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CO – WILDLIFE – Gray wolf spotted in North Park, captured and collared for tracking to study “travel patterns”

Colorado wildlife officials spotted a new 4-year-old male wolf near North Park and had contractors with a helicopter capture it in a net and tranquilize it, then when the wolf wriggled loose chased it over the border to Wyoming, where the contractors subdued it and affixed a tracking collar. This 110-pound gray wolf, called M2101, recently was observed by state staffers from the air while roaming in Colorado with another lone male wolf, M1084 of the Snake River pack in Wyoming, which entered Colorado in 2019. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials on Tuesday afternoon confirmed the capture on Monday and issued a statement saying state crews will use signals from the GPS collar “to learn about the travel patterns of wolves that are coming into the state.” An older VHF collar on M1084 allowed locating that wolf but the more advanced GPS collar, according to CPW director Dan Prenzlow’s statement, “will allow us to get a much better understanding of the animal’s movement, range and behaviors.”  [full article]

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