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COMMENTARY: The American Ethic:  Guns & Bibles?

Obama was right.  Who knew?

Gun grabbers and other assorted cultural subversives no doubt will use the current pandemic and its aftermath to try to rid society of personal freedoms in the name of the greater good. Herd immunity to them equates to herd control.

There is longstanding advice to gamblers: don’t play with scared money. That is because, when scared, people don’t make choices that are as good as when they are thinking straight.

Such advice is valid in society now, since a whole lot of folks remain afraid of everything from the pandemic to social unrest, with the specter of a significant change in governance thrown in for good measure.

It is an understatement to suggest that the citizenry is far out of its comfort zone. As a result, folks tend to retreat mentally as far as possible into their safe spaces that are insulated by core beliefs, family, friends and others of like mind.

When a nation is as divided as this one is at this time, lines are being drawn and opposing elements are coalescing, each in its own place and way. Truths always matter. They take on added meaning when everything is topsy-turvy.

What does this mean for Gundom? More of the same, actually. That’s because we’ve been under relentless, burgeoning attack since we were no longer a majority. That was some time back.

It took gun grabber Obama to point out succinctly exactly what and who we are. We cling to guns and Bibles and everything else that the American ethic has been about since the beginning.

Gun grabbers and their anti-freedom allies want to dismantle the American ethic, scuttling the gun culture in the process. To them, it represents a speed bump on their way to domination.

Ultimately, they want to erase the culture, figuring they can get there via cultural cleansing. It started with the counterculture of the ‘60s and has evolved into an all-out effort to make extinct all that was and replace it temporarily with chaos and anarchy.

From the ashes of anarchy, the subversive social architects hope to replace capitalism and the freedoms it represents with socialism. In the process, they hope to eliminate individualism, favoring collective submission to the whims of political correctness.

In that world of shades of gray, the concept of right and wrong no longer apply. Rather, everything is equivocal. This allows those in power to make rules on the fly to suit their visions.

In the end, it is about control. They want to shift control from the people to the enlightened few who will do what they feel is good for the masses, not what the masses actually want or need.

Enemies of freedom want it all and their virtuosity in playing disaster and unrest to their advantage cannot be overestimated or overstated. They are masters when it comes to subversion, perversion and deception. And why not? Evil is the devil’s work.      Most concerning is the fact that gun grabbers have been winning elections all over the land. They wouldn’t be in office if the electorate had not sent them there.

Yes, there are debates about improprieties in the election process, but frankly that has always been there. Tombstones have voted since the beginning of the republic.

There is no doubt that decades of subversion have resulted in a now critical mass of citizens who robotically ignore or scorn concepts like rugged individualism and individual rights.

They honor the collective and praise the greater good. It is a combination of classic socialism and a variation of communism in which freedom is demonized and where others lay claim to property that they had nothing to do with creating or earning.

As much as firearms are the focus of Gundom and the overt gun grabbers, the truth is that guns are but a coincidental part of the larger cultural offensive.

Ultimately the DNA-deep self-defense imperative is targeted for extinction. Only socially and politically correct subjugation survives in such a setting.

Enemies of freedom want to transfer ultimate power from the individual to the collective. One of the frontline offensives has been in operation since the Clinton administration and continues to be health care.

Health care is something shared by all, which means that when it is controlled, so is the culture. That is why subversives have been trying to use it as an avenue to their ends by classifying guns as public health threats.

The current pandemic that originated in China simply happens to have played into the hands of the anti-freedom subversives. However, they were going down that road before this scourge, a virus which turns out to be as effective as any biological weapon ever created.

For years, the gun grabbers have tried to argue that firearms are a public health menace. With the current social focus on public health, get ready for an all-out attack on guns and gun ownership from that quarter.

Concurrently with the pandemic, subversives have shifted into overdrive. Using COVID-19 as a red herring; local, state and national governments and their agencies have tromped all over personal freedoms in the name of social order and “controlling” the virus.

Humans never have controlled viruses. The best that ever has been done is to mitigate their impacts. Witness the common cold.

The operative term, whether it is guns or the virus, is “control.” Enemies of freedom are control freaks of the first magnitude.

Arrogantly, they insist that only they have the knowledge and sense to determine for everyone else what is good and bad. They further demand that they are the ones who will control everyone and everything in the process.

It is always easier to argue for change than for continuing the status quo. Hence, when the status quo was the greatest nation the earth has ever known, any effort to change it fundamentally can only degrade it. Adjustments, yes; fundamental change, no.

There is always room for improvement and such adjustments always have been part of the culture in which guns are recognized as essential. However, there is a difference between improvement and a total restructure. No need to throw babies out with the bathwater, so to speak.

It will take diligence and persistence to keep the social predators at bay. Truly, they are at the doorstep. Keep the faith.

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