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COMMENTARY: The Bomb That Took Out Our Pro-Gun President

No, it wasn’t Joe Biden

In April of 2017 President Donald J. Trump ordered a missile strike on Syrian military warplanes that had bombed that country’s own people with chemical weaponry. That activity eventually resulted in halting the attack on the Syrian populace but, more importantly, provided instant evidence that this new American president wasn’t fooling around. For that, Trump was heralded as the new face of U.S. determination.

The April 2016 NRA annual meeting and convention saw that organization drop $54 million on GOP candidates with $30 million going to Trump. As such, Trump not only promised to uphold the gun rights promised in the Second Amendment but pledged to nominate conservative justices to the Supreme Court. While his first four year term in office will conclude next month, he will have watched the confirmation of three new SCOTUS pro-2A justices. For that, he deserves our endearing thanks.

Despite whatever you feel about/for President Trump, he worked harder than even our best conservative presidents and accomplished many goals before he was surreptitiously bombed by what is probably the most damaging weapon nature ever dropped on anybody, anywhere, any time, called the coronavirus. The attack literally broke his political back resulting from several state legislatures that had suggested, then authorized, the use of questionable registered mail-in ballots.

With an economy brought out of its doldrums at the start of his presidency, with probably more official conferences and meetings with other leaders nearly everywhere on the planet, and after a world-class struggle with Democratic leadership over border wall-building, among a rash of other ‘across the aisle’ scrums, Trump’s re-election to a second term seemed impossible to fail. Thanks to the unexpected pandemic and the “ingenious” plan to allow all “qualified” Americans to vote if they so chose, possibly without even being by law a registered voter (our emphasis), Donald Trump became, according to all the standard political and media measurements, a one-term president.

Even though he’s said so, we doubt that he will try again four years from now.  It’s clear that his world – but only a part of ours – is changing fast in so many different ways.

We’ve been around these fertile lands for a long time and, given the new direction of both politics and social playmaking, what we’re left with post-January 20, 2021 is a mostly different approach to how we live and even where we live (given the relocation plans of many blue staters to escape the infestation that has stolen their homes and their lives) as we await the success of vaccines designed to kill the Covid-19 bug.

Yet, Trump will have left with us the judicial weaponry with which to defend ourselves from the liberal missiles and bombs that have found so many more first-time American gun owners. So let us all say it now: Thank you, Mr. President.

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