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COMMENTARY – With All Guns Blazing the Dems Are Still Shooting Blanks

Another 3 million new gun owners await their chance to vote, too.

This week’s popcorn pusher in Minneapolis and assorted other venues put heavy emphasis on proposed gun control when – and if – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take over the White House-keeping chores in January.

Without even the slightest mention of the continually declining crime wave or the ditto’ed killing of children in Chicago, Baltimore and other cities the gun control cooperative known as America’s major media continue to scream headlines about another child shot. That’s then followed up by demands that something be done about controlling the panoply of guns sailing back and forth through those cities’ neighborhoods.

The nasty NRA has been appealing for decades about arresting and jailing people who use guns criminally. And, yet, the major media is so busy down-talking the evils of guns that they pay almost no attention to the fact that Trump’s federal agents deployed to U.S. cities to help crackdown on gun violence have made more than 1,400 arrests in roughly a month. The only major media to take note of that was the Wall Street Journal two days ago.

Mayors of three cities where continued street shootings are occurring – Chicago, Baltimore and Washington, DC – are railing for help from Washington.  And they didn’t know they had it all along since Trump said, basically, “Fix it or we’re coming.”

Did that story run in the Washington Post?  No. The Chicago Tribune?  One day later. The Baltimore Sun?  No. Nor any other of the marque newspapers or network TV, either.

The Dems scream all the time about more gun control and, while those of us on the gun rights side know that they know it, we also know that they’re not interested in saving lives and jailing criminals since victims and criminals can’t vote, although there’s growing sentiment among Democrats to give prisoners back their voting privileges.

Riots in Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle are still not enough to satisfy the anti-gun, anti-police politicos. Why?  Because major media is afraid of the big, bad, Democratic wolf.

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