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COMMENTARY: Giving Thanks

EDITOR’S NOTE: In honor of the long Thanksgiving weekend, GunProPlus will close this afternoon and resume publishing with Monday’s issue, November 30, 2020.

Giving Thanks

Our Lord, Our God gave us a wonderful world in which to live and prosper. Most of humanity does it in a variety of ways. The part of God’s gift in which lives the natural culture – the outdoors – is filled with life of many different but connubial elements such as the rugged peaks, the sandy lowlands, the wide open spaces, the thick forests, the flowing rivers and streams and the wild creatures that live in those places – is special in that those of us who live, work and recreate in it know it better than any other home in which we’ve lived because it never goes away.

It is the part of our human experience for which at this time of year we give special thanks to our Creator for providing the greatest gift of living from His hand. Yes, the holiday was structured by the colonists who came from other parts of this universe, but it is we who use it most which molds us into the human pieces of the outdoors puzzle. Thanksgiving allows us to – one way or another – reach out to family past and present to thank them for who and what we became as protectors – not just users – of the outdoors.

So, to all of you from all of us we also give thanks that you check in every day to see what’s happening in our special outdoor world. We pray that you’ll be safe, avoid life’s memorable and yet unexpected developments and see the bright light that is ahead of us all every day and remember to thank God for each sunrise.

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