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CO – OPINION – YOUR TURN: Guns make us safer and we have proof

Maine has just been designated as the No. 1 safest state in the nation. Vermont held this illustrious honor for several years but they’re fine with it. Since 2015, residents of Maine have been allowed to carry a firearm without any special permit, no background checks. No doubt a dangerous precedent. Maine had the audacity, despite the experts who opined, “Mainers will have to be afraid every time they leave their homes!” Or that: “The law will lead to violent criminals with recent arrests and convictions carrying handguns!” When Maine passed a Constitutional Carry Law, as Vermont did many years ago, opponents ominously forecasted a dangerous future for the state. They claimed the law would hurt public safety and put Maine kids at risk. But, oh my, a statement from U.S. News & World Report on rankings of the safest states has named Maine as No. 1 in the nation for public safety. Doesn’t this fly in the faces of those who claim that guns commit violence apparently all by themselves?  [full article]

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