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COMMENTARY: The Eyes Have It

Do You Carry Open or Concealed?

Some pro-gun states have swung to accommodate open carry gun owners. Nice that they would do that.  We’re fairly certain, though, that such states generally lean in that direction because enough of their voters do, too. Some other states that passed open carry laws have been hailed by their gun-owning constituents for their right thinking.

We’ve all heard or read about the supermarket folks that were spooked by seeing the check-out customer in front of them with a pistol hanging from their hip. Without reasoning the situation, some will panic, others will  quietly move out of line and seek another checkout. That’s unfortunate for the open carrier but it’s life on the street. We all have our reasons for carrying open or concealed, the latter method generally not upsetting to the snowflake set as much as other gun owners.  We know who we are.

Last summer’s destructive riots have driven into the minds of Mr. and Mrs. North America that if guns were not constitutionally protected some riot goer might get shot. Could happen.  Did happen, actually, but we’ve all seen those headlines so we’ll skip them here. Those states that have passed open carry laws purportedly know that how Mr. 2A carries his gun is has in the least nothing to do with constitutionality. Having the gun is constitutional; how you wear it is not.

When the Capitol Hill rioters became nothing less than the Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Michigan rioters – though their hats bled red instead of blue – they unthinkingly told the world  that they were there for protection.  From whom?

What they were actually doing – though probably without thinking it through – is they were giving the gun grabbing media another opportunity to tell their world – and some of ours – that carrying into the nation’s capitol was just as protected by the constitution as their own homes. Uh, uh. Not happening.  The only message they openly announced was that if push came to shove their shove had gunpowder behind it.

Thus, everytime you and I are out and about we have two choices to make: don’t let anyone see you’re carrying or give them the thought that maybe they should carry, as well. Just imagine how convenient that would be for gun grabbers to use our own bad habits to advertise via the gun control media such headlines as Mobs Were All Carrying Long Military Weapons Of War Guns and, thus, we need more new gun laws.

Their eyes are wide open.  What they see may eventually be what they get.  And they can blame more new gun restrictions on the visibility of “automatic machine guns.”

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