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If what you see is what you get, you’re in danger of being blind-sided

Bob Rogers

If there’s anything less perennially conflagrating than the Huffington Post (HuffPost) it’s The Daily Beast (TheDB). Both are addicted to seeing confiscation of guns in America. And both know that if, when, or how that ever happens they will have been supportive of putting ordinary unarmed Americans at extreme risk. From HuffPost or TheDB, you may ask?  No. From the launch of the very dangerous game of mall wars and parking lot patriotism. And they’re anxiously promoting it.

Making a living from the constant drumbeat of “guns will make you less safe,” these Make America Unarmed Again (MAUA) media midgets have tired of losing out to the headlines of the Washington Post (WaPo) and the New York Times (NYT), among other passion polluters that have great difficulty acknowledging the parchment on which American’s Constitution was written which happens to include the passage from the Second Amendment that they don’t like; the part about American’s keeping and bearing arms (“arms” meaning fireARMS, not FLESHYarms). As if contractions changes the meaning of anything….as in, ”AR is not Armalite Rifle (it is); it’s Assault Rifle (it’s that, too, but only when used as “select fire” (a choice for the warfighter, as in “weapons of war” and “automatic rifle).”

While we’re happy to give them top billing over the WaPo and the NYT, it is inefficient to let them get away with being covert (“covert” as in “masking or concealing” their real identity and purpose in life) which we all know to be the confiscation of guns from every American who owns or uses one. The question we might ask is this: How do you know this? We know because we seek and “seek and you shall find” has been in our memory bank since we were in nubbin’s clothing, couple generations or so, back.

We recently discovered the campaign to rid America of its guns while watching (forced to) Trevor Noah (on The Daily Show) verbally copulate with Jaboukie Young-White on the pleasures of gun ownership or, at least, maintaining ownership and control of their guns lest they go off the rails (it’s called MGGA: Make Guns Gay Again) in their quest for gun control positioning and ownership which you can see here:

That about sums it up; guns are not queer nor degrading. They’re all simply just gay and, as such, have a cloistered existence which is exactly where these smaller pubs (publications) prefer to hang out if only to suggest that what they publish as news is news even if it isn’t. See the above story about the “gun lobby” from The DB on The DS (Gun Headlines, above), or the video on the HuffPost. Then, you decide.

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