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COMMENTARY: The Escalating Cost of Freedom

The Escalating Cost of Freedom

Losing your guns is one thing; losing your freedom is definitely another 

How easy is it to lose 11 Years of freedom knowing that nobody else cares?

You may not know Richard Barrett, the 60 year old Arkansas man who might have achieved something many of us could have yearned for; stealing Nancy Pelosi’s chair for a brief respite with his mud boots in repose on the Speaker’s desk.

After a dispassionate mob stormed Capitol Hill offices, Barrett had the pleasure of sitting in Nancy’s chair, smugly, no less, at his unplanned rest stop as his fellow mobsters crashed their way into the hallowed halls of Congress to protest President Donald Trumps’ call to fight their way into the political sanctuary where our nations’ representatives were discussing how to remove Trump for office. While it seemed like a good position to give our President his leave of office with some dignity would be to just let the clock run out Wednesday and allow President Trump, his wife and son to depart on Marine One for the last time and head for their winter home in Mar a Lago, Florida, Barrett and his compatriots were not of mind to let that happen without a hearty sendoff.

The cost of doing that, rather than heading for a local Pancake House, might be 11 years in prison. On some corners, losing 11 years in a government hellhole is not the best use of the time. But we’re sure neither Barrett nor some of the others who rushed the Capitol Hill Grounds gave that much thought. When the herd panics, they all tend to run together for the edge of the nearest cliff.

 Thoughtfully, Barrett later turned himself in for arrest after the shouting died down and has to pay a lot of lawyer money to get a judge to accept the initial harmless intention of simply seeing what it felt like to be, for a moment at least, Nancy Pelosi.

What happens tomorrow at the inauguration is going to provide a significant opportunity for Trump’s Capitol Hill herd to remember what being an American is…one ready for a fight but never to throw the first punch: President Trump will vacate the Oval Office and turn the keys over to Joe Biden.

That’s what we do in America as opposed to looking like the mobs that spent last summer mindlessly crunching the streets of major American cities causing heavy personal and economic damage, much of which will cost more than the 11 years Richard Barrett may be spending behind bars if he is convicted.

Things may not go that way, however and, if not, Barrett will have lots of company while giving up his home and family to the army of lawyers standing in line to grab the spoils of many tactical mistakes to come. So we ask this: Are you one of those mistakes that’ll provide Richard Barrett company in some remote federal hellhole?

We thank President Trump for all the good he has done for America.  That includes forcing social media to take away his Twitter key.

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