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COMMENTARY: Inalienable Truths: Defined

Guns are the solution, not the problem.
When we don’t have guns, we have problems.

Steve Comus

By their very nature and presence, guns and the gun culture figure significantly into the solution to recent social upheavals.

All-out efforts by anarchists and their lackeys in some local governments to reduce society to chaos have not resulted in the far-reaching disarray that the subversives of Constitutional freedoms had hoped they would.

The craziness in society continues getting crazier, which probably means that at least for a while social insanity is the “new normal.” Subversives have worked for decades to achieve it. And they will fail.

In Gundom, we often talk about “inalienable rights.” (There is quibbling over whether the term is “inalienable” or “unalienable.” Both terms mean the same thing.) I suggest that there also are inalienable truths. There simply are some things that are just true. Subversives, of course, are incapable of understanding something so simple and basic. They insist that they have the duty to disrupt and destroy because they cannot tolerate peace and social order and throw childish tantrums when they don’t get their way.

When the historic gun-buying frenzy exploded with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, it was tempting to believe that it was all about the pandemic and people’s fears of what that might bring.

Certainly, the pandemic was a factor, but I suggest that it was more of a coincidental triggering mechanism of something much deeper that was destined to come to the fore with or without the pandemic. Fear, certainly, was the motivator and that fear was that, individually and collectively, the citizenry would lose control of the safety of their homes and families.

Widespread violence and riots fomented by subversives in cities across the land absolutely validated the actions the millions of first-time gun buyers had taken. Concurrent with the rioting were efforts to eliminate law enforcement agencies – the thought being that absent law enforcement, anarchists could bully the people into submission.

The historic presence of guns and the gun culture, augmented by the millions of additional gun owners during the pandemic, represents an inertia of law and order that transcends institutional agencies like law enforcement, courts and legislatures. It represents a form of social/cultural failsafe in which the citizenry literally has the means to set things straight.

The social unrest that resulted in massive protests had little or nothing to do with the pandemic itself, except that the pandemic added to the feelings of insecurity that were there all along anyway.

Rather, the chaos was orchestrated outrage ginned-up by subversives. Probably the best way to think about that phenomenon is that it is a form of Munchausen syndrome by proxy in which a person causes a problem and then takes credit for solving it when the problem is addressed.

The subversives and their government lackeys over the decades created those social problems. Then the subversives moved in to riot because there were problems. It was nothing more than engineered opportunism.

The method behind much of this planned chaos was overlooked by normal citizens because it happened in a maelstrom that caught them off guard. They were too busy addressing their own concerns about the pandemic, their jobs and their children’s schools to recognize the revolutionary actions of the subversives who were creating their version of a perfect storm.

Subversives have been subverting for decades. They have been playing the long game while the rest of society has focused day to day.

Yet a significant portion of the citizenry responded to the effort of the anarchists to take over by force in ways the subversives had not imagined.

The previously disconnected folks woke up, armed themselves and immediately took various actions that, while protecting themselves, stunted the efforts of the subversives to trash the culture.

For all the years that the antis have been trying to outlaw personal ownership of firearms, their real goal has been to create a situation in which it would be easier for them to accomplish the final takeover violently, as has been shown by the actions of subversives like ANTIFA.

Those efforts have fizzled overall because society wasn’t ready to crumble, as the subversives imagined it would. Rather, society has coalesced by maintaining an inertia on one hand while strengthening defenses on the other.

Concurrently, the makeup of the Supreme Court has changed in ways that promise the high court now likely will actually honor the Constitution in the future – a decided right turn from what it had been for decades.

The courts at all levels, by virtue of legislating from the bench, have served as enablers of the subversives for decades. Anarchists knew that, because of fundamental changes in the courts at all levels due to recent presidential appointments by Donald Trump, that this year was their last best hope to take over. The court situation is now being solidified with yet another appointment to the Supreme Court of a justice who honors the Constitution.

We now are witnessing such virulent actions and reactions by subversives at every level because they sense that all of their efforts over the years are about to vanish like a puff of smoke in the wind.

They counted on the structure of society to crumble and they counted on individuals in society being sheeple who would cower in the face of their violent upheavals.

With the exception of the relatively few cities that have been fully subverted, it has not been difficult for most communities to curb the planned violence of the subversives while still affording the exercise of the First Amendment by those who genuinely protest what they perceive as injustice.

These times point out clearly how the Constitution is supposed to work. Ultimately, the Second Amendment is the guarantor for the other personal freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights. And “The People” have driven this home via their acquisition of the means to defend themselves directly and the rest of society indirectly.

Couple this phenomenon with the shift toward Constitutionality in federal courts at all levels and we have the system and culture both working as was originally intended.

That is the beauty of this cultural experiment in freedom that began July 4, 1776 and was solidified when the Constitution went into effect in 1789. When challenged, it is capable of correcting the effects of subversion by protecting itself via the ability of the individuals to protect themselves.

And it all has hinged on the presence and power of the gun culture. I suggest that this item alone separates what is happening in other parts of the world from what is happening in the U.S.

Guns are the solution, not the problem.

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