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Singling Out Gun Stores is not the Solution to America’s Political Virus

Just hearing someone say ‘we’re all in this together’ isn’t enough

Defenders of California’s latest folly at gun control are targeting gun retailers by forcing them to close their doors amid the onrush of some of its citizens’ efforts to buy self-protection in the wake of the coronavirus panic. Yes, the epidemic is serious, more so than today’s majority of Americans’ have ever seen or lived through. Reaction to yesterday’s GunProPlus top story headline, San Jose orders gun store to close in one of first enforcement against businesses open under shelter order, was swift and disconcerting. As California goes, so goes the nation?

Self-protection – dare we once again say it – is a constitutional guarantee however you want to spin it. The virus and its governmental handling of it are lessons from the past only half-learned. The massive run to literally defrock food stores across the country sparked the panic by federal and state overseers. The run on gun sales means that – suddenly in contrast to what has been preached for years in this country – too many guns – people see trouble brewing and are acting out of the need to defend themselves, their families and neighbors if wholesale panic ensues.

Gun stores should not be among the first to be issued a political close order; worried citizens may prefer that such stores are the last to close to any shelter-in-place order. One California gun shop operator at this writing is refusing to comply. Solar Tactical operates two stores, one in Castro Valley and the other in Livermore. Under the state’s order – which might be, and should be – issued by a court, Sheriff’s deputies say they’ll approach a store with some sympathy for the owner but with intentions to carry out the mission. They don’t have to like it – few LESO’s do – but they’ll do it despite personal feelings.

But that won’t be the only action the state will be taking. They will also shut down gasoline pumps.  In one instance you can’t get away to safety if you wanted to and, in the other, you can’t buy a gun to defend yourself from panic-stricken neighbors wanting to get to your food. Over the six years since its beginning, GunProPlus has published several stories about prepping.  Those who took our words seriously will definitely be better off because they prepared for both armed intruders and food and medicine stockpiles. They could do that while stores for both product lines were available. It’s a message that some citizens of San Jose, California and other cities and towns closing neighborhood gun stores will now have to recon.

Just like our resistance to some ill-conceived “red flag” laws, shelter-in-place needs review by the court system before being a gun control political power play.

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