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COMMENTARY: The Wisdom of Forward Thinking

You can lose the battle but not the gun war

Old crusties like Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell became leaders of their respective Senate plebs by controlling defectors right and left of center. Reid, now retired from leading the Democratic majority US Senate (2007-2015) and McConnell who picked up the slack (2015-2021) until Georgia’s runoff election Tuesday tossed that state into the Democrats’ bread basket, were both old political warriors who knew when to cut and run or when to stand tough on any issue.

In 2013, Reid and his Senate majority Democrats dumped the filibuster to keep Republicans from control of Supreme Court nominees. Two years later, McConnell resurrected the filibuster and began studying his crystal ball for visions of future SCOTUS justices. Last year the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave McConnell the opportunity to fill that seat with a conservative. He did.  Her name is Amy Coney Barrett, conservative and gun owner.

Democrats were outraged, mostly because they wanted an Obama nominee, Merrick Garland, to be confirmed.  McConnell would have none of it. Instead, he rushed Barrett’s confirmation through his control of the Republican majority Senate against the howling of Democrats just in case the Democrats took over the Senate (they did). The result gave the court a conservative majority, an issue especially important to American gun owners. Tea leaves not withstanding, McConnell foresaw the possibility of Trump losing the 2020 election (he did) and his successor, Joe Biden, nominating a liberal to fill Ginsburg’s seat (he would). Garland is likely to end up as Biden’s Attorney General, instead.

But the message here is significant to gun owners. We now have enlightened pro-gun conservatives in the SCOTUS majority and a raft of trashy state gun regs to be reviewed by the court.  Had McConnell not pushed back on Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi and their bankers at Bloomberg and liberal media, we could be looking at much more than a failed presidential election.

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