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COMMENTARY: Stifling the Gun Control Movement

It’s not about rationing guns, it’s about rationing freedom

Radical political majorities have had their day.  Unfortunately, that day wasn’t one last week when the Supreme Court of the United States put on hold the opportunity to clean up the litter of meals being fed to an unaware public under the labels of gun control, gun safety, Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs or ‘red flag’ laws) that still haven’t been officially qualified as legally prosecutable to invoke without the clarity of due process. All are part of the gun-grabbing strategy of anti-gun liberal politicians and their flock of media sheep.

Despite March For Our Lives and dozens of other go along to get along political gun control efforts, the anti-gun movement has been stopped dead in its tracks by a viral pandemic, an economy going off the tracks, confused politicians – mostly liberal but with some Republicans being dragged along – and a president that still seems to think he’s totally unbeatable just five months from now.

Simply put, gun control has sunk. The Number One challenge for the Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi told America a year ago, was gun control. Now, in the blink of a sneeze, that House majority vote favoring new gun restrictions has been lost in the fog of jobless rioting protestors, defunding police departments, and sniffling, tent-dwelling, historical-statue-crashing thugs who defiantly tell police they’re not smart enough to read a history book. And they are?

The overall mood is anarchy, the stealing of the freedom that God and the Constitution gave to each and every American. The gun controllers are not just liberal Democrats; they’re the people who are stuck on following social media’s instructions on how to take freedom away from this country.

The House Democrats have failed once again at their own gun control strategy.  Now, with an additional 3 million (who really knows the correct number) more guns just being swept up from gun dealers’ shelves because former non-gun owners have seen what professional rioters can do; more Americans than ever – of all races and creeds – (our emphasis) have finally found evidence of the liberal invasion to take away not just your guns but your every freedom.

We doubt they’ll succeed but, remember, that’s their goal and they’re not finished yet.

Is President Trump an issue? Of course he is. Lacking someone else with a backbone to resist, he may be the last round in your chamber of freedom. The option, if it can clearly be called that, is having Pelosi remain in control of what the House Democrats want, Chuck Schumer taking over the McConnell Republican Senate, and a Liberal Democrat twofer in the White House controlling the future of the Supreme Court. Republicans will not be able to return there for decades. And neither will your freedom to live as you’ve known it.

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