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CO – TRAINING – Get Your Concealed Weapons Permit With Rocky Mountain Freedom Training

What sets Rocky Mountain Freedom Training (RMFT) apart from other Colorado firearm training courses is that their classes are not only less expensive, they also teach state firearm laws, use-of-force situation training, proper handgun selection for beginners and advanced shooters, situational awareness, and how to create a personal protection plan. All participants have to do is be willing to learn and enjoy the class. Afterward, firearm owners will leave with a training certificate and exact instructions to go to the local Sheriff’s office and apply for a concealed weapons permit. We had the chance to sit down with the founders of RMFT to learn more about what RMFT has to offer.

What’s an area in your life where RMFT’s philosophy has been really helpful? Maintaining situational awareness and helping our families do the same in order to never be an easy target. What do you think is most appealing to potential students about the culture of RMFT? Our classes are fun, interactive, and impactful for people of all backgrounds, ages, experiences, and genders. We are not your usual “old school hardcore NRA evangelists.”What do you think is the most effective way to communicate responsible gun ownership with gun owners? Through live, in-person education (required by law) and then through follow-up video training.  [full article]


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