying federal law they don’t like within their borders.  [full article]


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