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No doubt that American gun owners breathed a sigh of relief when the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett and Justice Clarence Thomas administered the oath of office to Barrett as the sixth conservative justice on the Supreme Court on October 27. Under my breath I murmured two things: 1) “Thank you, Mitch McConnell” and 2) “Happy Birthday, Bob.” I couldn’t have asked for a better present.

Neither could America’s gun owners with whom I share this event. Barrett is the SCOTUS Justice we’ve all needed to confirm what the framers of the Constitution and its Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights wrote in 1791. The back and forth debate that has gone on for far too long and wasted too much time and print ink will eventually take up the many bogus gun control bills passed by unaware voters (and kept that way) via anti-gun referendums and local legislators. But while we expect that so many such bills will be declared invalid one way or another by the High Court, we can’t let our guard down. The gun controllers aren’t going away; they’re just presently disarmed.

Thanks for that to not just Barrett, Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Chief Justice Roberts but to the tirelessly gun control groups that have hounded American gun owners for decades. They overstepped their parameters too many times with ticky-tac ballot measures and gun control state legislators overly willing to cooperate while convincing voters with little to no knowledge about guns and their uses to an unsuspecting constituency. The thanks can be shared by an internally jumbled NRA whose efforts continue to prevail along with other pro-gun groups like the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America and a variety of other active and supportive pro-gun groups.

Just getting us “there” is not the end of the line for the Demanding Moms, the Bradys, Giffords, et al. It will take some considerable time to crawl out from under the huge concrete debris that was the pro-gun Trump presidency that saw The Donald sitting high atop the gun control rubble.

It’s a bit early to clear the view of the next four years.  Democrats know that they lost seats in the House, that, at this writing, they’re still a bit short on an equally divided Senate; a split vote would be decided by Madam Anti-Gun, Pamala Kamala Harris currently the new Veep in waiting. Until the political fog of Washington clears, we won’t have a true to life picture of what Biden and Beto have in mind.  Until then, keep on dribbling until the opposition drops their guard and the long-range line comes into view. That’ll happen when the SCOTUS takes up the pile of gun control trash that has been building up for decades.

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