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COMMENTARY: The Gun World’s Wild Ride

Success at the cost of running dry has a price

In typical times, this is the month when we look back over the past year and celebrate the good things that have happened during the previous 12 months and observe a holiday season characterized by festive social gatherings.

This has not been a typical year. By any measure, the world has been stood upon its head and Gundom is no exception. For anyone who thinks it has been a wild ride so far, hold onto your hat because you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.

COVID-19 has shown how tenuous life on this planet really is. In the process, it has pointed out just how arrogant humans are when we think we control things around us.

In a setting of global chaos, Gundom has experienced cascading record sales, an historic number of first-time buyers in the mix. As logical as this may be, resulting product shortages continue to tax the ability of the industry to keep merchandise in the pipeline, resulting in empty shelves at gun stores across the land.

This, of course, is because of the double-tap Gundom has been hit with that triggered unprecedented demand for self and home defense armament.

The pandemic alone triggered record sales and saw those who never wanted a gun before flock to retail outlets to assuage their fears. But then a flood of protests and riots spawned by racial activism and subversive intervention magnified the concerns over personal safety – especially since many of the subversives and some elected officials called for disbanding the law enforcement structure.

It was a perfect storm in which actions and reactions resonated sympathetically, resulting in higher and more intense background noise – something that in itself is enough to amp-up social concerns.

Ironically, in the midst of the most intense demand for the means of self-defense among the populace, the electorate voted for anti-gun politicians in the national elections.

This should not have come as such a surprise because when a population is in abject fear, folks act in ways that are both inconsistent and crazy. Literally, their helter-skelter reactions witness the impulsive perceived need to do something, anything, even if it is wrong and is counter to what they actually want and need.

Complicating this scenario is the fact that the country is politically divided right down the middle and both sides are becoming increasingly more entrenched. It is not likely that everyone will break out, singing a chorus of kumbaya in the near future.

It is the social and institutional equivalent of manic depression or bipolar disorder. News flash: it likely will get worse before it gets better.

Why? Because it ain’t over ‘til it’s over and it is a long way from being over. Both the medical and political establishments have shown they have not been, are not and likely will not be up to the challenges.

Yes, vaccines continue to be developed to fight the pandemic and initial shipments of some of them are kicking into gear right now.

Yet the most optimistic prognosticators suggest that it will be late spring or early summer before the masses who want to get the vaccination will actually receive it. Simultaneously, they note that unless a significant majority of the population is inoculated, that the pandemic will not be controllable.

Another news flash: humans never will control this pandemic or any other such scourge that comes down the pike. We can mitigate, but the truth is that we are not in control of nature. Never have been, never will be.

The government already has spent trillions of dollars to address the pandemic and concurrent social unrest. People continue to die from the virus, they continue to lose jobs as a result of actions taken to battle the pandemic and the social unrest continues to percolate.

When government overspends and people lose jobs at the same time, an economic depression is not far beyond the horizon – especially since the electorate voted tax-and-spend politicians into office.

Historically, major economic recessions and depressions were called “panics.” That’s quite an appropriate term to describe what is happening right now and what portends to take place in the coming year.

What does this mean for Gundom? It takes a vivid imagination to process the disparate waves of information needed to offer even a wild guesstimate. One thing is certain. It ain’t going to be just another year in 2021.

Companies in the gun business recognize that they already have lost billions of dollars in sales simply because they have not been able to make products fast enough to answer ever-increasing demands.

Back orders of months are common. Even with the best efforts of the industry and expansion of capacity on the fast track, it is unlikely that supply will meet demand in 2021.

There now is a new normal in Gundom due to a combination of heightened awareness of buyers overall and skyrocketing numbers of buyers. This means a larger and more engaged customer base.

Complicating this phenomenon is the probability that the gun grabbers, emboldened by the recent elections, will launch a full-court press to deny Second Amendment rights to those who want to exercise them.

Even without the pre-existing demand for the means of defense, a renewed offensive by the enemies of freedom alone would be enough to keep the pressure on the supply line at peak levels.

Exactly how this epic drama plays out in the coming year is academic, at best. That it will be a challenge to both mind and bankroll is certain.

It is a time to take a deep breath, hold on and ride out the storm. Eventually, things will work out. They always do. But that doesn’t mean the road from here to there will be smooth. Predictably, it will be bumpy.

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