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COMMENTARY: Negotiate? No. We Fight Until They Surrender.

But they won’t surrender and neither will we. So what’s next?

Next weekend many if not most of us will be wrapped around the biggest TV screen we can find. It’s Super Bowl weekend. Before we get there, today’s Top Story, however, prompts a response from this corner which will no doubt find both its supporters and defenders from within the ranks of gun owners.  Gun control advocates need not apply.

It’s fair to say that most gun owners are for all the right reasons rabid defenders of the Second Amendment. About this time a year ago America’s gun owner ranks grew by the hundreds of thousands. No exact number has been accepted as definite, yet we all – pro-gun advocates and gun control advocates – know that our ranks have swollen conspicuously as a result of the coronavirus.

Along with that pandemic came the sudden fear that the country could close down, tightly necessitating a run on toilet paper. Some of us were blaming ourselves for passing off the preppers as nutjobs building underground bunkers armed to the teeth to fight off our homeless and starving neighbors. So many Americans did something they never intended and, on any other day, would admit that they just went out and bought their first gun, ever.

That activity – still underway – has swollen the ranks of Americans with personal guns which had to be a shock to the country’s gun grabbers. Adding another million or more to the civilian arsenal is like a tsunami. And so it must be that the Demanding Moms, Bradys, Giffords, and their followers were more frustrated than ever. Trying to make the Second Amendment say something it doesn’t by calling it gun control or gun safety suddenly became pointless.

The gun controllers have been beaten badly. Maybe now it is time for some negotiating.

Why? Because most American gun owners are fair-minded. We don’t riot when things don’t go our way; we go to work to change the system. Likewise, so do the control groups.  The difference between success and failure in that case is the Constitution. It’s on our side.

Being right may always feel good but it’s not always fair. There is nothing we know of that demands everyone be armed.  We are all given choices. The issue, following the January 6 insurgency in the nation’s Capitol witnessed an out-of-control horde driven by an election outcome they didn’t like.

Admittedly, we didn’t like the outcome either but filling the streets with so many painted faces reminded us more of a Las Vegas Raiders football crowd in Halloween “uniform.” Childish.

Leaning on the 2A has allowed some conservative states and legislatures to pass laws that legalize normal gun owning citizens to openly carry. In our opinion, just because it’s legal to do so may not always make it good manners in consideration of our unarmed neighbors. Yet, many of our friends carry handguns openly and rarely is anything made about it by our unarmed neighbors. While some critics will point out the lack of consistency, carrying concealed has a manageable purpose; one does not want “the threat” to know we’re ready to return fire. But long guns?  Yea, there’s the rub.

Long guns, common where we came from, especially during hunting season, could be found without our friends and neighbors feeling nervous or upset.  That was then. Our rifles and some shotguns were born as tools for shooting offense, not defense. The gun world has always produced weapons initially introduced to its military. As the military advanced its weaponry, so, then, did the military’s civilian counterpart. Thus, the so-called “weapons of war” is more a gun grabber slogan than anything nearing the truth.

We know that. The gun control groups know that. Neither side has shown a willingness to back down. We think maybe it’s time to negotiate. Take the offensive slanguage out of your anti-gun vocabulary and we’ll keep from showing off our ARs, AKs and other oversize pistol replicas.

As gun owners there is no beneficial need to show our strength. We’ll get more respect from the casual pubic if we didn’t visibly make like Tarzan comedians. And maybe, just maybe, at least some of us can come to a meeting of the minds that – as example after example shows – being legally armed and prepared to resist danger is the best use of our guns.

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