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COMMENTARY: Guns Are Still Targets

The Biden-Harris duo is clearly an Obama-Biden replay

We are told by the President and his administration that they want to foster unity in what is a politically and culturally divided nation. Yet their narratives and actions are punitive rather than positive.

Without question, they are doing what they can to make the inattentive folks within the population believe that all of those in the “basket of deplorables” are even more deplorable.

Put bluntly, they do not want solutions. They want whipping boys. With such a philosophy, there never can be the “common ground” that is necessary for both solution and reconciliation.

Although the Biden administration had taken no direct action against Gundom at the time of this writing, it is safe to suggest that anti-gun actions are on the horizon.

This is because Biden campaigned on such promises and because that has been a common theme within the Democrat party for decades. It is the political party of gun grabbers. Witness the Clintonian “assault weapons” ban that ran for a full decade from 1994 to 2004 and the more or less steady stream of anti-gun proposals since.

During that time candidate Obama denigrated gun owners and their ilk by quipping snarkily that they cling to their guns and religion, as though that was bad.

Given the number of appointments Biden has made since taking office who were in the Obama administration and the fact that Biden himself was a two-term vice president under Obama, it is not difficult to see where their mindset lies.

The anti-gun efforts during all of those years have accomplished nothing except to divide much of the country. They are at it again as those now in power have pledged to do everything from requiring universal background checks to gun buybacks to downright gun confiscation.

The National Rifle Association of America is seen by the gun grabbers to be the devil incarnate and has been openly targeted by Biden, who, during his campaign, announced that he wants to “defeat the NRA.”

There exists a schism in society that cannot be remedied with hollow political platitudes followed by punitive edicts. This is because one side of the arguments is comprised of collectivist thinkers while the other side is comprised of independent thinkers.

Group think is the default and haven for collectivists, while free thought is the stalwart of the independent thinkers. This cultural chasm is so wide and deep that equitable solutions are as evasive as smoke in the wind.

The gun grabbers in political office throughout the land have shown a propensity to level the full power and weight of the government structure against those who they deem to be their opponents. Gun owners are seen by them as the problem rather than the solution.

As critical as gun control is to the enemies of freedom, it is but one of a host of elements necessary for their view of utopia. Remember this: gun control is about control. The gun is merely an inanimate object that they want out of private hands.

Those who are subversive to the Constitution use mind control to help them achieve dominion over all manner of things, including guns. When a significant percentage of the populace has been programmed to their way of thinking, they can achieve the critical mass needed to control everything.

This kind of brainwashing, of course, has been going on in public education for decades. From the looks of things, it seems to have worked fairly well so far for the proponents of group think and political correctness.

The social media have been exploited to help the group thinkers to enforce the tenets of political correctness by planting the seeds of subversion and then repeating them over and over and over in ways not possible absent the universal access offered via the Internet.

It is a digital form of mob rule in which the most repetitive and most assertive appear to be the voice of the majority when, in fact, they are merely the loudest and most obnoxious.

It is the alignment of all sources of sensory input that is the goal of the subversives. Their dream is to control the creation of thought in the schools to subvert the minds of the young, the dissemination of information across all media platforms to continue the subversion of the masses and control of all government and social institutions to enforce compliance.

The Founding Fathers understood the dangers of mob rule. That’s why they included the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. These are individual rights intended to protect the individual from the mob by limiting what government can do relative to the individual.

This is why the subversives attack the various safeguards in the Constitution, including the right to keep and bear arms as well as the freedom of speech.

As much as the anti-freedom forces want to eliminate private ownership of firearms, they also want to muzzle speech. In the end, it is all about muzzling thought. Free thought, like every other kind of freedom, is a threat to the controllers.

It is amazing how subversives pretend to be what they are not. For example, ANTIFA purports to be “anti-fascist.” The truth is that they are subversive forces who use anarchy to dismantle both the culture and society in fascist ways.

Although true anarchists have no desire to replace anarchy with anything, the subversives within the government and mainstream media welcome the aid of the anarchists in tearing down the culture, assuming that they will control the reconstruction and future of whatever social order ends up replacing freedom.

As we go forward, there are telltale indicators that can help understand what is really being said by the doublespeak and mind control trigger wording of the enemies of freedom.

When in doubt, merely ask whether the message focuses on the individual or whether it focuses on the collective. All messages are not totally one way or the other, but often are somewhere between the two extremes, which is one way the wolf puts on sheep clothing, so to speak.

First, consider that blurring the lines between good and evil serves the devil. Hence, when the word “greater” is used by subversives, it is a socialist rather than an individualist statement. Think about the term “greater good” and try to come up with any valid reason why such a suggestion serves the individual better than it serves the mob.

The operative concept here has to do with the herd being deemed more important than any member of it and that the herd will gladly sacrifice any member of it if, in doing so, the herd is benefitted.

Herds and those in them are prey to outside attackers like rogue foreign nations. There are natural imperatives and no amount of “feel good, warm and fuzzy” politically correct mindsets can keep the outside wolf from predating.

Another quick check involves words that begin with “co.” Certainly, communism does. But so do other terms used by the subversives: cooperatives, collaboration etc.

This is because “co” establishes the existence of more than one element, the singular elements of which are in lock step with the other elements in the grouping.

What does all of this have to do with guns and the right to keep and bear them? Everything, actually.

Guns represent the ability of the individual to defend self and family while determining individual destiny. Absent that safeguard, others determine those things. Think about it.

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