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Concealed Weapons: The Best (& Worst) Ways To Carry Them VIDEOS

Road Rage Stopped Perfectly by Armed Motorist | Active Self Protection, 4:15 min.

Avi Russo, a volunteer policeman, PERFECTLY stopped this road rage. I think he let the other driver (Amir Schade) off really easy, don’t you?

Concealed Carrier Loses His Life Trying to Stop Mass Shooting, 4:10 min.

Concealed Carrier THOUGHT He Stopped the Threat, 3:37 min.

Corrections Officer Shows How Tricky Shooting Backstop Can Be, 3:37 min.

Armed Defender Ruins Carjacker’s Day, 3:27 min.

Mugger Wants Valuables, Gets Shot Instead, 2:51 min.

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