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COMMENTARY: On the Subject of Rights, Are We Sometimes Wrong?

As government officials continue to kowtow to protesters, criminals with guns are enjoying the show

Among the potholes of daily life this summer, it seems we’ve hit a few that have generally gone unnoticed or, at least lacking for many reasons, unspoken. We have the right to protest, for example.  So what do we do? We disrupt the daily lives of others; husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, children – both pre-school and students. And, just because, of the nation’s unattached “don’t bother me with details” population. Especially if those road potholes are guns.

Simply put, but dangerously perceptive, we ask, are there now far too many guns on the streets of America?

Yes, we can sense the sudden outrage to that question.  But, thinking further, such inner exploration of our love for the Second Amendment may have gone beyond even our own wish, given the crowds of political insurrectionists we’ve witnessed this year. The sudden fear of losing our police protection, of uncontrolled rioting, and even more insulting, the rash of shootings that have surfaced just since Covid-19 invaded our lives and brought with it a further “definition” of Black Lives Matter and the tearing down of parts of America’s history, has us wondering where all of the new “shooters” have come from.

During the national “close-down” of businesses that are the lifeblood of America’s admired economy, keeping gun stores open on the tacit implication of neighbors possibly stealing your home, your food, your personal resources, your safety and your freedoms were – under political pressure – declared “essential,” grew such headlines as “guns flying off the shelves,” “shortage of ammo,” and – pick a number – ( ) people including young kids and even babies killed in a sudden reemergence of gun crime in New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, Denver and other locations, all bastions of ineffective gun control laws. Yes, we know about all of them. But what worries is that people with no apprehension for stealing guns and ammo from gun stores, from homes, from vehicles and either selling them to criminals besides themselves are giving law-abiding gun owning Americans a bad rap. And the gun controllers are about to let us know it, fast, loud, and hard.

People who have never owned a gun suddenly needed one for protection, a reality that as gun owners and gun media have lusciously supported in our protection of the revered 2A. Having a gun is our right; inalienable or unalienable, your choice. And, while that is taken to mean every American statistically defined, that must include those who buy, sell, knowingly or unknowingly acquire or use a gun for criminal intent. Thus, the phrase “gun violence” may only describe the aftermath use of the gun, the consequences of which more often than not in today’s gun world is literally violent gun crime.

In today’s news, mostly above this commentary, are several stories about the uptick in criminal use of guns, the control of which is not so much the result of a campaign slogan but the law enforcement effort to find ways to remove the misuse of guns that any American inherits by virtue of the Second Amendment that is one way or another delivered into the hands of someone who intends to use the gun to commit a crime, violent or not, just as in a so-called gun threat. If that threat is misused illegally, as opposed to the user protecting him/herself, family or other uninvolved citizens, it is of criminal intent, not the objective of lawful self-protection. Warning: caveats may apply.

The bottom line here should be obvious; too many people already endowed with criminal enterprise have given up their Second Amendment right of “shall not be infringed” and no more or no less legally surrendered their 2A protection and should be penalized appropriately and effectively.  Only then will the rest of America’s gun owners be free from the incessant calls to surrender that which is not capitulated unconditionally. Gun rights should apply only to the sacrosanct, not to the criminal whose endorsement of the gun to commit crime and the ignorant but self-profiled gun violence saviors of us all continues to falsely include law-respecting gun owners with rights they think only apply to aliens.

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